Saturday, April 30, 2011

Waterworks Event!

Hey Gang,

So sorry about that below post. I honestly don't mind people that I listed. It's all good, and I really just needed an outlet to let some anger out of. :)

Anyway, me and Cassandra GriffinDreamer from Witch Warrior 101 will be hosting a Livestream Event of the Waterworks on today, April 30th, 2011 at 7:30 P.M. EST! The Livestream Channel can be found here.

But why should you go anyway? I mean, what's in it for you?

Well, whoever goes to this Livestream Event will be entered into a drawing where you can win a HAND OF DOOM treasure card pack, a LAVA SPIDER PET, OR a KI FREE GAMES CODE! 3 HoD packs will be given away and 2 KIFG codes will be given away. Here's how to enter the drawing:

1. During the Waterworks run, I will ask 20 W101 Trivia Questions. Whoever is the first to answer the trivia question gets 1 seat in the drawing. YOU MAY ONLY ENTER ONCE!

2. Please please please refrain from cheating! Cheating means looking up the answers on the internet! Obviously, Cassandra and I wouldn't be able to track if you cheated, but we're asking you to not cheat for courtesy :).

3. The 20 people selected (or less, depending on how many people we get; if we get less than 21, all will be entered for the drawing) will be given numbers, and will give us our winners!

I will announce any more rules I come up with on Twitter, so be sure to keep tabs on my Twitter! Please spread the word about this; who knows, maybe if over 30 people come I'll add more prizes!


P.S: BRING QUESTIONS TO ASK US! We will be happy to answer any appropriate questions!


4. If you win the drawing, please tell us your Wiizard's name in the Livestream chat and meet us in-game at Vampire Area 1, Nightside at the after-party (YES, there will be an after-party!). If you won the Hand of Doom Pack or the Lava Spider, I will gift them to you there. If you won a KI Free Games Code, I will whisper to you a menu chat phrase. When you recieve this phrase, you will come back to this post and publish it as a comment with your email (this will not be published) and I will send you the code. Tricky directions, I know so please FOLLOW THEM CLOSELY!


Well Stick a Cone on My Head and Call Me Debbie Downer!

Hey Gang,

So if you know anything at all about me, you'd know I'm whiney. No, like seriously; you don't know how many times a day I get, "Want some cheese with that whine?" and, "Should I call the Wambulance?", and even the occasional, "Hold up, lemme call Whine - One - One." You can see it all the time in my blog; I'm always whining about Drama between Wizards, Dating (IRL and W101), Gobblers, Trolls, Spammers, and everything that just doesn't go my way. It's who I am, and I'm telling you that this is going to be a whiney post, so if you don't like whiney, LEAVE NOW!!!!


Do you think I'm joking with you?


You do, huh?


Fine, I warned you. I'm also letting you know that I'm a hypocrite; I can't stand people that whine, especially people that whine about my whining. ANY COMMENTS WHINING ABOUT MY WHINING SHALLL NOT PASS THE KHAZAD DOOM OF PUBLIC COMMENTS!!! You got that? That means no, "corrections", "complaints," "begging to differ", or anything of that sort. If you disagree, write a post on your own blog where I can't disable your comments, k? UNDERSTAND?!


You sure?


You sure you don't want to leave?


Ok, you're still here and you are aware of the rules I've set. So now we may begin:

I hate over-protective Wizards. You know, Wizards who don't think you should talk to other people about problems (personal or non), or Wizards that don't like it when you get involved in someone's business. In all honestly, I'm a huge hypocrite; and it's good that I'm able to admit that. If you don't know what a hypocrite is, it's someone who says, "DON'T TOUCH THE COOKIES BECAUSE THEY'LL MAKE YOU FAT!!!" but is gobbling them down while they forbid you to eat a morsel. Basically, someone who tells you not to do something but does it themselves. I'm a huge one.

Anyway, continuing on: I hate Wizards that are advocates of ant-cursing. I mean, if you want to report them, that's your call. But honestly, and maybe this is just me, I don't mind it as much. Yesh, I have reported people for cursing. But in my opinion, it's just a word. Many of the words, in fact, are just synonyms for other words that are used every day. Then again, I'm just a teen, so what do I know, right? Cause teens are stupid and mannerless. I mean, heck, I believe in censoring for respectful people, and I myself don't normally curse in W101 (not for reverence, just really because there's never usually a need to). I just don't think it's really THAT bad as our culture makes it out to be. It's only a word, and sticks and stones may break your bones but word will never hurt you.

Man I love the fact that no one can mute me here on my blog ... it's such a nice perk. TO be honest, if I was giving this speech in game, on Twitter, or in a W101 chatroom, I'd probably be ostracized. ...




Oh? You want less hate? TOO BAD!!

Lastly, I hate people that can't shut their gosh dang pie holes and/or start drama. I mean, seriously? You need to cam down, take a seat, and learn some control. We don't need people like this, and every time I see someone like this, my soul hurts ... A LOT!!!

Hopefully another of these post doesn't come around in the near future. I'll see ya,


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Finally Moving On To WinterTusk

Hey Gang,

So yesterday I actually didn't have to reformat the blog, so I'm hoping today stays the same way. Anyway, let's move on:

Now before I get into my opinions of the new updates, I just kinda want to talk abhout some news. My blogaversary is coming up soon (May 4th I think)! Am I doing anything for it? I might see if I can get a contest going, but with the new update coming out and with lack of support from KingsIsle for hosting, I don't think I'd be able to get out some prizes. I need all the crowns I can at the moment; I have to accounts to buy WinterTusk and Crab Alley on. On the brighter side of things, my AmEx card started working, so I bought 5,000 crowns last night, highering my Crowns number to a little under 12,000 Crowns. This however changed to a little under 10,000 Crowns because I had to buy Mirkholm Keep on Valdus. I'll have enough for a $25 order of Crowns soon though, so I should be able to buy all the new updates.

I've also been preparing for WinterTusk in the Live Realm. Last night, I started GrizzleHiem on Valdus and Noah, and I'm glad to report that I got them all the way to Helgrind Warren, or Jotun. For those of you that don't know what Jotun or Helgrind Warren is, it's a dungeon with a pretty tough boss (the boss being Jotun). The dungeon's very interesting; I remember going through it on Luke. It's sorta like a maze, if I recall. So I hope to have them finished GrizzleHiem by tonight, as the last real area they have left is RavenScar (even though this area is pretty long). My other characters are pretty far into GrizzleHiem as well; Patrick and Mycin are both in Mirkholm Keep (Patrick being more towards the end; Mycin only just started), Gilroy in the middle of Savarstaad Pass (he is leveling with Ben FrogStone's alt, Brittany) , and Diana who hasn't even started GrizzleHiem yet. When Valdus and Noah are finished, I'll probably get Mycin through, and I'll work on Gilroy when Ben's available for playing.

Other ways I've been preparing for WinterTusk is collecting reagents, such as Lilly Pads, Cat Tails, Frost Flowers, Grendel Weed, Ore, Diamonds, and other such things. The reason for this is because of the new gear coming out with WitnerTusk. There's a lot of great gear coming out for Legendary Wizards that you can craft, so I'd like to get that. They require a ton of LillyPads, so as I said, I'm collecting them :). I'm collecting Grendel Weed for Oran, as I want him to craft the GrizzleHiem house, which also requires a lot of Lilly Pads and Grendel Weed. But Oran is being put off in honor of WinterTusk and preparing for it.

In the Test Realm, my Phoenix pet hatched! I was very excited to get to training it, and it got some pretty awesome talents. The talents it manifested are FireBlade, Fire-Giver, Pip O' Plenty, and something else I can't quite remember. xD I submitted the info to the Petnome Project, so if you'd like to check it out there, it should be updated soon. When it got to Ancient, I hatched with Paige MoonShade's Judgement pet. She got a Radiant Egg (not school specific) that gave the new Judgement card, and I got something really odd. I got a Radiant Egg too (also not school specific) that gave the new Ice Wyvern card. It should have hatched by the time I get home, so I can't wait to check that out and update you guys on what I get.

Ok, so it seems I spent a lot of my time rambling to you about my personal news, leaving you about 20 minutes of my time to write about WinterTusk. I'll try to write as swiftly as I can:

1. Level 58 Pets: I've discussed this new feature with many members of the community. I feel almost that our wizards are ... devolving, so to speak. We're getting weaker spells that, honestly, are "half-new" as I like to call them, meaning that they're just an old spell revisited and revised. If I had to pick a favorite cosmetically, it'd be the Phoenix; it's just so cute! If I had to pick a favorite for it's stats, I'd pick the Judgement Pet; that thing gives some awesome talents! If I had to pick a favortie based on the card, it'd definitely be the Forest Lord. So, I guess what I'm saying is, if I mixed a Judgement with a Forest Lord and stole Homework in a Graveyard's idea of stitching pets (that was very funny actually; at the very moment I thought of stitching pets, HiaG had already posted the idea xD) to apply it to stitching the Forest Lord to the Phoenix, I'd be a happy panda. I really feel though that they should have been stronger; cosmetically, statistically, and car-wise.

2. New Spells: Again, I feel like we're devolving. KingsIsle is pulling a "Pokemon" as I like to say (sorry to all you pokemon fans, but what I am about to state is a fact). They're looking at old spells and saying, "How can we reamp this?", which is cool, don't get me wrong. But they're doing it with all the wrong spells. Honestly, the only new spells I like are Fuel (in fact, this seems to be the newest concept out of all the new spells, and even still it's kinda a used idea; putting three traps on an enemy), Legion, [Insert name of the new level 35 storm spell], and Insane Bolt. All the others I think are just not worth using. I never liked Link, I don't like Link, and I never will like Link; making it more powerful wont help. My advice: try again. We should be getting NEW powerful spells, not already used spells trying to be new. Again, good idea, but not so cool when in effect.

3. Crab Alley/ Water Works: I haven't gotten to try this yet. I'm waiting until the Live Realm to play this area, so I can't really give any opinon on it. I hear it's very cool though!

4. WinterTusk: I am very impressed with what KingsIsle has done with this new zone! The landscape is absolutely gorgeous, and the quest line was very intriguing. There are, in fact, TWO new cinematic cutscenes added to the game!: One being when you free GrandMother Raven from her prison, and Two being when you meet Ymir, the FrostGiant Titan of olde in the last dungeon of WinterTusk. GREAT JOB ON THIS PART KINGSISLE! As I said, the world is visually appealing, and the gear drops are great! I'm actually not sure what I think of the new gear that drops; all gear or almost all new gear now gives universal resist and a card. I though it was also kinda odd as to why they took out universal critical rating on gear; I figure it's to create a sort of balance for the Mastery Amulets. This gear sells great though, and I'm happy about that. I'm also hearing that people plan to do WinterTusk before Celestia due to the huge amounts of experience you get out of it. Well, I would stick by Celestia first, as it is a main world, and if you don't get Celestia done, you wont have access to the next new world!

I might add to this later in the day . See ya! Gotta go (and Melissa says bye xD)


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Something ... Not WinterTusk?

Hey Everyone,

Again, I apologize for the formatting. School computers. It will be reformated when I get home from school (around 3:15 EST), so come back then if this bothers you, but if it doesn't feel free to read it now.

Anyway, so before I get into WinterTusk, I just kinda wanted to share something with you.

Gee Luke, go ahead!

Really? You wouldn't mind?

Well, it really isn't that important to me, but I'll listen to you blather on about your miserable life.

Ok! So for the newer readers of my blog, I used to play the game with a great friend, her name was Paige Whisper. It's funny; if it werent for a lot of things (this blog, the Late Night Wizards Group, The Friendly Necromancer; and even Wizard101 if you want to take it that far), our friendship wouldn't have progressed as far as it did, let alone exist. We met in DragonSpyre when Mycin was on his way to GrandMaster. We both had great manners, and that's how we became friends. Then I was testing Late Night Radio, my old podcast that didn't even last a full episode, she helped me test it out.

So she got on Skype and we started talking on there. We became better friends, and things just sorta clicked. During the summer, we leveled some of our wizards together, which included Noah and Diana (her character's names were Kiley Dusk and Ryan RainCaller, who was in fact a girl). We took on a challenge together too; we wanted to see how fast we could level a wizard to Legendary in. It wound up only taking two weeks, and that was before Celestia came out (this all happened in about August).

Then Celestia came out in the beginning of October. We were extremely excited for it. But in a way, Celestia's what caused her to pass away from the Spiral. As excited as we were about it, she isn't one for change, really. In fact, she hates it. So with all the change that came with Celestia (as much as we're now used to it), she was uncomfortable to say the least. We rushed through it, burning out her life force of the Spiral. Looking back on it, I wish I had convinced her to prepare more in the Live realm rather than test it out. She might have stayed for a bit longer, then.

We made guides for people and the like. But part of me feels that her loss from the Spiral wasn't my fault. It was Celestia that helped, and for that I very much dislike it. I feel like that's what's stopping me from leveling Patrick. So by the time we had gotten through Celestia on the test Realm, she didn't want to do it again on the Live realm. It's way too grindy, I agree, but I feel like it's only because KingsIsle wanted to make it a long world. They wanted to keep us busy. But it would also get very repetitive, and after every time I go through my W101 soul feels weaker.

So, eventually, she stopped playing Wizard101. She stopped logging in as much. She stopped logging on to Skype. I got my iPhone, and they couldn't recover her cell number off my old phone. So now the only time I can see her is when I log on to my IRL Facebook, which I'm constantly deactivating because, well, I hate Facebook (by the way, if you've been trying to add me on Facebook, me being Luke GoldHorn and not my IRL profile, it's probably piled up with all my other requests. I check that Facebook maybe once every three or four months). But the thing is, our friendship goes beyond Wizard101. It's much more than that. We don't have much in common; I like in the country, she lives in the city; I'm a boy, she's a girl; she like Life School, I like Fire. But my point is, even if you have an infanite amount of differences with someone, one thing that you both like can bring you into a beautiful friendship that blossoms like an amazing spring flower that's colorful and bright.

Ok, so enough of that. I just felt like it should be shared with you guys. Yesterday, I finished up Jotungaard with Cassandra GriffinDreamer (more on that tomorrow), so it just reminded me of Paige. She may be coming back; I'm trying to convince her. But I just wanted to write a post dedicated to her.

In other news, as I stated, I finished WinterTusk! I really want to get into the Live Realm now and wipe out GrizzleHiem on my alternate characters so they're ready and set. I'll post my opinions on WinterTusk tomorrow and strategies on how to beat the dungeon tomorrow; the four final bosses (the sons of Ymir) cheat, and I have to say that I was quite impressed! I also saw Icywiz's banhammer in there! IT WAS HUGE! I also got my level 58 pet and my blogaversary is coming up this week!

So I gotta get going. I'll see you,


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Ghost Post

Hey Gang,

Sorry about this post. Originally, in case I blogged while at school, I just wanted to post my pictures in a draft post, but then I accidentily pressed publish, and well all the pictures were only published! So I'm officially here to deliver my thoughts!

So unless you live in a black hole with no news whatsoever, you'd know that WinterTusk hit the Test Realms last night! W00t! Now what really shocked me was, theoretically, this is just GrizzleHiem. It's not a world by itself, in fact, it's just further into GH. So that was very interesting to learn! I'm going to use pictures to narrate most of my feelings for WinterTusk:

Oh my gosh! PINK GNOMES (sorry, meant lightish red xD)!!! Future pet, KI?

GrandMother Raven's Tree and the census of the town. Holy Claws that's awesome!

Wow! Just look at this new armor! Overpowered, much?

Yeah, this wasn't from a boss drop; it was a regular mob. No biggie, ya know..? xD

I had the amazing privilage of questing through WinterTusk with the amazing Cassandra GriffinDreamer! It was a ton of fun, yo! We were up till 12:30 last night xD.

Never ... Walking ... Into ... PvP ... AGAIN!

Me and Cass in front of a BEAUTIFUL landscape!

More questing with Cass....


Wow! The new Wild Bolt! Why do I feel like Insane Bolt will be overpowered?

Oh my gosh! *Says goodbye to all hopes of ever doing PvP again*

I'll say it a third time ... NO MORE PvP FOR ME!

This is a pretty rad wand! I WANT TO CRAFT IT!

New Staff I got from a boss xD too bad I don't remember who from. Stats down below...

...stats from staff above...

Awesome quest-required transformation! :D

So I have a TON of thoughts on WinterTusk that honestly need to wait until tomorrow. I'm too tired to post about it, and it's a mouthful, so expect to see a new post tomorrow or the day after regarding WinterTusk. I got my Phoenix pet though! More on that later though :P! See ya!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Life of Luke GoldHorn

Hey Gang,

So I'm sorry for being so glum on Wednesday. That whole situation just really upset me. Anyway, it's been a whole two days now, so I'm not as upset about it. I'm ready to forgive, forget, and move on. I also realized that being successful isn't being a recognized fansite or having a ton of readers, followers, or comments. Being successful is caring for your blog and having friends that support your cause. So I thank everyone who supports me, because honestly, I wouldn't be here without you (I'm not really too far, but it's a lot for me, and you guys deserve credit for helping me out! :D).

Anyway, so I guess I haven't updated you guys on my progress in game for a long time, haven't I? Well, I guess I should!

Oran's doing alright. He finished up Wizard City and is now in Krok. I had originally planned to post the last post as "Knock Knock Knockin' on Harvest's Door!", but then the whole fansite thing happened. But yeah, I'm REALLY excited to get into Krokotopia and MarleyBone! Arlen's been a little lazy though :P lol just kidding. We were supposed to start Krokotopia today, but I'm not sure if we'll get to, because I have some plans today (like painting), so I may or may not be able to log on later.

Oran's also been doing a ton of crafting! Crafting is actually surprising fun when you do the quests as you're leveling up. It gives me something to do when I'm waiting for Arlen to be available. :) Oran also started a tiny tiny bit of gardening. I've found, though, that it's extremely hard to balance your gold between gear, gardening, and crafting though. They all require much of your investments, but of course they're all well worth the costs! Oran will also be crafting the GrizzleHiem WatchTower Hall as well, so I'm extremely excited for that!

As I said a few posts ago, Spring gets me into a kinda "Newbie" feeling. It's during this time that I really want to level my really low level alts. If you asked me in December, I would have probably said something along the lines of, "Ugh, MarleyBone! So many bad memories!" But now? "W00t! MarleyBone! Let's go!" I've found myself asking at least two or three different people if they wanted to level alts, including Alric RavenSinger xD. So if Alric decides I'm not crazy and agrees, I'll probably be leveling another alt as well.

My other characters haven't really been up to much. Luke farmed some Samoorai for the Ambrose 2 Zeke Contest. Check it!

W00t! My favorite badge in game is the Yojimbo badge (I actually named Patrick's Hydra Yojimbo because I like it so much :D). So I was VERY happy to get Luke the Yojimbo badge. I'm also really hoping to win John SpiritShade's contest! I mean, come on, a Luke drawing? That's just straight up awesomeness! Gilroy SkullFlame, my Death Wizard, has been leveling a pet for my Myth Wizard, Noah GoldHorn, and that's been going well so far! Here are his current talents:

W00t! Who doesn't love Spritely?! So I'm really hoping this pet doesn't get a "selfish" talent at Spic or Ancient xD. That would be bad.

Ok, I gotta run! So much to do!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why Did I Even Bother..?

Hey Gang,

I was going to try to be cheery today. I really was. I was in the middle of an amazing break. Spring break started, and hanging with my friends and learning in school was a real blast. I get on the bus with a newly received Air Head from my friend Melissa (thanks Melissa!) and I was talking to someone who I'm not really friends with but was really nice! I'm on my iPhone, checking my emails when I see this from Professor Greyrose:

"For your site to be listed on our official fansites list, you must provide something to the community that is currently not being covered by other sites. Be unique in what you offer and your site will have a better chance of appearing in the list.

Please read the following requirements before you submit your site:

  1. It is important that your site mainly contain content about Wizard101.
  2. Your site needs to be updated weekly at a minimum and your updates must be dated.
  3. Your site cannot contain content, advertising or links to content that violate the Wizard101 Terms of Use.
  4. Fansite owners must be over the age of 18, or have permission from their parent or guardian.
  5. Fansite owners must be currently active Members of Wizard101.
  6. Fansite submissions received after 31 December 2009 that have a free hosting platform such as,,,, etc will be rejected without review. If a community member wants to have an official fansite, we ask they show the commitment to the community by purchasing a domain and hosting service.
  7. Facebook Fan pages will not be considered for inclusion. The only official Wizard101 Facebook page is located at

Since your fansite does not meet the qualifications above (specifically #5 and #6), we cannot list it in our Fansites and Blogs section of the website.

You may want to send your website to The Friendly Necromancer's MMO Blogger's Club at

Inclusion of your fansite on our list is entirely at our discretion. Submissions for the same website will only be reviewed once every 30 days and repeated submissions within that period will not be reviewed or responded to by us.

~Professor Greyrose"

Do you have any idea how mad I was when I saw this? Or not even mad as much as disappointed and upset.


Well, this is what I ultimately sent them back:

"Dear GreyRose,

I'm very thankful that you have looked over my blog, but there were a few things that you got wrong and that I'm confused about:

1. I did pay for my own domain name. I bought it off of blogger, and if you type in, you will see that it's a purchased site.

2. Are you saying that I have to have a subscription to Wizard101 to be an official fansite? If so, that's not completely far, as I still pay money for the game like subscribers do (I have actually been trying to pay for crowns, but my American express gift card isn't working on the site and billing support decided not to answer my email that was sent back to them). If you want me to subscribe, then I'll try my best, but I still think that as long as I pay the money it shouldn't matter.

3. My site offers many of my own creative ideas, which I find to be unique about it. I'm constantly thinking of my own ideas, and I encourage my readers to talk about their ideas and their opinions of my own. I'm sure many of the wizards in the community would stand by me in saying that it offers something unique.

I appreciate you looking I've this and I would be thankful if you responded soon. I don't mean to sound mean or rude, but I feel like you're not giving me a fair shot. Thanks again,

Luke GoldHorn"

I just don't get why they turned it down.

First off, let me start off by saying that I totally misinterrpreted the "Member of Wizard101" part, if by member they mean subscriber. They really should clear that up. And even still, to make it so that subscribers can only make fansites is just totally unfair. I mean, I could see not letting people who don't pay money for Wizard101 make an official fan site, but to not let Crowns player make fan sites? I still pay money for the game; is my money not good enough? I can live with longer timers and less room in my FL and Bag, but to deprive me of not being an Official Fan Site? That's just ... wrong.

And it's not like I'm not trying to buy crowns. I've had these useless AmEx Gift Cards lying around my desk that haven't been working. When I first contacted support about it, they were really nice and progressive about it; heck, they gave me 2,500 Crowns for putting up with the problem. But at one point, they just never replied back to me. That made me really upset. It also took this a while to go through as well. I had to send a problem ticket in just to get it reviewed. Then to be denied when one qualification that they listed wasn't met was? That's pure insanity.

And yes, I understand that KingsIsle has lots of customers to serve besides me. But they've just angered me lately because of all this cuts they've been pulling off on me. And if they want to limit the number of fansites on their listing, by all means; do it (however, it's not a wise move). But at least post on the fansite page saying that they're not accepting any more at the moment.

And then the whole "not creative enough" part really got under my skin. As you saw in my reply email, I'm fairly certain that other member of the community, big and small, would say that my blog is unique and interesting. In fact, I think almost every blog is unique and interesting. Sure, me and Johnny Smith both may post about our ideas on what KI could add to the game, but if we both doing so in our own manner and write about different original ideas, then it's still unique in my eyes.

I've just lost hope in everything KingsIsle at the moment. Hopefully I'll feel better soon. Happy Easter Break!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mycin Waz Her

Hey Peeps,

It's Mycin Stargem yo! If Luke's never said nothin bout me, I'm his cousin! Yeah so um ... Luke says yo and can't be here ... says he's a bit "tied down". Huh ... wonder who done that? ;)

Anywho, Luke says he's wantin me to post fo him yo, cause he's "devoted" (ew, what does that even mean yo?) to his balrog or somethin. I dunno, I couldnt relly here him over da iWand ... it was all staticy and stuff...

Now b4 I get to the slimy, lemme just tell ya a bit about me 4 those of ya who don't know about me. I mean, not that no one does no me, but hey, there might be a few dorks out there 2night, am I write?

I'ms a Storm Wizard. I's always ben rel popular. Always. Dudes are always flockin towards me and they be all, "Yo! DUDE! It's Mycin breh!" and I be all, "Ok ok, calm yo self! I'll sign yo hats on by one!" Imma major PvP star, yo. I like pwnin peoples in that arena, yo! I also crafts stuff. I gots myself a nice lil observatory. Was hard to make, but hey, I got the job don.

So Luke sent meh a wizmail with a pretyped post for ya! Her it is!:

"Blog Title: New Banquet Hall?

Hey Gang,

Sorry I couldn't be here to post today! I walked into my Massive Fantasy Palace to find a trap on my rug! I'm all tied up and trying to unknot myself (I talked to Mycin StarGem, my cousin about it ... he says he's seen something like it before? He said it's kinda like a Chinese Finger Trap, where the person in it has to get out of it themselves due to an enchantment on the rope). But don't fear! I have Mycin on the case of posting, so he should have this post up today!

Today I really want to talk to you about FireGlobe Theater in Firecat Alley (that place where you face off with Alicane SwiftArrow and where you will find the History of Fire Book). FireGlobe Theater is a reference to Shakespeare's Globe Theater, and while with Oran, I was thinking of the huge potential of this place!

Think about this: Imagine if this place was turned into a Banquet Hall! Sure, you'd still face Alicane SwiftArrow here, but what if they turned this old building in the Shopping District...:

... into a Banquet Hall Rental Store? WOuldn't you like to rent out places like the FireGlobe Theater in Wizard City, Barkingham Palace in MarleyBone, the MarleyBone Submarine in Celestia, the Jade Palace in Mooshu, or that secret island with the single pyramid on it in Krok? I personally think this would be a great idea for KingsIsle to consider! It would add a whole new facet to parties in-game.

What would one do at these parties, a curious reader might be wondering; what exactly would you do at the party. Well there are tons of ideas that I have, particularly for the FireGlobe Theater:

1. Perform a Play
2. (Kinda like 1) Play minigame.
3. Dancing Contest minigame.
4. Pet Talent Show minigame.
5. Set Design minigame.
6. PvP or PvE, where you could select the enemy you fight (including bosses from around the Spiral).
7. Identifying Constellation/ Creating Constellation minigame.

So as you can see, there would be a lot of activities to do at the FireGlobe Theater. I've asked Mycin to go in and take some screen shots for the blog, so he should provoide you with some visuals.

Another curious reader might ask, "How would one go about reserving a FireGlobe Banquet Hall?" Well, first you'd have to put down a deposit for the date and time of the party. The deposit would probably be around 50,000-75,000 gold. THEN, you would pay an additional 25,000-50,000 gold to rent the place for an hour. That brings you up to 100,000 gold. 150,000 would buy you two hours, and 195,000 would buy you 5 hours. You could also choose to pay in Crowns. If you pay with Crowns, a deposit is not required. 100 Crowns buys you an hour, 200 buys you 2, and 300 buys you 5. Also, if you have a membership, the price would be reduced as a perk (probably by 10-20%).

That also opens up a whole new ray of questions, such as, "How would one attend the party," "How many people would the banquet hold," and, "Would there be a way to invite people that aren't on your friend list?" I thought about this for a while, and decided that it would probably work best if it worked auction-house style. First, one could send out invitations to people on their friends list. The friend would then get a gift icon with a party invitation inside (maybe you would be able to customize your own invitation?!). My guess is, the banquet hall couldn't hold more than 100-150 wizards, so it would be a thing to rent for a small get-together.

Also, when you are choosing the time and date for your party, you would get two privacy options. One would be, "Let uninvited wizards teleport into the party?" and the other would be, "Show this party on the Party List?" (more on the party list later). You would be able to adjust these settings as you wish. My last idea for this possible new feature is the Party List. If you're bored and you don't have anything else to do, you COULD attend a party! When you go to the Scheduler, there would be two tabs; a "Rent a Hall" tab and a "Party List" section. The parties on the Party List are parties that the hosts don't really care if you, a random stranger, attends. Remember, there is a setting that makes your party not shown on the Party List.

I gotta get going! This knot is getting really annoying! If you have any questions, just leave a comment below! Wish me luck!


Well, thats all hes got 4 2day. Her r the pics he axed me 2 take:

ight, dats all I got. C ya peeps,

Mycin StarGem, Most Awesome Person in Da World

Monday, April 18, 2011

New Beginnings!

Hey Everyone,

So the formatting of this post will be all dishovled until later today. For some reason, my school computers don't like to format my blog my way. But hey, I'm not at Burger King, so what do I expect, right? So if you're checking this post out before 4:00 P.M, please come back and check the post out when it has pictures and when it actually makes sense!

So there's something about the Spring season that makes me want to level some baby Wizards. I don't really know what it is ... but there always seems to be something in the air that makes me want to go back to Wizard City and explore the fun and excitement of being a new wizard. So, while I have Patirck to level on the side, I'll be leveling my new Life Wizard, Oran FoeHammer! Oran will be my 8th GrandMaster/ Legendary (well, that is, if Patrick levels to Legendary before him. Now wouldn't that be just darn strange if he dinged Legendary before Patrick?).

What I plan to do is level Oran out of Wizard City by this Wednesday, which should happen, or almost happen. Oran is level 9 (or 8; I can't remember), and he has the quests for Romulus, Eyus Maximus, and the Harvest Lord (when Oran finishes all the quests on the Three Streets with the exception of the boss fights, I will complete them all at once; well, one at a time ...). So I should, at the very least, be in Colossus Blvd. by Wednesday. My ultimate goal is to be in Krokotopia by Easter. Why?

Well, Oran will be teaming up from there with a very good friend of mine, Arlen DawnEyes from The Two Headed Wizard! So from there, we'll be leveling some alts together. I'm really excited to be teaming up with him! It should be a blast, and very intresting as to how it affects our blogs. Once we get to Celestia (oh gosh, who knows when that will be), Patrick will join up with Oran and the gang, and I'll level them both at the same time! Pure genious, no?

So I'm really looking forward to that. I also have a word on laziness. Remember that post I had about how those new pets in the video, and how they may not be school specific pets that had evidnce that wasn't completely solid? Well, I posted a thread on Central to present my evidence. Let me tell you; big mistake.

First, I have people telling me I photoshopped these pictures. For those of you under a rock that think I photoshopped this, please go check out KingsIsle Youtube page. That's just insanity right there.

I also have people saying that KingsIsle has the power to equip any item on any wizard and/or the ability to change their school with a simple command (a wizard that can change schools). When I ask them to post crediable evidence, they tell me to look for it. I'm sorry, but the last time I checked, when in a debate with someone, you don't look for your opponent's evidence. If you have an opposing view but refuse to support it, then your point is null and void until proven. If someone happens to have a valid source that claims that KingsIsle has the power to change their school with a simple command or if KingsIsle has the ability to wear anything on any wizard, please state so in the comments with a valid sitation. I just don't want to assume things; that's all.

That's pretty much all I have for today. I'll see you guys soon!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

You Don't "Need", You "Want"

Hey Gang,

So I was on Twitter, when Teddy Freddy (pseudonymous name, yes) says, "I need tweets; I'm just going to post random numbers to get them!" These were his following tweets:











The list goes on (I think). While he did apologize later, he was spamming. If he was doing this in-game, he could get banned for spamming. And besides, no one needs "Tweets".

In fact, that leads to a whole other discussion. I hate it when people say they need "tweets" or even the occasional "I need posts." No, you don't NEED posts or tweets or status updates or anything! You WANT more of these things, but you do not NEED these things. People who have been blogging, who have been on twitter, and who have been on FaceBook have gained their updates. Tremendous amounts of tweets and posts and status updates. They've earned them by posting interesting stuff and for being there simply longer than you may have been. Those updates were meaningful, not spam.

How would you feel if me and every other blogger said, "Huh, I kinda need some posts to catch up to Friendly ... today's post will be me posting random digits to catch up.
















It's not cool.

Anyway, if you didn't know that spamming was wrong, let me give you your lesson before you get yourself into a sticky situation. Spamming is wrong. It annoys people to no ends. Especially people like me. It can in fact get you banned in most games including Wizard101 (or at least get you muted). Many people will automatically unfollow you if you spam on Twitter or Blogger. Many people will unfriend you if you spam on Facebook. It's bad. Don't do it.

Sorry to be on such a bad note today. I just thought people should know not to spam. Basically, you should only be involved in the Wizarding Social Network if you want to have fun, not to say that you have more followers or updates or tweets or posts or whatever it may be.

Again, sorry for such a negative Nancy today. Hope your day is amazing!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Necklaces and Purchasing Problems

Hey Gang,

So there was some maintence early this morning going on in the Spiral! KingsIsle has released the new necklaces (you know, the ones that let you use power pips for Schools that aren't your primary School?) to the live realm. They also released a bunny suit and the mini game kiosks that were in the test realm (these items used to only be obtainable via the $40 Gift Card or the Auction House if someone sold their one from the $40 card). KingsIsle also said that the maintainence was the last of their sessions were they were upgrading their software. Does anyone remember the last time we saw a message similar to this? About a month before Celestia went to the Test Realm, KingsIsle made similar regular maintences, saying that they were "upgrading the system," which is true. However, if this is the usual pattern for releasing a new world/ new content, I'd say that WinterTusk will be here by late May/ Early June. Yay! New content!

Also, I wanted to bring something to the attention of people recently buying Crowns or a Membership. Anyone using American Express Gift Cards (and possibly Credit Cards, I'm not sure) to purchase Crowns (or a Membership, again I'm not sure if it matters) will find difficulty purchasing the item. This is a temporary glitch, as I was informed by KingsIsle, and should be resolved shortly.

How do I know such a thing is occuring? Well, I have bought 2 $25 American Express Gift Cards within the past two weeks (as that is how I pay for things like Crowns and my URL). I've been trying to purchase the Crowns, and it just hasn't been working. I've called American Express and complained multiple times, but it wasn't until later that I realized that it wasn't quite their fault with what's been going on. If I made my payment for my URL with one, then it must be the Wizard101 site that's having problems. So I sent a ticket in to KingsIsle about it, and they are currently working on the issue. Supposedly there are other wizards who have been having this problem as well, so if you are one of those wizards, please let KingsIsle know! It will help everyone!

In other news, Wizard101 Central's Video of the week is up! I actually really like these videos, and I'm really looking forward to watching it when I get home.

There is no gaming news from me today, as I couldn't play much last night due to an ill-wanted meeting that i had to attend with a troll. Basically I had to go to a meeting with my sister and my mom about a college and let's just say that it wasn't too happy for me because there was someone that I didn't like at the meeting. I did the right thing though, and while it may be hard sometimes, it just goes to show that the best weapon you have is your conscience.

So look for some news tomorrow about Patrick! And who knows; maybe there will be some Spiral news for us! See ya later,


**EDIT: The Amex (American Express) Gift Card bug will not happen to everyone; some people may have no problems with it.**

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Alan Wake and My Observations of the New Video

Hey Gang,

Well, I've been up to a lot lately! Shall we get started?

So let me start off with some personal news, and eventually we'll progress into my observations concerning the new video. So who's ever heard of Alan Wake? It IS a rated T game, so I wont get into the more gruesome parts of it. Anyway, I spent my gaming time this past weekend completing that game, and let me tell you; it was absolutely fabulous! If you're 13+ and are looking for a good horror mystery game, I highly suggest checking this game out.

Basically it's about this horror mystery writer (the guy's name is Alan Wake; HUGE reference to Stephen King) who lives in New York with his lovely wife Alice. Well, this writer has been having Writer's Block for the past 2 years, and he's been getting grumpier with each day he can't write. So his wife secretly calls a clinic that specializes in helping artists gain their spark of innovation back (you find out later in the game that they aren't so good with this).

Anyway, so Alice tricks him into thinking that they're going on vacation. When she tries to get him to write, he gets really mad and goes for a walk on the little island they are vacationing on. Well, next thing he knows, the power goes out (its night time), and his wife has a phobia of the dark. When Wake goes into their cabin to help her, he finds the balcony railing broken that's directly over the lake. He dives in to save her, and he passes out.

He then wakes up to find himself in a crashed car. There are also pieces of a manuscript lying around. Now, I can't really go any further from here without spoiling the game for people who want to play it, but it's an amazing game. It's inspired me to start writing again, so I also have yet another reason to love the game.

So I was playing that when I had the chance. I finally beat it, and I should resume playing Wizard101 again. There really isn't much to say about Patrick's progress; as I said, I haven't really been able to play him much. He's just starting the Grotto, and I have to say, I really love my strategy. What I usually do is boost Valdus up with all my blades, then I'll have Valdus attack. As you can guess, however, certain schools are resistant to Ice, so that's a major weakness. I'll probably change it up as I go along.

So let's move on to the juicy stuff; take a look at this picture from the video that was released last Friday:

Does anyone see anything odd there? The guy with the Scarecrow pet is wearing what seems to be the GrandMaster Life Gear.

PLEASE NOTE: I'm not saying it is the GrandMaster Life gear.

What I'm saying is, the clothing he's wearing happens to be the same design for the GrandMaster Theurgist's Robe, Hat, and Shoes (they are also green, the color of the Life School, as well). Another item of note: He is wearing the level 45 No Auction Life Blade. Now, this item is more debatable, because Death wizards are likely to use Life Wands due to shielding and such, however it could be a Life Wizard wearing a Life Wand.

After I looked at this, I started looking at the different Wizards that had these new pets:

So if you notice, none of them really are wearing clothing representing the school of the pet (or at least, their clothing isn't pertaining to their School Colors. Rather, they seem to dress as other Schools of Magic than the School of their pet). A red clothed guy (could be a Fire Wizard) is wearing a Humongofrog as well as a black and purple clothed girl (could be a Death Wizard). Also, a blue clothed girl (could be an Ice wizard) has the Kraken pet.

Also, take a look at their clothing. Do yo see and Celestian-looking gear or wands? Now, again, this could be just because the KingsIsle Employees simply don't like the look of the Celestian gear, OR it could suggest that these pets are NOT obtained via the level 58 School Pet quests. This kinda makes me sad though. I really wanted that Scarecrow pet.

So, what does this mean? This could mean that these are NOT school specific pets!

Now, while I realize any Myth wizard could wear an Orthrus whilst sporting Black and Purple attire, I'm just suggesting; think about it. There's no solid evidence saying that these pets are/aren't School Specific pets. I would consider the following:

1. They are new pets we can buy.
2. They are pets earned from school quests, however, they are not school specific.
3. They are new hybrids.

What are your thoughts? Be sure to comment below!

Well, that's about all the time I have to spare today Wizards! I'll see you in the Spiral!


P.S: Again, this is all theorycrafting!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Winners of Mount Week and More Announcements!

Hey Gang,

So before I even start off, I'd like to say congrats to every winner of mount week! It sure was awesome, and I hope a lot of people came out with mounts or even some crowns codes, as I know that they were also given out too! If you haven't seen the winners of Friendly's contest, check it out here. I really like all of them, and I want to give a special shout-out to Alric RavenSinger for his entry! I know he really wanted to win that Moonlight Pony, and gosh darnit he earned it! That Cockatrice pet is certainly outstanding!

Anyway, if you didn't win any mounts, don't fear! KingsIsle has released news of Mount-a-palooza! What is Mount-a-palooza, you might ask? EVERY PERMANENT MOUNT IS ON SALE! W00t! You can now buy any permanent mount you want for a discounted price; some are even 50% off! They've also added the Starlight, Starshine, Sunshine, and Moonlight Ponies to the crown shop, so get them while you can! I don't know how much longer they'll stay for (the sale lasts for about 9 days, and we don't quite know if they'll leave with the sale), so get them while you can! I really wish I could get the Moonlight or SunShine ponies, as they are my favorite, but I have two problems:

1. With this darn American Express Giftcard I got (I pay for my crowns with gift cards), I have so many pending transactions, I can't buy any crowns! :( Darn American Express! I personally prefer Visa, but my local convenience store didn't have visa gift cards (so much for being convenient!).

2. Even if I didn't have all those pending transactions, I could only buy $15 worth of crowns (7,500) and I kinda wanted to save those (the only one I could afford anyway is the Starlight Pony, ands maybe the Starshine pony; I don't recall).

Anyway, I really hope these guys stay in the crowns shop, as I would buy each and every one of them! They're amazing!

Along with Mount-a-palooza, KingsIsle announced that Mounts would soon be able to roam free in our castles! Check it:

Now, there are many things that are amazing about this video, along with the roaming mounts! Many people have already stated what's interesting about the video, therefore, I will only briefly go over what's in it. What I really want to do is some speculating. Ready? Here we go:

1. The music. Is this WinterTusk music? It very much resembles GrizzleHiem music, but it's not exactly that.

2. The pets. So it looks like there are some new pets. These pets are a Humongofrog, a Scarecrow, and a Kraken.

3. The plants. If you pay close attention, you can tell that there are some new plants in the video, including a couch potato.

So that'd pretty much all I can find on that video. Let me know if there's anything I missed.

Let's focus on the pets, as that's really what is interesting me. The Scarecrow pet I think without a doubt is the new level 58 pet. I mean, it just seems obvious to me (however, I could be wrong). What do I think about it? I think it's very cool; kinda looks ... I don't know ... maybe just a tiny bit cartoonish? I mean, maybe it's just because it's short. I just didn't think that it resembled the spell Extremely well, but I still love it :)

Now what about the Kraken and Humongofrog pets? Well, I went into the Spiral and did some research:

Notice that they are both learned at the same level. My personal speculation is that KingsIsle is also going to start incorporating other school pets into the game. For example, I may now get a school pet at level 38, or 22. However, again, I could be wrong. Just some theorycrafting here :)

What do I think of such a thing? AWESOME! It would be really neat to see lower level school pets; I personally think that after you complete your tour of Ravenwood quest from Ambrose, he should give you a low level school pet as well. So, for example, Ice would get a Frost Beetle, Fire would get a Fire Cat, Death would get a Dark Sprite, the list goes on. These pets would also get cards and would be school specific.

Ok, well that's all I have for today. Feel free to add to anything as you wish in the comments! I'll see you soon!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

The New Site Is Finally Up!

Hey Gang,

So the site's finally up! W00t! I'm so excited! I just sent in my submission to make this blog an OFFICIAL fansite! I hope it gets passed!

Anyway, so I'd like to talk about a few things:

1. Mount Week-

So my dear wizards, mount week is coming to a close. The contest prizes are being handed out, and I'm very excited to see what I've won! So far, I've won a Snappy Lobster Mount from Ditto (Thanks Ditto! Patrick FrostHorn, my Balance Wizard, is throughly enjoying it!) and a Spritely Seahorse from the Evil Theurgist (Thanks Joesph! Gilroy loves his Sea Horse!), so I'm pretty happy with what I got. I also think I've won a pair of SwiftShadow Wings from the fansite Homework in a Graveyard (by the way, my opinion on that site? AMAZING!). So my mount week was pretty awesome! I had a fun time, and I can't wait to see what next year will bring (and I hope I get to be apart of it!).

Don't fear if you haven't won anything yet though, along with my fansite submission, I sent along my idea for my contest. Maybe it could be an awesome kick-start to my blog being official? I don't know; but whatever the case, I hope they approve of my blog and the contest! If things go the way I hope, you'll LOVE what's to come.

2. My New and Improved Blog Roll-

So, if you haven't noticed, my blog roll (which was horribly out-dated) got all messed up and cast an invisibility spell on me, so there's no more blog roll! Ah!

So here's the deal: You need your blog publicized. I need new and happening blogs on my blog roll! What do you think about commenting on this post the link and name of your fansite, and if it passes the Wizard101 rules on how to be an official fansite (with the except of the custom domain), I'll add it. This means:

  1. It is important that your site mainly contain content about Wizard101.
  2. Your site needs to be updated weekly at a minimum and your updates must be dated.
  3. Your site cannot contain content, advertising or links to content that violate the Wizard101 Terms of Use.
  4. Fansite owners must be over the age of 18, or have permission from their parent or guardian.
  5. Fansite owners must be currently active Members of Wizard101
Yep, so this means you must follow all of the above guidelines to make it on my blogroll.

3. Personal News-

So what's been going down in my Wizard101 life?

Well, not much, with the exception of winning those mounts! I should be purchasing 7,500 crowns pretty soon, so I'm hyped for that! Really all I've been doing is training Patrick, my Balance Wizard, who is just finishing up the Survey Camp (ah, how I love the music in the Survey Camp). So yeah, not too much going on there...

Ok wizards, that's it for now. Hope you have safe trips in the Spiral, and don't forget to keep checking back for word on that contest!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Troubles With the Blog

Hey Gang,

So I've been having a bit of trouble yesterday. I expected the site would be up much much sooner than it's actually going to take. First, if you're experiencing any difficulties with any of my widgets such as my followers list (like you care about my followers? Haha :) ) or my blogroll, it's not your computer or your web browser's fault. This is due to the fact that my site is undergoing the process of turning into its own site. Blogger says that it should be fixed in any time frame from one day to three days, so please bear with me.

Also, as just mentioned above, it is going to take one to three days for the url to become instead of So keep going to the .blogspot one for now (you'll notice, when the site is up, even if you type in the .blogspot it will direct you to the regular website). I have also decided to wait on sending the letter to until the url is up and all the bugs and glitchs are hunted down and exterminated. So I will be sure to update you on that as well.

On other unrelated news to my blog Gilroy SkullFlame achieved level 60 last night! W00t! I've been kinda reluctant on starting Patrick FrostHorn, my final wizard to level from 50-60. On one hand, I'd like to get all of the questing done and over with (and also to get Ra; I loved that spell in the Test Realm! :D ), but on another hand questing really drains my morale. I might try to find a balance in training and hatching a fierce hound (which soon might turn into a defender pig) for my Myth Character. I'd really like him to get into PvP, and he is currently looking for a team, so let me know if you may be interested in PvP.

In Spiral news, KingsIsle has realsed more word of WinterTusk as well as some pictures of the new landscape. I will have those up in my next post, which will either be tonight or very early tomorrow.

A word on the landscape; I love it. The snow on the trees looks abesoultly fabulous! It makes for a very enchanting scene. It kinda reminds me of the forest area in Grizzlehiem mixed with the Coven area. I can't wait to explore it! I'll probably only be doing WinterTusk on Luke though, as he's the only wizar I have who has fully completed GrizzleHiem.

They've also confirmed some new things; the level cap will not be raise, this will be a side world (world not pertaining to the story arc), and you will need to have completed GrizzleHiem to gain access. That kinda bummed me out, but I can't wait to try it none the less!

Ok, I gotta get going; I need to do some maitence on the blog. The header should be updated within the next day to show Gilroy's new level and clothing! Don't forget to check out the awesome Mount Contests, especially the one at DoaW! See ya!


Monday, April 4, 2011

My April Fools Prank

Hey Gang,

So if you read my post yesterday and believed me (even after I blaintly said, "April Fools!" in the P.P.P.S), then you were fooled! That's my entry for Friendly's blog contest! What do you think? Good? Bad? Ok? Many people bought it, so I was under the impression that it was pretty darn good. If you look really closely, you can see the horse is missing a wing! Oh geez ... I don't even know how that seemed to happen. But yeah, it's fake. If you posted it on Central and people are telling you it's fake, their right.

That's kinda why I said I wanted people to wait until they posted it on Central; I wanted it to be more of a small prank than something that turned too big for me to handle properly. I wound up putting the P.P.P.S. up much earlier than I originally planned in fear that word would spread too fast and that I would get myself into a sticky situation. Anyway; one final time: it's fake. I photoshopped it on GIMP (took me a long time, strangely enough too; maybe I just don't have talent there). Please don't go around saying it's real, cause it's not. End of story. Laugh about it. :)

On a more exciting end of the news wire, I will have an officail web adress by the end of the day today! W00t! by around 5:00-6:00 P.M. EST, this site will be! (if you type it with the .blogspot, it will just forward you to the site, so that's fine). I will be submitting an email to tonight for my blog to see if it can become offical! If that happens, I'll become open to a world FULL of possibilities! Also, that might make the contest a bit more likely to happen! I'm so excited! :D Also, Gilroy SkullFlame, my Necromancer, is a bar and a half from reaching Legendary! I'm really excited to finish him off, and most importantly to get started on my last wizard, Patrick FrostHorn.

Do I plan on starting another wizard? Not sure yet; I might wait a while. I want to get my characters some really awesome pets, and I'd like to experiment more with crafting and maybe do some gardening on different characrters as well.

That's really all I have to talk about today. Don't forget to check out all the different mount contests going on this week, including the Turtle Mount Giveaway on DoaW! See ya around!


Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hey Gang!!!!
So remember how I told you that I emailed Greyrose about hosting a contest?!?! Well, she sent me 15 codes for this baby!!!

WOW! Look at that beauty! Greyrose said that this will be one of the new hybrids for the level 58 pets (the name of the hybrid is called a Storm Angel), but she wouldn't leak what two pets you need to mix in order to get it. What I mean is, it's pretty obvious that this is a mix of the Storm and Ice level 58 pets, but what exactly are the pets? Does this mean that the Ice 58 pet is going to be a Snow Angel? Or will only the offspring of the level 58 pet be a Storm Angel?

But the other great thing about this pet?! Greyrose said it comes with a card (Storm Angel) that does 120 inital damage, 526 damage over time (3 rounds), and +25% Storm Damage bubble! W00t! Looks like this will be a must-get pet for Storm wizards!!!

But I mean; just think about that. The bubble goes up, and actually increases the power of your damage over time spell, so you're really going to do more than 526 over all, which is amazing. And the fact that it's a DoT as well just makes this an excellent PvP pet!

I'll have the contest up soon; not exactly sure what I'm going to do yet! Hope everyone's excited!


P.S: Don't forget to check out all the awesome mount contests, especially for DoaW!

P.P.S: For people that are thinking about posting on Central, please wait. I would like the credit of posting it, so it will be up in a few hours.

P.P.S: APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry; I didn't get to blog Friday or yesterday; Happy April Fools day! :) ).

Friday, April 1, 2011

Diary of a Wizard Contest!

Hey Everyone,

Very very quick and short post: THE MOUNT WEEK HAS STARTED!!!

Diary of a Wizard is having their mount contest for Sea Turtles! GO AND CHECK IT OUT!!!

I'll be back to blog at around 9:00 EST, so check back then for an actual post (this was to aid my entry in the DoaW contest).

See ya in a bit!