Friday, December 3, 2010

"Exciting News! Oh, Exciting News!"

Hey Everyone.

Ny the way, the name of this post is one of my favorite quotes from Melre Ambrose (two reasons; one, he sounds funny, lol, and two, exciting news usually means something new ;-D ). So I've been very busy in-game recently. I've been training my latest and greatest Helephant, decendant of Madame Jack, please welcome Madame Jackson! Last night Madame Jackson got to adult, and recieved Pip O' Plenty! w00t! I'm still looking for Spritely, but I'm happy because those are two talents I extremely wanted to stay (Fire Giver, +x% Fire Damage, and Pip O' Plenty, +x% Power pips). Now I'm hoping for Pain Giver (+x% to all attacks) and Spritely (might heal you in battle). You know, it'd be pretty cool if you could get a Critical/ Critical Block talent for your pet.

Anywho, so for those that don't know, KI has been releasing several patches over the past few hours in the Test Realm. I really like some of the changes the made, such as being able to see your plants stay by simply scrolling your cursor of them while having the garden tab opened. And I believe they fixed the bug where a plant would disappear if you harvested an elder plant, so w00t! Luke recently got to Rank 5 gardener this morning. I have to say, I love the experience the Boom Shroom gives at elder (a whooping 50 exp). SWEET!

Also, I have to say I love the changes to Sun Stone and Sand Stone. I believe they will also be able to drop in the Trial of the Spheres, so I'll be doing that dungeon a lot more. I did a run last night, but I couldn't seem to get anything :/ Poor Noah, stuck at level 60 with no Legendary Gear.

So yep, that's pretty much all I have today. Hopefully I get some time over the weekend, to, ya know, actually do stuff, like get Luke through Celestia. Ok. See ya in the Spiral,


P.S: Happy Friday and Hannakkah! (Sorry for the mispell, but really, I tried :-P )

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