Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Day Gone Good

Hey Everyone,

So, I actually though today was gonna be a bad day for me xD. Turns out things are taking a turn for the best :D. Last night, not only did I win Thomas DeathGem's Contest (I won a 7 day rental for a StarLight Pony! :D Thanks Thomas!), but Mycin StarGem, my funky Wizard, reached GrandMaster Crafter! He has also been "Pwnin ppls in that arena yo,"...... I still have no idea what in the world that means, but ... k xD. I checked the Massively Contest for the Epic Bundle Pack, and sadly, no luck! :( Oh well, maybe another time. /shrug.

So yeah, as for things happening today, I gave out presents to school friends, which is always fun :). Early this morning, Virtual Luke finished the Science Center and is going to take on the Crustacean Empire later today, so I'm really excited about that! Also, I've been playing with Puppymancer a lot :D. He's too funny; he found our Christmas presents for him on Sunday, and he has been bugging us for them ever since xD. But yeah, it's always good to have good days :D.

Also, I have an interview coming up with Dustin MoonCatcher for Storm. I WAS supposed to do it yesterday, but I had to go bake like 2 minutes into the interview -_-. So yeah, as I've said to Dustin a lot already, I'm REALLY sorry I had to go. I feel really bad because he set everything up, which was a pain for him to do. So thanks for that Dustin! Next week, I will probably get started with Ice, and I will interview an Ice Wizard named Wolf IceHunter, a fairly known wizard, otherwise known as Wolf Ice 999 on Central. I would ask to interview one of the really cool Ice Wizards (teehehehe, I just made a funny :D) like Kevin BattleBlood or Christina IceDreamer, but I feel Wolf is the right one since: A) He's my neighbor irl :D and B) He was the Wizard that introduced me to Wizard101. So yeah, look out for the Storm and Ice interviews soon.

Ok, that's pretty much all I have for today! I will see you in the Spiral,


Monday, December 20, 2010

Through Celestia I Go Yo

Hey Everyone,

So I blogged since last Thursday O_O. I think it was due to all the drama that's been going on around Skype. However, I can safely say that everything has been sorted out, and there will be no more drama, at least for a while. :D

So, I haven't been doing much ITS lately. Over the weekend I did get the chance to do a few things. Stormy Wiz, child of Icy Wiz, had a party, so I attended that, and it was pretty hacking awesome :D. I also have been working on gardening. My 1st genereation garden has now grown elder on me, so I started another garden, except this is more of a forest than a garden :D. It consists of mostly Helephant Ears, followed up by Silver Trumpet Vines I've endlessly been getting in Celestia, and lastly one tiny King Parsley deep at the end of the forest. So yeah, that's pretty cool and stuff :D.

I have also been progressing in Celestia! Luke is now finishing up the Science Center. All he has left is to beat up some Aqua Bots, open some gates, face the dude with the wierd name, and BOOM! Crustacean Empire! Woooo! So yeah, I'm really excited about almost reaching Efreet. I'm currently level 56.

I'm pretty sure that's it for today. Well, except for the fact that Massively is giving away 7 EPIC BUNDLES TODAY! WOOOO!!! If you haven't entered, go to thier site and try to find it (I would give you a link, but the school computer blocks the site >.<). All you have to do is comment saying if you are a veteran or a new player, and of course you must have a username, and you will be entered into the random drawing. So, if you haven't already entered, ENTER BEFORE 2:00!!!!!

Ok, gots ta go! Bye!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

School Guide: Storm School

Hey Everyone ,

So, today I'm going to give you some information about the Storm School! Before I get into that though, I'm just going to talk about what I've been doing lately (which is what I usually do anyway :) ). Well, yesterday I got a new Laptop!!!!! :D!!!! The good news: Wizard101 runs extremely smooth! It's amazing to have a new computer that goes fast again! I have to thank my Dad for getting me it for Christmas. Also, a Beta W101 came out! The Beats is a Eurpoean Server, cause, if you don't remember, W101 is headed global! :D! (note: People on this server will not be able to play with people on the U.S. Server). So I tried that out. I must say, it's not as cool as the U.S. Server, cause, ya know, we have voice overs and stuff. Also, this might just be me, but I thought I noticed a few names that were added to the selecting list.

Anywho, let's talk about the Storm School! Oooooooooh!:

So, for newer players, the Storm School has the highest batural based attack cards of all the schools of Ravenwood. Storm wizards have low health, so they're strategy is simple: Hit hard, and hit fast. Don't waste your time powering up with all those blades and traps. Put some shields on, a blade, and go. Also, Storm has low accuracy, however, this is considered a minor weakness due to the fact that it is very easily conquered when Storm Students achieve higher levels. Take not though for beginning Storm Wizards; this can be a huge problem in the early stages of the School.

As for PvP, I'm not very good at that feature of the game xD. My best PvP charactera are my Balance Wizard, my Life Wizard, My Myth Wizard, and My Ice Wizard. Just keep your PvE strategy; hit hard, and hit fast.

What gear should Storm wizards look for? Well, newer storm wizards should try to get thier hands on boosting accuracy and health. If you have to sacrifice one of the two, I personally say sacrifice health, however, others may disagree. Obviously, as for every school, when you reach higher levels, it's easier to achieve gear with more bonuses.

That's pretty much all I have for Storm. If anyone has any question about the Storm School or anything in general, feel free to post your comment here. I'm going to try to find a Storm Wizard to interview, so if you are interested, let me know! (I'll probably try Dustin MoonCatcher, but I'll let you know if he is available). Since I have a new laptop that doesnt have a recording system, unless I can figure something out, it will probably just be a text chat interview. Also, if you would be interested in representing your school by participating in an interview, feel free to contact me.

Ok, so look for that Storm Wizard Interview, nd after that the Ice School Guide!

See ya in the Spiral,


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tips and Tricks

Hey Everyone,

So, I've been having a ton of fun with Gardening :D. I am now a rank 4 and 1/2 Gardener, which is progress for me :). Right now, I'm waiting for my current Garden to finish up, after which I will start a new farden that will be composed of Helephant Ears, a King Parsley, and Silver Trumpet Vines I seem to be getting. Sadly, there was a Scheduled Clean Up this morning, and they extended the time, so my plants have probably all died xD. Also, Virtual Luke has done more questing in Celestia! He is now currently Level 54 and 7/10ths, and he has the quest to enter the Lunarium, so tonight he will be 55 and he shall have a new wand that gives critical! SPLEE!

So, if you are one of my die-hard uber fans (which I don't think I have any of *hint* *hint* Ben Frogstone), you would know that way back in my first days of blogging, I posted (horrible) guides to the different Schools of Magic. Well, now that I have at the very least a GrandMaster in every School of Magic, I feel like I'm more educated on the topic of guides, SO, I'll be bringing them back with a super better twist! So be on the look out for those!

Ok, I gotta go! Peace,



Monday, December 13, 2010

Is KingsIsle Slowly Declining?

Hey Everyone,

So I'm kinda bored right now, so I've decided to rant about something I've been seeing a lot lately on Central.

I've been seeing a lot of posts by people saying two things, "KingsIsle is charging too much money for they're overall income in general," as well as, "KingsIsle's income is slowly decreasing over time and eventually [and by eventually I mean in about two or three years] W101 will have to stop making expansions and go free to play". Now, let me first answer the first quote with my opinion. Me and a friend were actually talking about something very similar to this. I found out I'm getting an Xbox 360 for Christmas, and I was mentioning how, back in the day of Play Station 2, new games were $50, whereas new Xbox games are usually $60. My friend was explaining to me that yeah, it is a lot of money to pay for a game, but think about it; do you know how much time, work, and money is put into making that game? It's nothing easy. Plus, when you have to hire people for voice acting, music, animators, etc, it rings up a bill.

So yeah, whoever thinks KingsIsle is charging too much, I'd bet that they actually aren't even making that much of an income. Another factor that can be debated all on its on is the fact that they have constant maintenance 24/7. If you are having a problem in game or have a question, Mr. Lincoln is always available to email. This gets to be extremely costly as well. A good example of this would be the difference between PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Graphic wise and glitch wise, the Xbox Live experience is better compared with the PSN experience, due to the fact that people who maintain the XBL servers are paid via people with XBL, and PSN is never really updated due to the fact that it's free.

Now, the next fact is debatable. I'm going to present both sides of the argument, and I would like you, my readers, to respond. Please comment on this, as I someday wish to work for KingsIsle, so it would be nice to know opinions as to whether it would be a wise choice to lean to KI or to lean towards another company.

Anywho, so supporting arguments that KI isn't going down the drain:
  • They have had a lot of job openings up recently.
  • They have a "second project" coming up, which I REALLY hope to see soon.
  • They have a whole new Story Arc coming up for W101
  • They currently have over 10 million subscribers, and thats not even including crowns players.
So that's pretty much all I can think of for pros. Now let's look at the cons:
  • KingsIsle also cut a lot of jobs last year.
  • The "second project" was announced a while ago, but could have been put on hold due to the facts that they might not have enough money OR that they are struggling to come up with new content for avid players of W101 seeking more.
  • Their higher level wizard subscriber numbers are declining due to the fact that they are becoming bored.
If you actually look at the list, there is more quantity in Pros, but I don't know; Cons seem to have more thought put into them. What do you think? Off to Celestia!


P.S: Expect some tips for each school coming up soon! :D

Forgive Forget and Move On

Hey Everyone,

So, like many other wizards, I don't wanna talk too much about yesterday. It was bad. Let's just say, in the end, everything ended happily ever after. No one is really mad at each other anymore, so that's definitely good :). For those that I offened with the last post, I'm REALLY sorry, so to show my respect I took the post down. It was wrong of me to post that. I originally meant to it to be an apology and a confession, but it turned into an ignorant and horrible post. So yeah, sorry to everyone who was offended. I hope everyone forgives me, I will forgive anyone who asks for forgiveness, and I am choosing to forget and move on, so I hope everyone else chooses to do the same. :D

One last note about the movie which has somewhat to do with yesterday, I am not sure if it will be made/if it will be delayed, because me and Cassandra LifeCaster got into a little spat yesterday. But again, I ask her forgiveness, if she wants to be forgiven I am more than happy to, and we can forget and move on.

Ok, enough about this. Let's actually talk Wizard101. :) So, I don't think there is any REAL news to talk about that has been happening in-game. This morning, Luke harvested his first Elder Plant (It was a Honey Sickle :) ). He is now rank a Rank Three Gardener. I'm really hooked on Gardening, so thanks KingsIsle for coming up with it :D. When talking about Celestia, I have made it to the Floating Lands on Luke. He is about level 53, and he is about to talk to the talking Water Fall Dude :).

Ok, I gotta get going. See ya in the Spiral,


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Let's Get One Thing Straight

Hey Everyone,

So, before I get into all the drama, I just want to update you on what I've be doing in game. Valdus, Mycin, and Noah, due to the new updates on the Level 58 gear, are officially fully clothed in Level 58 gear. So way to go for them :D. Luke has been making progress as well. He is now Level 52 and is about to try his hand at the Stellarium, so way to go virtual Luke :). Luke has also been gardening, and if you haven't seen the garden and wish to, Mary will be posting a picture of it on her blog (I'm so honored, thanks Mary :) ).


Ok, so last night, as most of you know, Fallon DeathSlinger was throwing a PvP party. I went there for a bit; it was fun, I didn't PvP, but seeing a ton of my friends there was cool. I got bored after a while, so I kinda just left and went back to my house, took care of my garden, etc. Well, recently, I've been throwing a lot of anti-parties. For those that don't know, an anti party is a party that is planned by the individuals, not groups, as a celebration that is the opposite of another party (for example, anti-prom; this was seen in Wizards of Waverly Place). So, AS A JOKE (which is one thing people tend not to understand), I decided to throw a Anti-PvP party. Only like six people came; I wasn't expecting mass amounts of people to come.

Well, I start getting these messages on twitter about how I'm pathetic and how I'm trying to force people to be mean to Fallon DeathSlinger and how I am a mean person in general for throwing an Anti-PvP party. Look, the way I see it, if you didn't agree with it, you should have just not attended and said nothing. Whatever happened to, "If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing,"?

And, many of the people at the PvP party (I can quote this) said they were only there for The Giving Tree (I would also like to talk about that later on). Fallon was doing a raffle type of thing for a Giving Tree, and all you had to do was enter two battles at her PvP party. No offense guys, but if you were only there for the crowns item, thats pretty harsh and mean. In fact, those that said that should be ashamed of themselves.

So yeah, basically, I wanted to apologize to everyone who is sitting there thinking I am so ignorant for throwing an Anti-PvP party, and can you please get this in your head: IT. WAS. JUST. A. JOKE! No, I'm not trying to spread rumors saying that you guys are using other wizards for PvP practice. No, I'm not saying you guys have huge egos. I'm not even saying you guys are rude. I just decided to say one thing, and people flip on me.

The drama on this game has been too much in the past few months. It's driving me insane. I'm seriously thinking about shutting down the blog, leaving twitter, and just playing in complete ignorance to everyone else. Seriously guys, it's a game. People are making all these big situations out of nothing. To be honest, so what if someone starts gossiping about you. Just ignore them; that's especially true in real life. If you pay attention to people who are gossiping and try to fight back, your only lowering your standards. So, for the one thousandth time, can we all just get along and play a game for fun, not for drama.

On the flip side, before I take my leave, there is this tree you can plant in the crown shop called a Giving Tree. The Giving Tree is a children's book written about 15 years ago. If you've never read it, I highly suggest you do; it's a really sad but really good book. Whenever me and my mom read it, we always cry. It was my favorite children's book when I was little, and it is still my favorite children's book. But, if you buy one of these trees, supposedly, some of the money you spent on it (it costs about $5) goes to children in need, so you should definitely pick one up :D.

Ok, time for Celestia on Luke. I'll see you in the Spiral,


Friday, December 10, 2010

Every Little Ting...

Hey Everyone,

So, if you happen to be Cassandra LifeCaster, Cassandra GriffinDreamer, Ben FrogStone, David TitanRider, or Amber RosePetal, you would know that I had a bad week this week. But Bob Marley and Bobby Mcferrin have seized my heart. They can really cheer some one up ya know :)

Yeah, whenever I hear these Reggae songs (especially this one), I think Caribbean. Why? You really want to know? Fine, fine, I'll tell you.

So, a few years back when my family had more money, we used to go on vacations to the Caribbean all the time. Well, this one time, I met this girl. We were, like, perfect for each other (this was when I was about twelve). So, yeah, we hung out the whole time we were there. I felt like I was in paradise.

But of course, sadly enough, vacations don't last forever. So, on the last night I was going to see her, the hotel was having a tiki-party type of thing, and we hung out all that night. The last time we saw each other and danced together, it was this song that played (By this song, I mean "Don;t Worry, Be Happy"). And ever since, I always think of her when I hear it; not that she probably remembers me or anything.

Anyway, yeah, we also both gave each other an item so we wouldn't forget each other. I gave her a shark necklace I'd had since I was about five. She found some fancy paper and a frame and wrote my name in Mandarin. And last night, I took the frame apart to examine the paper, and I found a letter that I'd never seen before. It said how she would miss me, and that she hoped we would meet again some day. It had me hysterically crying (Wow P.D, get a life bro).

Anyway, enough of my sappy love stories. I've had a bad week, so for those who feel the same way, there's a little tunage to hopefully cheer you up :)

See you in the Spiral, and Happy Gardening,


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gardening Comes Live!

Hey Everyone,

So, today gardening is going live! w00t! They were making the updates late last night. My favorite change with this update is the fact that not only will level 58 gear be tradeable, but it will be auctionable too! Now, many people don't like this change. It's probably because we're used to working for our best gear, and now it can just be handed to us with gold and the luck of the Bazaar. I personally like this change. No, not because I'm lazy (however true that is ;D). This is what I mainly want to talk about today; Auctionable 58 Gear V.S. Non-Auctionable 58 Gear.

So, let's talk about Non-Auctionable level 58 gear first. This is what we are used to; No Auction items that are amazing. So, why should the level 58 gear be No Auction? Well, it is the best gear you can currently get in-game (unless they are implementing new level 60 gear :D). Also, when the best gear is No Auction, you gotta work for it. Sometimes, it's no easy task *cough cough Noah GoldHorn*, but you may get luckly and get your items very fast *cough cough Valdus*. It shows that you are dedicated to the game and worked hard to get where you are now. Also, our level 50 gear was not auctionable, why is our level 58 gear auctionable?

So that's really all I can think of for why it should be No Auction. Let's look at the reasons for changing them to Auctionable. When the best gear is Auctionable, players that dont have much luck or much time on thier hands can get their gear faster AND easier. Also, with the level 50 gear, notice many of the differences. It gave resist to your own school. It also gave (unless you are Balance) your Rank 6. The level 58 gear does not give your Rank 7 or 8 spell (how cool would that be! :D) It doesn't give resist to your own school, and look at the level. Technically speaking, it's still "GrandMaster Gear". You are still a GrandMaster wizard at level 58. The only thing the level 58 gear gives (besides the boost on other stats) is critical chance and critical block chance. So shouldn't this be good enough reason to make it Non-Auctionable? No, because there is auctionable gear that gives critical block AND critical chance. Also, for people that have two accounts, if I get the Ice Hate, I can always Bazaar snipe that to Valdus now.

Obviously, I'm for Auctionable level 58 gear. You're opinion is what you'd like it to be :)

See ya in the Spiral,


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Check This Out (P.D. Style :D)

Hey Everyone,

Not much time, but I want to just say, check this link out: http://www.wizardwarthemovie.blogspot.com/

**Edit: Ok, I found some time. So yeah, Cassandra LifeCaster, Ben FrogStone, Amber RosePetal, and I are all running a Production Blog. This blog will be used to update our fans/audiance/anyone interested in the film on how the film is going. Also, feel free to post any ideas on the site, also, if you are interested in being in the film (we are going to need some extras).

So yeah, we have a few events coming up for that. We have about half of the commercial as well as the opening scene to the movie, however, we still need to add voice-overs in (that's right, you heard me, voice overs :) ). Also, I want to give a big THANK YOU SO MUCH to Paige MoonShade for letting us use three of her houses for sets and an apology for keeping her up last night ;)

Some of our events will include:

  • A Balance Wizard Party: You must reserve a place for this party, as we oly have about 6 or 7 spots open, so if you want to come over, comment on the Prodcution Blog ASAP!
  • A Mega Fantasy Palace Party: In one of the scenes of the movie (SPOILER!) there is a party scene. So we are going to need to through a party for that. There will be no limit of people for this party :)
  • MOVIE PREMIRE!: Yes, you have read correctly, we are having a movie block buster premire! (probably at Ben FrogStone's MFP). Hopefully it will be amazing; there will be a red carpet event about 10 minutes after the party (we are going to try to get a ton of famous wizards for the event, including The Friendly Necromancer, The Ravenwood Radio Crew, and the Student Teachers, as well as the cast).

So yeah, be on the lookout for those. We were also thinking of starting up a podcast for the movie. Opinions? Ideas? Thanks a ton!

Oh, by the way, Student Body Elections are coming up, so make sure to vote me for your president! :D!**


Monday, December 6, 2010

Wizard War, The Movie

Hey Everyone,

So, I can't talk much today, but I just wanted to let you know that there is a movie coming up starring all your favorite wizards! Featured wizzards are Me, Cassandra LifeCaster, Ben FrogStone, Dustin MoonCatcher, David TitanRider, Mary DreamShade, Amber RosePetal, Isaac MistHeart, and Thomas DeathGem. There's a video on YouTube announcing the movie, so make sure to check that out. Look for Episode I of the first movie soon!

Oh! By the way, Pesidential Elections ARE happening for those that were unsure; Wolf RedFist just was busy and had to start it a bit late. So, you know who to vote for ;D Thanks to all who vote me!

See ya in the Spiral,


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ambrose 2 Zeke Segment III

Hey Everyone,

So, the Ambrose 2 Zeke Segment should be out really soon (tomorrow, if I'm not mistaken?), so it's time for me to release my Fiery Tip From P.D. Segment! Enjoy!:

Sorry, it was very unprofessional to just stop in the middle of it and say, "Sorry, I have a cold", but I just wanted you guys to understand why I sounded like I was choking on a frog xD

See ya in the Spiral,


Friday, December 3, 2010

"Exciting News! Oh, Exciting News!"

Hey Everyone.

Ny the way, the name of this post is one of my favorite quotes from Melre Ambrose (two reasons; one, he sounds funny, lol, and two, exciting news usually means something new ;-D ). So I've been very busy in-game recently. I've been training my latest and greatest Helephant, decendant of Madame Jack, please welcome Madame Jackson! Last night Madame Jackson got to adult, and recieved Pip O' Plenty! w00t! I'm still looking for Spritely, but I'm happy because those are two talents I extremely wanted to stay (Fire Giver, +x% Fire Damage, and Pip O' Plenty, +x% Power pips). Now I'm hoping for Pain Giver (+x% to all attacks) and Spritely (might heal you in battle). You know, it'd be pretty cool if you could get a Critical/ Critical Block talent for your pet.

Anywho, so for those that don't know, KI has been releasing several patches over the past few hours in the Test Realm. I really like some of the changes the made, such as being able to see your plants stay by simply scrolling your cursor of them while having the garden tab opened. And I believe they fixed the bug where a plant would disappear if you harvested an elder plant, so w00t! Luke recently got to Rank 5 gardener this morning. I have to say, I love the experience the Boom Shroom gives at elder (a whooping 50 exp). SWEET!

Also, I have to say I love the changes to Sun Stone and Sand Stone. I believe they will also be able to drop in the Trial of the Spheres, so I'll be doing that dungeon a lot more. I did a run last night, but I couldn't seem to get anything :/ Poor Noah, stuck at level 60 with no Legendary Gear.

So yep, that's pretty much all I have today. Hopefully I get some time over the weekend, to, ya know, actually do stuff, like get Luke through Celestia. Ok. See ya in the Spiral,


P.S: Happy Friday and Hannakkah! (Sorry for the mispell, but really, I tried :-P )

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Another Legendary Wizard Added to My Army!

Hey Everyone,

So, before I start off, I got a question from Nicholas LionRider asking if he could draw my idea. This is completely fine with me, and it even makes me a bit excited to see how players love this idea so much! :-) I am going to try drawing my own version, but please, feel free to draw out any of my ideas, characters, etc. That makes me super happy, and if you send it to my I'll probably post it! :-D

Anywho, so yeah, last night I decided that I was taking Noah GoldHorn to Legendary right there and then. So I did a few side quests followed by half a Solarium run, and BOOM! L E G E N D A R Y CONJURER!!!! However, Noah doesn't have any of his gear yet, which, of course makes me uber sad xD So I'll be doing a lot of Trial of the Spheres runs, so if you wanna come along, by all means, fell free to come along and join me!

Anyway, I'm starting Luke up again! x dusts of and puts on shiner x :-D I'm so happy to finally be playing my main again! I just love the Fire School, especially when it's really cold like it is now! But yeah, I've also been doing some pet training with Madame Jackson (son of Madame Jack ;-D ). He got to teen last night, and manifested Fire Power ( +% of Fire Attack), so grats to Madame Jackson! I'm really hoping he gets spritely! GO MADAME JACKSON!

Yeah, I believe Luke is in the Grotto (I got started on him a little while ago, but was waiting for a friend to come back to the game after a break, but I've decided to progress anyway :-/ ). So yeah, I will soon be seeing stars in the District of the Stars! Next will probably come Diana, then Gilroy, and finally Patrick. You know, it's kinda funny, cause Patrick was my first character in the Test Realm, but now he is going to be the last character).

Lastly, I attended Ravenwood Radio last night. It was awesome, so grats to those guys! :-D I couldn't stay long for the after party, but the podcast was awesome! Ok, I gotta jet guys, I'll see YOU in the Spiral (ON LUKE OF COURSE! :-D ),


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tough Times

Hey Everyone,

So I've been going through a rough spot lately. I feel like the whole world is against me anymore (except for my awesome friends ITS ;-) ). Bad things have just been happening to me lately, I don't know.

So yeah, there's nothing really for me to report, except for three things:

1. Last Night I mixed my Helephant with Sako's (Wolf IceHunter ;-P ) Sea Dragon. I am really hoping for Spritely. But yeah, the pedigree is 61! I was like :-O O. O xD

2. I found Noah's look for when he gets his level 58 gear. He's going to have the Archaeologist look for the hat, the Centurian Armor look (I love that look by the way) for the robe, and I like the Archaeologist look for the boots. I seem to love the combonation of the Centurian Armor Robe with the Archaeologist Boots. It's something I discovered back in the TR ;-P.

3. Valdus now has all his Legendary Gear except for his hat, which is dropped by Mithraya. He also recently became Legendary (not sure if I posted that last bit before).

So yeah, sorry guys for not having a lot of info, but I haven't been myself lately. I'm sure I'll cheer up. Thanks for reading and I'll see you in the Spiral.


P.S: Special thanks to Dustin MoonCatcher and Cassandra LifeCaster for trying to help me cheer up ;-).

P.S.S: Happy December :-)

Monday, November 29, 2010

The New Temporal Schools

Hey Everyone,

So, I've been doing two things on Valdus and Noah. I've been both farming for thier Level 58 gear, as well as just trying to get them up to level 60! Valdus is almost there, and he needs to do a run with Noah through the Lunarium to finally become a Legendary Thaumaturge (so if anyone wants to come along, I have two spots open, and I'll be running it around 4:15 P.M. EST). Valdus also got his robe, his boots, and his athame yesterday, and now has his full look developed! He is wearing the sawshbuckler hat, as with his old look, with Centurian Armor and Archealogist Boots. I seem to really like this look; I have no idea why. It looks epic though!

Noah, on the other hand, isn't turning out so well. He is only about half way to becoming a Legendary Conjurer, and he has not recieved one piece of his Legendary Gear. Yeah, he still has a long way to come along, but hey, he's getting there, and I'm not complaining. /shrug.

So yeah, I wanted to talk to you today about the Temporal Schools of Magic. Now, when I was new to blogging, I refused to even phathom about these schools, because the idea of adding new schools seemed so impossible about a year ago. But now, with the release of the Astral School, it gets one to wonder; If we have Space Magic, will we also learn Time Magic? Everyone knows space and time fit together. Will this be a whole new school we will see in the future?

I got on this topic because of Wolf IceHunter, one of my best friends in real life who got me into W101. We have these famous Wizard101 talks while I am walking Puppymancer and while he is walking Puppymancer's gal (Yeah, that's right, Puppymancer has a wife ;-) ). Yesterday we got talking about the Temporal Schools. You know, Wolf kinda reminds me of Sako from iCarly. I'm like Spencer, constantly talking about this dude Sako, who you never really see, but you know about him. Hehe, I shall now refer to Wolf IceHunter as: Sako ;P (He tells me that once he progresses further into the game, he might try to actually join the community, so that's awesome :) ).

Anywho, how would this wghole new triangle of Magic work? Well, and this seems pretty obvious, there would be three new schools: Past Magic, or Paradoxical Magic; Present Magic, ___________ or ; and Future Magic, or ________ (Maybe you could fill in those blanks for me, readers? ;P). Past Magic would focus on things like bringing certain cards and spell back, like maybe drawing 5 cards back from your discard pile, or maybe, if your opponet used Earthquake or some other type of disarming spell, a spell to bring back your traps and/or wards. Present Magic would focus on different stuns, dispells, mana regeneratiuon spells, and shields. Like, how about an Elemental Dispell card? (Dispells Fire, Ice, and Storm Magic). Future Magic would focus on spells that would let you see your opponets cards so you could defend against them, or maybe a spell that lets you see their whole hand for a certain amount of time (which maybe you could extend to having the ability to discard x amount of cards).

I don't know, Past (I like the name Paradoxical Magic ;P) and Future Magic sound awesome to me, but Present Magic needs some work. Maybe Present Magic could remove auras and globals, since there are currently no spell that can do such a thing? Who knows!

So yeah, tell me what you think. Also, the second Ambrose 2 Zeke episode is out and available for listening! (Shout out to John SpiritShade :3 ) So yeah, I released my segment a little too early last time, so I'm going to try to keep up with the dates so I can post the segments closer to the release date. My 3rd Segment is about my idea of Draculania, and it's ten minutes long! xD the original segment, which talked about teh Feudal System, Draculania, and gradening took 30 minutes! So yeah, the world of Draculania is being split into two parts.

My 5th segment ( 4th is the second part to Draculania) will be about the Temporal Schools, so look out for that if you're interested in this idea!

I have to go, so I'll see ya in the Spiral!


P.S: Remember to let me know if you'd like to help me run the Lunarium! Hint Hint Alric Ravensinger ;P

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wizards Two and Three Down!

Hey Everyone,

So, the title says it all. I recently completed two more wizards! W00t! The graduates of Celestia were Noah GoldHorn, level 59 Myth Wizard, and Valdus GoldHorn, Level 59 Ice Wizard. I must say, these were my least favorite classes going through Celestia. But let me just say, as soon as you get Snow Angel (which, by the way, doesn't stink; it's actually very useful) and Medusa (which is super awesome), the ride gets much easier, and actually makes for a pretty good farming team.

Yeah, so, I've been farming Calypso and the Trial of the Spheres. Can't say I've had much luck xD. I've gotten two myth hats on Valdus, and on Valdus I got the Ice Athame (w00t! :D), but other than that, not much -_-. Farming for Legendary gear is going to be tough.

Ok, so, also, I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving (I didnt have my laptop, so I could blog -_-) and welcome to the holiday season. My family is already getting ready for Christmas :D I'm so excited. Can't wait!

Yeah, so I'll blog tomorrow, not much to talk about atm xD see ya in the Spiral!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gardening From My Point of View

Hey Everyone,

So, if you haven't heard me talking about it already (or anyone else for that matter), the Test Realm was open yesterday, and the new feature was planting and gardening (pretty cool that it came into test the day I was talking about it ;D). Before I start ranting, I want to try to help out those who don't understand what it's all about.

Now, when you get your gardening spell, you have two options:

1. Use a planter to grow your plant. This is for if you don't have a castle, or if you want to have a plant inside your home.

2. Use the spell the opens up new soil in the ground and plant your seed there. I love the plow for that, by th way! :D

Anywho, from there, you use gardening spells such as giving your plant sun light, water, music, magic, and pollination to help it grow. The higher rank the spell, the more it will help, however, it will also cost more pet energy.

Your plant, when it is a seedling, will go through about 4-5 bars of exp. it will then to into a young plant, more exp, adult plant, more exp, elder plant. If you don't take care of your plant, it will wilt and die. By getting a plant to adult or even of elder age, you get rewards (more/better rewards for elder age plants).

Now that I've explained everything, I'll put my spin on this. I really like this implement. It's super awesome. This is kinda like what I had in mind for my Manor idea. I do have a problem with it costing pet energy though. And, by making this a totally different form of energy, it could help KingsIsle in the long run. For example, if I wear the BestMaster set (which I bought in the Test Realm), I get more energy, thus am able to train pets/ garden a bit more. However, they could come up with a farmer outfit, giving gardening energy. Then, people could spend crowns buying both the BeastMaster set AND, I don't know, the WeedTamer set?

Also, I think they should come up with packs called Mega Garden Spell Packs. They have something like this already, but it's not exactly what I had in mind. The spells that they currently have in the current pack give spells that effect all your plants. I'm looking for something that will speed up the time it takes to actually grow the plant.

Anywho, I sent in an email to KingsIsle about my idea about the manors and everything, so I'm gladly waiting for their opinion. I also gave them an idea for what the Transylvania world would be about:

After conquering Celestia and discovering the secrets of its magic, Morganthe goes to Draculania (or another name for the world; you ge the picture) in hopes of finding allies to help her destroy the Spiral. On this plant, there are three forms of inhabitants; the vampires (lead by dracula), the werew0lves (Leader = ?), and the swamp monsters (Leader = godzilla?). She goes to each group and tries to persuade them to join her, however, none of the three groups accept her offer.

So, she uses the Astral Magic she learned of in Celestia to turn the groups even more agaisnt each other in hopes of one of the groups to come to her and join her forces. She does this via werewolf, vampire, and swamp monster polymorphs, certain auras, and accuracy spells from the sun school in her lies. Our job is to try and stop her by going to each of the three sections of the worlds and trying to make peace among the three inhabitants.

After she fails, she goes back to her home world to build her armor (the spide/bug world). Heck, you could even say that one of the groups from Draculania joins her army. That'd be pretty cool. I've gotten a lot of comments saying this sounds a lot like Grizzlehiem. Well, GH is a side world, and I think this would be cool to add to as a main world. I've also been thinking about a Native American world as well. Maybe they could be related to the Water Moles in some way?

So yeah, also, with the Feudal System and farming, I still think the idea of sigil based housing items would be pretty cool, and an alternate way to farm.

Well, that's pretty much all I've got for today! I'll see you in the Spiral!


I've Got That Boom Chika Shroom!

Hey Everyone,

So, I can't really talk about whats in the Test Realm right now cause I'm short on time, but check for another post in about 3-4 hours. That's when I shall give my opinion! So, check it! (by the way, the top is where I am at now, the bottom is the begining where you start ;D ) :

Be back soon!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Master Artisan and Manor Idea (Also Thanksgiving Idea)

Hey Everyone,

So, I have a lot to get through today. As I've been saying, I'm sorry for the lack posts, I promise I will post more as soon as the holidays end. So, let's get started!

1. Thanksgiving Letters- This is a little idea that I've thought up and that I'm going to do myself (be warned there is a lot of writing that must be done). Write letters to whoever is important to you on Thanksgiving saying why you are thankful to have them and what traits you like the best about them. It could be anyone; your parents, your grandparents, your cousins, everyone, or even just a slect group, such as the adults of the family or the kids. I have to write 8. O. O I think writers will like this idea a lot. Just a little something that you could do to show that you care for your family! :)

2. Master Artisan- That's right folks, Mycin StarGem, my Storm wizard, officaly gained the rank of Master Artisan! W00t! congrats to Mycin! He is now trying to build the Watchtower Hall, as well as working on the GrandMaster Artisan quest! I must say, I really hate Blood Moss, and I want to thank Alura HexCaster for helping me get all the Blood Moss I needed as well as Fallon MoonGem and Scarlet MoonFlower for helping me with spawn-points for red mandrake! I also want to thank Wolf IceHunter for getting me crafting in the first place! :D

3. Feudal System- A world I really want to see is a Transylvania (spell check?) world. Here, we'd meet famous monsters like werewolves (new Death/Moon spell?), vampires (Dracula!), and other creatures of the night. Point aside, I'd like to talk about housing for this world. I want KingsIsle to go beyond the regular cottage/mansion idea. And for my idea, this would be the perfect world to install this addition!

So, who here has heard of a feudal system? For those that don't know, a feudal system, otherwise known as a feef or a manor, is basically a huge piece of land with an amazingly big castle. There are other elements, but I want to work from the basics, and go up from there.

So, in essence, how big would this piece of land be? It would probably be two MFPs (Mega Fantasy Palaces) combine. Yep, that big. The castle would be about two insides of the MFPs combined as well (well, maybe not that same structre, but you get what I mean; space wise). It would probably have mulitple bedrooms, a dining hall, a ball room, a kitchen, etc. And you would own all of this.

How much would this cost? 250,000 gold (I'm not sure if the cap is lower than that right now, I think it is, but the cap would have to be raised). Yeah, thats a lot. Is it worth it? If KingsIsle built in what I am about to tell you, it definitely is.

Ok, lets visit another element of the Manor. Now that you know how big this piece of land is, I am going to devise it into three sections. One section we already know; that is the lord's (owner's) castle. We are now going to visit the 2nd part, which I think is one of the most unique features of this castle.

This second section would be something like a neighborhood. In feudal lands, way back in the middle ages, people would stay on a lord's manor. Well, wizards could stay on another wizards manor (sorry if I'm not doing a good job at explaining this. I understand this concept is strange, but please, bear with me). The house they could live in would be about the size of a Wooded Cottage (smallest house in WC), and you would be able to have upi to 20 of these houses in your "neighborhood".

So, would you have to pay anything if you lived on another wizard's manor? Theoretically, yes. I think here is where people start getting confused and not liking this idea much. You would have to pay your lord a "monthly" fee. Now, this monthly fee can be payed several ways:

1. Straight-Up Gold: This would probably be the least benefical way to pay your lord (you will see why). The payment would probably be around 1,000 gold a month. Now, notice, its not that expensive. Some wizards might chose this way because there is less work involved. However, as I am about to tell you, there are other ways to pay your lord that could benefit you in the long run.

2. Reagents: You could pay your lord in materials or reagents. This would be more benefical to you because the extra reagents you found you could keep. This also could go the same way with pet snacks. How would the payment be settled? Probably depending on the rank. I could turn in 100 rank 1 pet snacks or reagents, or I could turn in 10 rank 4 or 5 pet snacks or reagents. There's a ton of decision :).

So, why would I want to stay on someone's Manor if I could have my own house? This is where the 3rd part of the land comes in, and thats farming land. Here, you could place housing items such as Ore mines, Corn fields, Forges, etc. They would have sigils, and you go in and collect the piles of reagents/pet snacks that await.

So, say I had an Ore mine. Once every 12 or 24 hours, I could go in and get all the ore that awaits in the Ore mine. Now, I have the ore to pay my lord, and even when I have enough to pay, I could keep going in to get some for myself. Cool, right?

How would you pay your lord? There would be a box (probably in the dining room) that you could interact with. You chose the form of payment, and you drop your stuff in!

Now, these are just the basics. More could go into this. Like raiding, neighborhoods of manors, etc. I gotta go, so maybe I'll do another post on this soon. See ya!



Thursday, November 18, 2010

Winners and Vacation

Hey Everyone!

So here are the winners of the contest!:

1st Prize (Any item 7,500 crowns or less): Alura HaexCaster! Congrats to Alura!

2nd Prize ($10 GameStop giftcard): Jared LightFlame! Congrats to Jared! (This prize has been delivered)

3rd Prize (Wizardblox code from a score of 312,000 points!): Sloan ShadowStaff! Congrats to Sloan! (This prize has been delivered).

So you can see that all of the prizes have been delivered with the exception of Alura (I have emailed her, but she is not responding. I might try a Direct Message on Twitter). So yeah, grats to all the winners! ^_^

Also, I kinda wanted to let you kn0w that I'll will be going on break through the next few months, meaning that I wont be posting much (maybe around 3 times a week?). The holidays get really busy for me, so I wont have much time for play.

Also, I mean, I'm so sad to say, but I've been getting bored with Wizard101. Maybe its just because Valdus and Noah aren't really that exciting to roll. /shrug. I have to defeat palm tree dudes in the Floating Lands. So yeah, wont be playing much either. :/

Anyway, I gotta jet. Thanks for reading!


Monday, November 15, 2010

CONTEST CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Everyone,


As I have said, Mr./Ms. Winner of the 2nd Place Prize, you will have to wait a maximum of a week to receive your prize cause I do not have it yet. As for me, I am off to play an excellent game of wizard blox.

By the way, I will be livestreaming the drawing, so if you can make it, come on down and click me to view it (I'd expect it to start around 5:05-5:20 EST depending on how far along I get in WizardBlox). SEE YA THERE!


Contest Ends Today!!

Hey Everyone,

So, I'll be posting another two or three times today to let you know when the contest actually is closing and the winners of the raffle (I'm going to have to play an awesome WizardBlox game when I get hom ;D ). I am getting a $25 order of crowns today, so I will have the crowns to gift the item/mount/gear/etc. The $10 gift card, however, I wont have tonight, so sorry 2nd prize winner :(. I might have it this week, I might have it next week. I don't know, depends on how much lunch money my mom decides to give me.

So yeah, I'm uber excited to see who wins the raffle! ^_^ If you haven't entered, make sure to enter HERE! WEEEEEE! CLICK ME IF YOU WANT SUPER AWESOME PRIZES!!!!

On a side note, I'm sorry once again for my left duties on my blog. I'm going to use the same excuse I use every time; I'm really busy. I've got Noah and Valdus in the Floating Lands, Mycin wanting to craft, not to mention IRL stuff. I hope to improve my blog a lot! :D

Anyways, so for English I had to write a Native American Myth, because, well, we're learning about Native American Myths! I must say, they are super awesome. Did you know Bartelby comes from Native American Myth? Yep yep! There's this big giant tree in the center of the universe in the sky world, which was the main domain of the gods. Kinda like how Bartelby is in the center of the Spiral and is in Wizard City, which is the main domain of student wizards, huh? I thought that was pretty cool.

Coming back to the original topic, we had to write a myth that contained as many traits of Native American Myths as possible. Mine is about an otter and a ferret! Aww! If you want to check it out, you can go here! WEEE! CLICK ME IF YOU WANT TO READ A SUPER AWESOME NATIVE AMERICAN MYTH! **By the way, can't wait for Thanksgiving! :D**

Ok wizards, I'll see ya in the Spiral!


Friday, November 12, 2010


Hey Everyone,

So the title says it all. That's how I feel like now. This whole council thing turned out to be a wreck on ice. Let me explain to you what happened:

So, last night, me and Mary were talking about the council thing. It all seemed pretty good. We thought maybe of assembling on Sunday or possibly Saturday; I mean, who knows, maybe things could have been resolved by then. Also, that time period would have been a decent amount of time to let everyone cool down and take a chill pill.

But what happens after I come home from walking Puppymancer?

Cassandra LifeCaster is online Skype, she all of a sudden sees herself as this almighty judge figure, and she is trying to judge the case. This didn't bother me so much at first (however, Mary and I thought that the Rogue Sorcerer should have been the judge figure, cause he's the eldest of us Skype wizards). So, I am over-loaded with work here; I got Wolf IceHunter (who, I must say, I volunteered to help) asking for help with Celestia, I got a girl trying to get together a date for tomorrow, I have my sister who is just coming home from retreat and wants to spend some time with me, and now I got this?! This is exactly why I wanted to wait longer into the weekend.

ANYWHO, so Cassandra is trying to talk to me about this while I have 50 million other things going on, and she is trying to interview me, so I say this: " I am busy doing so many things" and I kinda wanted to talk about later. And so, Cass says, "Fine okay. Can you tell me in your own words what happened in the following chat and call on that day and time. Solidly Swear to state the truth and nothing but the truth!" So I simply tell her the direct quote what Nick said, and said I had to go (cause I did) and that I would like to discuss this matter another time when I am available. She says she understands, and I go to help Wolf IceHunter ITS. Very simple, right?

So, I'm about to leave to go pick up my sister from the retreat, and Cassandra says in a group chat that her and Amber came to a decision on Nick's punishment (I don't like saying the word punishment; it sounds too controlling. I prefer the word consequence. By the way, the punishment was that he would be muted on all social networks of W101 for 48 hours). At first, I didn't think this was enough. But then again, they didn't let me voice my opinion anyway.

Which is what I stated. How could this be a fair trial if I didn't even get to tell my opinion? Cassandra explained it as me not being able to be available, so I don't get a voice. Do you know how many things are wrong with that statement? My fellow readers, if there is ever a situation between real life and the Spiral, please, CHOOSE REAL LIFE! Real life responsibilities come before Spiral responsibilities. Second, this is MY trial. MY conference call to the council. Isn't kind of ironic that my voice is the only one left unheard?

BUT, no matter how much I said those things, Cassandra wouldn't take no for an answer. All she kept saying was, "Our decision is final Luke." Trust me, in this, I have nothing really against Amber. She wasn't the one fighting back. I mean, the nerve ... See, we weren't even sure if we were even gonna invite her or Amber. But no, Cassandra took things into her own hands, and now look what has happened.

So yeah, me and Cassandra got in this big back and forth bickering fight while Mary was trying to keep the peace, and Cassandra decided to "quit" because I was complaining how my voice wasn't heard in my own conference of the council. By "quit", I mean I have abesolutely no idea what she means... I'm not sure if she quit her blog, quit the community, quit using Skype, quit Wizard101 ... no idea.

I mean, I feel like a jerk. I do. The feeling of making someone quit is an awful feeling. But I mean, in my opinion, and in several other's opinions, I was right. Not that that's what it's all about. But still; I had a right to be angry and to defend myself. It wasn't fair that I couldn't voice my opinion. Like, seriously? And believe it or not, I purposed not even muting him, and just giving him one last chance not to be a disturbance to the community, THEN if he does, something real serious happens. I mean, I don't know. I kinda wanna quit now too. *gasp*... Then again, I'm probably only saying that cause I'm so down ...


Would you mind if I told you about some real life stuff real quick? Don't worry, it's not too personal. I just feel like I need to share with someone, and I have no other way of doing it.

So, this morning, for the bus- well, the past week, for my bus, the bus driver has been saying to come to the stop five minutes late, right? So, this morning for the bus, I leave five minutes late (mind you this is all because he has a new stop before mine), and I'm crossing the street of my bus stop, and I see a bus coming. And I'm just thinking to myself, "Watch that be my bus." So I see it go by, and I chase after it. Why? No idea. Just out of pure instinct. Mind you, I am holding a (around) 20 pound book bag and a gym bag full of gym clothes. When I reach my stop, I find it was my bus, and it is starting to leave the stop. So I go on this epic chase after the bus to try and get on. Let's just say I thank the government for street lights...

And then my sister has been away on a retreat for 3 days, and she came home today. Her one word to describe it: Awful. I mean, who wouldn't want to sit there and bunk with a whole bunch of crying girls connecting with each other after their parents tell them how much they loved them? I'm sure I wouldn't. /shudder. Anywho, so they had a mass (service) at the church when we got back, and all the girls were still crying cause they went through so much and because they missed home. All very dramatic. I have to admit though, some of the things the students said took guts to say in front of 200-300 people. Yeah, so it was some what touching.

But yeah, can you see why I'm such a scatter-brain? Do you see why I never have time for things, and why I'm always upset? I mean, THE BUS DRIVER SAW ME! He couldn't pick me up there? Ugh. I mean, just .... I don't even know what to say...


*Thanks for reading this post, it was super boring and uneventful :P*

A Council Of Wizards Form...

Hey Everyone, So, I don't think WWIII is starting! WOOOOO! :) Basically, though, a few wizards are gathering for a meeting, or a council. When the WWII Treaty was made, Nicholas LionRider broke the 2nd rule of agreement. I don't have acess to the Treaty at the very moment, but it basically says that all wizards that sign must respect other wizards. Yeah, and what he said was total disrespect yo (or as Mary DreamShade would say, "OOOOOOO, DIS BURN, TOTAL DISRESPECT YO FO SHOW!" heh heh). But yeah, so, the Treaty says that if the rules where ever broken by any of the signing members, a council would form to decide the fate of the wizard. Ooh, dramatic! *Plays organ*. So, a bunch of us wizards are going to form the council via Skype to discuss what should be done. If you want you voice heard on the matter, you can either: a) Comment b) Join the conersation (You don't need a mic. In fact, I'm not even sure if it will be a call; it might just be a chat). So far the people that I know will definitely by there: 1. Me of course (Luke GoldHorn) 2. Mary DreamShade 3. Rogue Sorcerer Well, as for Rogue, I know we WANT him there, but I don't know if and when he can make it. See, there are two other people that me and Mary (who is about the most balanced on this ;D) are thinking about inviting, who are Cassandra LifeCaster and Amber RosePetal. Technically, they signed the treaty. But both are two extremes of the oppisite side. For example, Amber is a really good friend of Nicholas LionRider. Because of this (and this was proven in WWII), Amber is known to be very protective of her friends. Not that that is a bad trait; it makes Amber an awesome person. But if Nick doesn't recieve the proper concequences, it may lead to History repeating itself, as it has. With Cassandra LifeCaster, she may get a bit too harsh. She is known to get carried away with things and get too far. But honestly, if I had to choose, I would want Cassandra, because she was in the same postion as me when WWII happened. I don't mean anything about this, and I hope this hurts no one's feelings; I mean, let's face it, Amber is probably going to be there. Anyway, I gotta go. More on this later. See ya in the Spiral, P.D. *Wanna enter my contest? CLICK ME!*

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mind Your Manners, Yo!

Hey Everyone,

So, strangely enough, I might actually be starting the first ever W101 blog war! ;( Yeah, not cool. But it must be done...

What's my dill, you may be wondering...

Well, do you know a chap by the name of Nicholas LionRider? Yes, he's that rude guy who started Wizard War II (which, by the way, took place on Skype). He runs the blog called LionRider King (link is right here). Well, he said this in a Skype conversation: "I think church is a waste i mean it has no real purpose other then to make us waste money on bathing in filthy water". Yeah, I'm Roman Catholic in case anyone was wondering. But that's not the point...

Do you know how much this offended me? By saying this he insulted my family, my identity, my ethics, my belief, and my childhood. I mean, I know, the church does have its problems; but once again off topic. My point is, this struck me hard, and I'm not going to let some annoying little heartless creep take advantage of me.

And if that means starting Wizard War III, by all means, bring it on. No one should have to put up with that: being told their religion is a "waste of time". Going to chruch, for me, is a way to connect with the person I personally believe is my savior. You're telling me that connecting with a very important figure of mine is wasting my time?!

And this goes for any religion. He could have very well as said the same about synagogues, or mosques, or wherever you go to pray and worship. I have the right to freedom of expression and freedom of religion, and NO ONE can take that away from me.

For all my readers out there, I'd like you to take this; think about what you say before you say it. If your goal is to not anger someone, think about how this might be absorbed by people. Might people get offended? Sure, you may think it's funny, but they might not.

I'll be sure to post more about this another time. See ya in the Spiral,


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Sneak Peek At My Segment For Ambrose 2 Zeke

Hey Everyone,

So, as some of you may or may not know, I segment for the new Ambrose 2 Zeke podcast. Well, I know it's a bit early, but I just got finished with my segment! Here it is if you want a sneak peek at A Fiery Tip From P.D. Segment II:

I'm thinking of doing this more often (doing them early, and posting them on my blog for a preview). The only time I wouldn't would be if I was running late on turning in the segment. I personally really like Segment II. I was very proud of it :).

Anyway, I am REALLY tired. Maybe I'll blog tomorrow. Go pwns those peeps in that arena, yo!


**Want to enter my contest? THEN CICK ME!

Somes Expalinins Ta Do...

Hey Everyone, So, I HAD planned to post up some pictures of last night's run with Friendly, but the school's computer wont let me download the pictures from my email or even simply let me paste them int blogger /shrug. Sorry guys :/ Well, before I get to my "explainins", I'd just like to say thanks to Paige MoonShade, Benjamin FrogStone, and a very big thanks to The Friendly Necromancer! I didn't really get any good gear, but the run itself was fun. I talked with Friendly, and I'm going to try to level up Noah GoldHorn, my Myth wizard, alongside his son's character, Kyle SkyStaff, who is a Storm wizard (so that will work out well ;D). So yeah, I'm really excited to start that. ALSO, I GOT MY FIRST LEGENDARY WIZARD!!!! :D!!!! Mycin StarGem, my some-what famous Storm Wizard, has reached the rank of Legendary Diviner! The only Legendary Gear I have left is the Storm Ring and the Storm Robe. Ya know, one thing that I've been getting kinda angry about is the no trade high level gear (I'm not sure if they changed it back to normal, but in the Test Realm they made the Level 50 gear no trade as well :/ ). I got the Death Robe, The Life Robe, the Myth Ring and Athame, and the Fire Athame, yet I can't trade them over to them :/. Kinda makes me a bit upset that I'm gonna have to put a TON of farming into my W101 time. However, I do kinda think this was planned. People were complaining of being bored in game constantly. Well, now when you reach Legendary Level, you can farm for this gear over and over and over and over again. I don't think they did it to be mean. However, I do think this will cause problems with people's patience. Anywho, let me get to my expalinins. I'm sorry everyone. I feel like I'm not making this blog as good as I can in the past few weeks. Its just because Celestia is finally out and everything, and I really want to go around and explore. As I stated, I've also been farming alot. Before I even think about moving onto Noah, I really want Mycin to get all his gear (by the way, with all the attack boosts, Mycin will have a 72% attack boost!!!!! That's like having a constant Feint spell on!!!!!). This way I can feel that Mycin is truly complete. Hopefully though it wont take Noah too long to get to Level 55, cause I really need that Level 55 Myth Staff on Mycin. And Noah still has some of the Forum to complete :/ I'll probably do that when I get home today; Quest: Beat DragonSpyre on Noah GoldHorn. Reward: Celestia available on Noah, Farming Time on Mycin StarGem. Oh, and don't even get me started on Diana GoldHorn, my Life wizard. She is GrandMaster, and she hasn't even started the Forum! Ugh, see? I'm such a scatter-brain. I have so many things going on that I have to think about in advance, and that's not even IRL stuff. Ah well. The point is, I really want to improve my blog now that I've been neglecting it for so long. So I'll be working on that! ;D Ok, so that's pretty much it. I'll see you in the Spiral, P.D. ***P.S: For every new post, I'm going to hyperlink the post of the contest until it ends, and it will be in the little star things. SO CLICK ME TO CHECK OUT THE CONTEST!**

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just Some Quick Info

Hey All,

Ok, so I will get to the Talkee after I do some posting of info:

Above is my first ever segment for the Ambrose 2 Zeke Podcast! :)

Ok, now for some screen shots of last night!

That P.D.

was awesome! Thanks everyone!

Ok, I gotta go. I'LL SEE YA IN THE SPIRAL!


**The video was supposedly not work before; it should be working now! ^_^**

Run Through Trial of the Spheres, Also, Happy Birthday Stormy!

Hey Everyone, So, last night, I planned a Trial of the Spheres run. The original "cast" was Me (playing Mycin StarGem, a more "popular" alternate character of mine), Paige MoonShade as her Fire wizard, Alric RavenSinger, and Thomas LionBlood (AKA The Friendly Necromancer). Sadly, Friendly got stuck in trafic on the way home, so he couldn't join us. So, instead, Christina IceDreamer joined us on her Life wizard! So I'd like to give a hug thanks to her for coming out, cause I know she was rushing last night. I told her I'd give her a little present for volunteering :) (Sadly, it'll have to wait for about 3-7 weeks xD!). Also, Christina IceDreamer's son Ian, otherwise known as Stormy wiz, has a birthday today! So I wish my best wishes to Stormy! Christina told me his gift last night; and I must say it's awesome! Anyway, back to last night. I'd like to thank everyone who showed up! There were only about 10 viewers, but I really want to thank them. It felt bigger to me ^_^. I enjoyed talking to you guys! There might be another LIVE run tonight, but I'm not sure as to if it is definite or as to what time. I'm going to post more later today anyway, cause I gots some pictures and my segment to share, so we'll see. I'm pretty sure Paige MoonShade said she could, and I know Alric had to see if he could make it. I have no idea if Friendly could make it today. I'm going to comment on his blog/ email him about it after posting. If you would like to volunteer as a back up, just post your wizard name in the comments and I will go to http://www.random.org/ and pick someone randomly. Ok, so be sure to check back later for a TON of content! ^_^ P.D.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Ambrose 2 Zeke's First Podcast And Adressing A Question...

Hey Everyone, So, the Ambrose 2 Zeke Podcast came out with their first podcast yesterday, so grats to them! :) John really like Rogue Sorcerer's segment as well as mine (btw, Rogue Sorcerer's segment was awesome! ^_^ ). My segment was ok, and post it in my next post, but I really have to work on the consistency of my voice and my awkward tone xD. I'm very scatter-brained, so I'm always saying "um..." or "Wha..?" or "Uh..." xD. Next week I'm thinking of doing something more along the lines of funny; probably a letter from Mycin StarGem that tells of his adventures in Celestia... Oh, yeah, that reminds me ... I beat Celestia! ^_^! Mycin Stargem last night got to level 58 in the Solarium, got Leviathan, got his Legendary boots, reached 59, and concured The Trial of The Spheres!!!! Before I even continue, I'd like to thank Amber RosePetal, Alric Ravesinger, and Wolf Winterstaff for helping me push through Celestia! Thanks you guys! ^_^ But yeah, The Trial of the Spheres isn't that difficult if you are in a group of experienced people. Alric and Wolf did everything for me xD. I d0n't even know how to do the second and third parts of it... Anywho, I'll have pictures up when I come home, as well as a detail trip through the quest of Levitahan. I took screenshots! :D Oh yeah, btw, there was this coincidence where for beating Celestia, you get 2010 exp. I was wondering if that possibly had to do with the fact that Celestia came out in 2010? I thought that was pretty cool :) I wonder if I was the first to notice that, cause on twitter, no one seemed to have noticed that before when I tweeted it. Ok, there I two more things I want to move on to beofore I go back to Study Hall today. One: The Contest. First I'd like to say thanks to all the entered! I'm going to be honest with you though; its not gonna end for a loooooooooooooong time. Like maybe a month? Here's why: I was talking to MoonCatcher (Dustin MoonCatcher to be exact) and he was telling me that he thinks they're only gonna sell that $39 card for a limited time, and that they're only gonna make a certain number of them. SO, In about 3 weeks when I have $60, I'm gonna go to GameStop, get another one for my alternate account, as well as get the $10 gift card. THEN, in another (about a) week, I should be able to get a $25 order of crowns, so I will have the money to pay for the 7,500 crowns item or less. See, I dont want to to raffle it off immeadiately and have the winners wait for their prizes; I'd rather give more people time to enter as well as be ready to hand out prizes. I was talking with MoonCatcher about how some people do contests and can't give out the prizes they promised because they didn't have the money or sponsorship in the first place, and how they really just wanted to throw a contest for fun. I don't want this to happen or for people to get angry with me, so yeah, that's why you have to wait so long.... Anyway, yeah, BUT, I'm going to ask for the $39 for Christmas (hopefully it's still out by then), so maybe I'll raffle that off! ^_^ That would be an awesome contest; but I think It'd have to be a ligit contest; I mean come on, it's an awesome win. The second and last thing I wanted to adress is friend me in-game: I forget who exactly asked, but someone commented on asking if they could friend me up in game. I have abesolutely no problem with this. We can meet up; but mind you, if I don't have enough room, I might not be able to add you. Sorry :/ BUT, if you catch me on one of my alternate characters, there is a definite chance I will add you (they don't really have much friends ;) ). Here is a list of ALL my characters (including my noobies ;D btw, I'm not gonna put their levels, because all of them will probably change fast.) : Luke GoldHorn: Pyromancer Patrick FrostHorn: Sorcerer Mycin StarGem: Diviner Noah GoldHorn: Conjurer Diana GoldHorn: Theurgist Gilroy SkullFlame: Necromancer Valdus GoldHorn: Thaumaturge Amber Drake: Pyromancer Oran Drake: Theurgist Madeline GoldHorn: Sorcerer Myrna GoldHorn: Diviner Erica GoldHorn: Necromancer Phew! That's a lot of wizards, lol. I'll probably be on Noah more now, because I want to switch the Storm Level 55 wand with Noah's Myth Level 55 wand on Mycin. I'll try to stick to the Vampire Realm Area One, but I also like Wu Area One. Ok, I put all my Study Hall time into this, so I REALLY gotta go. See ya in the Spiral! P.D. ** Hey, we really needed this long post; I haven't posted in a while :)**

Friday, November 5, 2010

Segmenting For a Show...

Hey Everyone,

So, a blog called Ambrose 2 Zeke is starting a podcast! ^_^ I love to see people start podcasting/blogging/tweeting/etc. It makes me so happy!

But yeah, anyway, they are asking for segments from players. Guess who volunteered to do a segment?! ME! ^_^

So yeah, I'll be doing my very own segment for the podcast. Be sure to check it out here. It will be on Sunday, but as to exact times I don't really know. But, I will be sure to post more on that.

So, I'm trying to think of what my segment should be about for episode number 1!

Oh, congrats by the way to all the Student Teacher nominees to run and get elected!:


Amber RosePetal


Thomas DeathGem


Wolf WinterStaff


John LifeGlen


Arlen DawnEyes


Cassandra LifeCaster


Mary DreamShade

So yeah, Gratz to them. I missed the nominations, so yeah, I couldn't run. Sigh xD Make sure to vote me for pres, yo!

So yeah, keep in touch!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Celestian Journies

Hey Everyone,

So I haven't blogged in a while xD but thanks for entering my contest all. It probably wont end for a while :( sorry. I'm a bit low on cash. It probably won be for another 3 weeks or so. I need to save up to get the stuff, lol.

So, yeah, Mycin just recently got to Stormriven Hall last night, but now I dont have enough crowns to get into it :( lol. Looks like I'm just going to have to wait :/

So, in the mean time, I've been playing on Gilroy SkullFlame, my Death Wizard. He hit grand before Malistare, so I'm trying to get that done. That also needs to be done on Noah GoldHorn, my Myth wizard, as well as Diana GoldHorn, my Life wizard. So yeah, looks like I can be occupied for a while :)

Ok, I just wanted to update some news! I'll post again real soon!


*EDIT: I will probably Live Stream the random.org thing just to show you guys that everything is fair :)*

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Contest!!!!!! Prizes Prizes Prizes!!!!!!

Hey Everyone,

So, if you read my previous post, I wanted to host a contest because of my awesome fans! :) I couldn't really decide on how exactly I wanted to run the contest, so I'm just going to run it the old fashioned luck of the draw type of contest.

Ok, so, in order to enter, here's what you gotta do:

1. Follow my blog. Look, it doesn't take that long to either a) press the follow button or b) to make a blogger account. So yes, you MUST follow my blog in order to enter (If you already follow me, awesome, you have step one complete! :) )!

2. Comment on this post. All I really need from you is your wizard's name, your following name (for example, if the name I am following Friendly on is called Luke GoldHorn, I'd type that as well), and an email from which I could get in touch with you.

THATS IT! From there, I can enter you in the random drawing! I will be doing it on random.org. How does this work? I will enter your name next to a number in Microsoft Excel. From there, I will select my two numbers (so, for example, say I had 30 entries; I'd type in 1 and 30). Then, it will randomly pick a number. So say I was number 23, and the site picked 23, I would be the winner. ^_^ Feel free to go to the site and try it out (it's very fun, lol).

Ok, so, make sure to tell everyone and to enter! I will edit this post when I figure out the end date (I still need to get the prizes, lol ;D ).

See ya in the Spiral!


**Edit: Oops! Just noticed that I forgot to add the prizes!

1st Prize: Any item in the crowns shop 7,500 crowns or less

2nd Prize: (1) $10 Wizard101 Gift Card (I don't know where it will be from yet, but my guess is either from Walmart or GameStop).

3rd Prize: A WizardBlox Code

Check back for the end date of the contest! (it will probably be in like 2-3 weeks.)**

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Post Dedicated To My Readers... ALSO, A Topic Hosted By Blaze DeathCaster!

Hey All My Lovely Readers,

So, instead of sorry this time, I want to say thank you. In the past three or four days, I have been touched by many of your comments. It's definitely made me a stronger person inside knowing that I have loving and loyal friends here to help me out whenever they can :). I just wanted to let you guys know how grateful I am to have you guys. Really, I couldn't ask for better readers!! I used to always think that my blog was going nowhere, and that it would continuously go nowhere. In the past month, however, that has changed. People have come to realize and actually like me and my blog. So I just wanted to say thanks to all you guys! :D

OH! I almost forgot! I'm going to be holding a contest for all my truly awesome wizards fans! I still haven't decided on how exactly I'm going to run the contest, but hey, it's gonna happen. I WAS going to throw in the new $40 gift card, but I'm gifting that to my friend, Paige Whisper, today!!!! :D!!! I'm soooooooo excited to give it to her. It's going to be awesome!!!! But yeah, It'll probably just be your choice of a Manta Ray or a Sea Turtle or any other item 7,500 crowns or less in the crowns shop that is gift-able. as to other prizes; I don't know yet. One will probably be a wizardblox code. As for a second prize, I don't know. Maybe a $10 giftcard (that would have to wait for a while; I'm running short on the bucks ;) ).

Anywho, so yeah, I also have a bonus topic today that I thought was very inriching sent to me by Blaze DeathCaster, one of my best readers!:

I've had an idea for a discussion item or blog post that I've started a few times but never been able to pull together right. It always seems to drift off in the wrong direction. Given the topic, it might make sense (and be fun!) to do some kind of collaboration with you on it rather than trying to solo it. See what you think.
Here's the idea: In the spiral, we make friends in a unique atmosphere. For the most part, we don't judge people on their age, their appearance, religion, or race because we're all avatars that look pretty similar. Gender still plays a role, I think, and text chat vs. mute can be an influence as well. But for the most part, we judge and make friends based on people's behavior. We like people who share blades, traps, and heals or who pass to let others get in one good hit before the end of a battle. We appreciate it when people stick around to help us "defeat and collect" more whatever, even though they've already got what they needed for the quest. And of course good manners are always appreciated, like asking before porting or joining a battle, or not outstaying your welcome at someone's house. There's something special about a world like that, where people are judged almost solely on how they behave toward others. And as an extension of this, friends are made that would otherwise not be. You and I are a good example. Outside of the spiral, how likely are middle and high school students to be friends with adults. Sure, kids may be friends with neighbors and friends of their parents, but the friendships in the spiral seem different. I think we approach each other as equals since our avatars all look the same age and this makes for more balanced friendships. Of course, some might question this and be concerned about adults making friends with kids online. I'm sure there are some very real concerns there, but we should still acknowledge and try to make the most of the unique opportunity the spiral provides to make friends we otherwise wouldn't. We should also try to take the lesson from this to the real world and try harder to judge people on their actions and behavior, not their appearance, age, etc. Well, what do you think? I'm pretty sure there's a strong discussion or blog topic in there. Actually, that bit above came out better than some of my previous attempts. Anyway, I'd be curious to get your perspective on this. If it strikes a chord with you, maybe we can collaborate on it. Blaze

So, what do I think about kids making friendships with adults?

Personally, I think this aspect of the game is great. I many of the statements stated by you are very legitimate, and I certainly do agree. I love the whole judgement concept you described. I love making friendships with people that are all different ages thatn me. For example, a good friend of mine by the name of Keira DreamWraith is and adult with a child who is a few years younger than me. One reason I am for this is because I can talk to her about things. These adults can provide experienced advice and help with real life problems.

However, it can cause some problems. I had one incident, when I have an adult wizard's phone number, and we would text each other some times. One time, my sister stole my phone, and asked "Who are you?" The adult wizard got mad, because they thought I was trying to get real life information. When I got the phone back, I explained the situation, however, it just created another issue; why didn't my whole family know I was talking to this adult wizard. In the end, everything turned out ok, thankfully. We are very good friends to this day. However, this can get to be a very sticky situation.

Anyway, that's pretty much it for today. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the contest!!!!


Blogging from Study Hall (Episode III)

Hey Everyone, So, I'll post something else when I get home, because I only have 5 minutes to type this, so it wont be the good. But I wanna post, because I've been so dang busy, and I don't feel like it's been right to abandon my blog and my readers. I'm sorry. I'm thankful that I have you guys. It's just, High School is like h-e- double hockey sticks. All people like to do to you in that building is torture you and make you feel like you don't belong. And the teachers don't even do anything about that, because by High School you should be able to, "defend yourself." Yeah, as much as they will tell you they will protect you, they wont. I gotta go. Talk later! P.D.

Friday, October 29, 2010

We Live In A Cruel World

Hey Everyone,

So I had a very bad day today. The type of bad day that makes you cry the whole hour bus drive home plus some when you get home. While I was sitting there stupidly feeling sorry for myself, I realized why many of us come to the Spiral, or Azeroth, or any virtual world.

Or at least, I realized why I have come to the Spiral...

No, it's not because I REALLY wanted to save it.

Any guesses...?

Well, I'm going to start off with me, because this doesn't pertain to everyone. It's because real life, and I'm not gonna sugar coat it, sucks. It's a cruel and vicious world out there. People feed of other people's misery in our world. And they don't even care that they are hurting another human being.

In the Spiral, we get a sense of need, a sense of worthiness. Or at least I do. I feel like I'm actually wanted when I talk to people like Christina IceDreamer, or Stephen SpiritCaller, or Leesha DarkHeart, or Fallon DeathSlinger and Fallon ShadowBlade, or Isaac MistHeart (who is actually trying to comfort me now, so special thanks to him), or any other Twizards out there. I feel important when I blog.

But in reality, I'm not. I'm your average social reject nerd who no one like and who everyone makes fun of. It makes me so upset to have to leave the Spiral every day.

So yeah, do the world a favor and try not to make this world a better place; for all of us.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All Hail Puppymancer!

Hey Everyone,

So, first off, Celestia is amazing! :) I've been going very slow through it though on the Live realm. In fact, my farthest wizard is Mycin, and he just entered the Grotto.

Why haven't I been playing hardcore through Celestia?

Well, first off, it's not like Celestia is going anywhere. It's going to be here forever now. There's no reason to rush it. Yeah, so you can extend that "3 month occupation" thing I said to more like 6-10 months of leveling wizards through Celestia.

Second, I've been preparing for Halloween a lot at my house. You see, at my house, we always do a "Haunted Garage", where we decorate our garage and have trick or treaters come in so we can scare them. >:D . Yeah, but this year is probably going to be our last year, cause we're probably moving, so yeah, we're trying to make it extra extra scary! >:D

Third, I've been helping Ian, Christina IceDreamer's son (also known as Stormy Wiz). He's awesome. I didn't really grab any pictures of us fighting together, but I DID get a picture of me and Christina IceDreamer's cousin Calamity!

Yeah, Christina IceDreamer, on a awesome scale of 1-10, is like an infinity (I don't have the infinity symbol on my key board xD). But yeah, if you ever see her around, mind your Icy wiz!

Oh and also, I thought I should mention a GREAT achievement. Whilst typing my English Persuasive Essay, and whilst petting my dog Beau the Fierce Hound, my puppy (:D), HE TRIED TO PLAY WIZARD101!!!!! He grabbed my mouse, MOVED IT over to the W101 icon, AND THEN CLICKED ON IT! O. O! I was amazed!!!!!!!!!

I officially dubbed his new name Puppymancer; the first dog to EVER play Wizard101!!!! :D You can find a picture of Puppymancer here. Feel free to adore it, print it, hug it, tape it to your wall as a poster, and heck, if I ever meet you in real life (which I highly doubt, lol), maybe he can sign it for you! :D

So yeah, that was definitely awesome. I feel like that is a special sort of awesome ...



Oh goodness! 10:35?!?!?! I better get to bed! I'll see YOU in the Spiral!





You know, I REALLY don't want to go to school today...



Eh, I guess it will be waiting for when I get home /shrug. I know what I'm doing for about 3 more months!

Ok, too excited, gotta get ready for school, can't talk, if you can be in LIVE realm at 7 Central time and play your heart out!!!!