Monday, July 11, 2011

Analysis of The Commons Courier

Hey Gang,

So this past Friday, the first episode of The Commons Courier was uploaded to YouTube (for the third time; there were a few technical difficulties the first two attempts). I just wanted to talk to you guys about the feedback I've been getting from all the viewers. To me, it's really important to share with you how I feel about anything I produce and share with the Wizard101 community. You can assure yourself that this is one of those times.

Let me just say that I never expected the turn-out of views and support that I got. I really didn't expect people to like The Commons Courier this much, and I was planning on stopping at around episode four or five because I didn't believe it would ever make it. However, you can know beyond a doubt that I plan to develop The Commons Courier until I simply can't stand it anymore.

I must say though, it was a lot more work than I expected. There were over 200 clips (attempts at correctly filming the segment) of bloopers. There were multiple technical hiccups when editing the episode. I had to scrounge up things to talk about. It was a lot of work. However, it goes to show you that with dedication comes success.

Anyway, I have a TON of cool stuff coming for you on The Commons Courier. On the next episode, I even have a special mystery guest! :) Also, please don't forget to submit your questions and Jackpot entries. Simply commenting on the post/video does not enter you; you must tell me you want to be entered for the weekly jackpot, along with a way I could contact you (please try to stray away from emails; I'd like to explore any other possible option before emails). Also, dont be afraid to enter! Every week, 5 codes are going to be given away, which means over 260 codes will be drawn! Please don't pause to enter because you'd like to give others a chance. There are enough codes for everyone. :)

On an unrelated closing note, I'm going to the premier of the last Harry Potter movie EVER! I know, so exciting right? And I'm going to the 3D premier, which means I get these:

I really am super excited! Harry Potter was my roll model way back in my early childhood (I think I lived up to him pretty well as a very successful Pyromancer of Ravenwood, don't you think?) I'm kinda sad to see the whole franchise come to a close (and not like, "Oh, the last book's coming out, but we're only on Movie 5." But more "The last book's been out for a while, and this is our last movie!") *tears* I'm happy to have gotten premier tickets though. I think I'll cry a river when seeing this movie.

Finite Incantatem!



  1. Can I be in an episode of the Commons Courier? As a guest? I would love to get a chance to talk to you in person and be on a podcast ^^


  2. I love the Commons Courier! Keep up the good work :) and please don't stop at episode 4 or 5, Keep it going if you can :D