Friday, October 29, 2010

We Live In A Cruel World

Hey Everyone,

So I had a very bad day today. The type of bad day that makes you cry the whole hour bus drive home plus some when you get home. While I was sitting there stupidly feeling sorry for myself, I realized why many of us come to the Spiral, or Azeroth, or any virtual world.

Or at least, I realized why I have come to the Spiral...

No, it's not because I REALLY wanted to save it.

Any guesses...?

Well, I'm going to start off with me, because this doesn't pertain to everyone. It's because real life, and I'm not gonna sugar coat it, sucks. It's a cruel and vicious world out there. People feed of other people's misery in our world. And they don't even care that they are hurting another human being.

In the Spiral, we get a sense of need, a sense of worthiness. Or at least I do. I feel like I'm actually wanted when I talk to people like Christina IceDreamer, or Stephen SpiritCaller, or Leesha DarkHeart, or Fallon DeathSlinger and Fallon ShadowBlade, or Isaac MistHeart (who is actually trying to comfort me now, so special thanks to him), or any other Twizards out there. I feel important when I blog.

But in reality, I'm not. I'm your average social reject nerd who no one like and who everyone makes fun of. It makes me so upset to have to leave the Spiral every day.

So yeah, do the world a favor and try not to make this world a better place; for all of us.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All Hail Puppymancer!

Hey Everyone,

So, first off, Celestia is amazing! :) I've been going very slow through it though on the Live realm. In fact, my farthest wizard is Mycin, and he just entered the Grotto.

Why haven't I been playing hardcore through Celestia?

Well, first off, it's not like Celestia is going anywhere. It's going to be here forever now. There's no reason to rush it. Yeah, so you can extend that "3 month occupation" thing I said to more like 6-10 months of leveling wizards through Celestia.

Second, I've been preparing for Halloween a lot at my house. You see, at my house, we always do a "Haunted Garage", where we decorate our garage and have trick or treaters come in so we can scare them. >:D . Yeah, but this year is probably going to be our last year, cause we're probably moving, so yeah, we're trying to make it extra extra scary! >:D

Third, I've been helping Ian, Christina IceDreamer's son (also known as Stormy Wiz). He's awesome. I didn't really grab any pictures of us fighting together, but I DID get a picture of me and Christina IceDreamer's cousin Calamity!

Yeah, Christina IceDreamer, on a awesome scale of 1-10, is like an infinity (I don't have the infinity symbol on my key board xD). But yeah, if you ever see her around, mind your Icy wiz!

Oh and also, I thought I should mention a GREAT achievement. Whilst typing my English Persuasive Essay, and whilst petting my dog Beau the Fierce Hound, my puppy (:D), HE TRIED TO PLAY WIZARD101!!!!! He grabbed my mouse, MOVED IT over to the W101 icon, AND THEN CLICKED ON IT! O. O! I was amazed!!!!!!!!!

I officially dubbed his new name Puppymancer; the first dog to EVER play Wizard101!!!! :D You can find a picture of Puppymancer here. Feel free to adore it, print it, hug it, tape it to your wall as a poster, and heck, if I ever meet you in real life (which I highly doubt, lol), maybe he can sign it for you! :D

So yeah, that was definitely awesome. I feel like that is a special sort of awesome ...



Oh goodness! 10:35?!?!?! I better get to bed! I'll see YOU in the Spiral!





You know, I REALLY don't want to go to school today...



Eh, I guess it will be waiting for when I get home /shrug. I know what I'm doing for about 3 more months!

Ok, too excited, gotta get ready for school, can't talk, if you can be in LIVE realm at 7 Central time and play your heart out!!!!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blogging From Study Hall Again...

Hey Everyone,

So, I'm so excited for the release of Celestia! ^_^ We've waited for for soooooooo long! And now we're getting paid off! :D

So, I'm just going to ramble about random stuff since I'm too excited to focus...

So, yesterday, I went to the mall with my sister, to see if maybe just possibley the $39 gift card came out at my GameStop left (sadly, it didn't :( ), and she was trying on a shirt and a dress. She called me over in the dressing room to ask for a bigger size. While we were talking, this old creeper lady showed up and starting complaining. Hewr voice sounded REALLY weird. She kinda sounded like a lady version of Kermit from Seasamee Street (Sorry, I know that's spelled wrong, but shout out to Ditto! ^_^). But yeah she was all like, "What is a guy doing in the girl's dressing room...

...the girl's dressing room...

... a guy in the girls dressing room...


Yeah, me and my sister started cracking up. I was like in a text to my sister, "ROFL! Random creeper lady!" and she was all like, "ROFL!!!!". Then, when I came back, cause I'm horrible with clothes, I asked "Is a large bigger than an 8?" And the creeper lady said, "Is a large bigger than an 8..?"

Long pause


"Yes." She had me hysterically crying! And when she walked out, she stared at me the whole way out with creeper eyes like this -----> O_O

Yeah, good times. Oh! I also have to thank TFN (The Friendly Necromancer) for linking my site today for his post about CL coming out possibly tomorrow! Thanks dude ^_^.

Ok, so that's all the time I have. Keep your eyes peeled about Celestia!


***P.S: Yeah, I kinda had to finish this at home cause I ran out of time in study hall xD***

Monday, October 25, 2010

New Changes to Test Realm and Possible Release Date for CELESTIA!!!!!

Hey Everyone,

So the Test Realm has undergone some more changes. What may these changes be, you may ask me.

Well, first off, Wild Bolt was changed ... again. Its accuracy was not changed, however, the amount of damage it dealt has been changed. The attack has now been changed from 1,10,100, or 1000 damage to just 100 or 1000 damage.

What do I think about this?


I'm truly undecided. See, it is too powerful in some ways and not enough in others; kind of like an awkward balance. I took Mycin to Unicorn Way to test it out a bit and see what the chances were of hitting 1000 damage. The first time, I got 1000 damage. Then I got 100 damage. Then, I started getting 10 damage. ..? I thought this was taken out? Yeah, so that's a bug, so make sure to report that. Anyway, I did 1 1000 damage, 2 100 damages, and 3 10 damages, so it looks like it's kinda even. We shall see how long that lasts...

Oh, by the way, about the poll ..... yeah, if you have changed your mind, just change your answer; I don't feel like putting up a whole entire new poll :P Hey, it was a hard Monday, don't judge me!

Anyway, another update that was made to the Test Realm was the changing of the level 55 wands. They used to give +2 Power Pips, and then KI changed it to +1 Power Pip. Everyone (including me) got angry because, well, you might as well use your DragonSpyre wands then. So KingsIsle has just changed it to +1 Power Pip AND +30 Crit points! W00t!

Oh, before I get into opinions on this change, I want to kinda explain a "Crit For Dummies" Tip, because before tonight I didn't know this. If you go over your crit chance, you will see x (its different for every person). However, in yellow, there should be a percentage. The level 55 wand actually gives +6% Crit, which isn't bad. 100% Crit is having 500 Crit points. Very good system, KI :)

Ok, so, now, what do people think of the level 55 wands? Two of my good friends, Paige MoonShade and Paige Whisper, say they love it! Another player that you might know that likes it as well is a guy named Logan MythWraith (You may have heard of him through the video I made about Medusa). I haven't really seen many people that have said they don't like it yet, so that's a good sign! :) I like it too; it gives us a chance to try out the Crit system.

Ok, so yeah, just play a ton on the Test Realm. Report every and any glitches you find and fast! Why? BECAUSE IF EVERYTHING GOES WELL, CELESTIA WILL BE OUT ON THE LIVE REALM OCTOBER 27 AKA WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


YUPP! We've been waiting for it for about 1 year and 4 months now, and it is finally almost here! So get ready to plunge in! I'll see ya in Celestia!


Sunday, October 24, 2010


Hey Everyone,

So, yeah, on Twitter, KingsIsle told Twizards to Retweet a post by the 25th about the Selena Gomez quest leaving. Most assumed that the 25th would be the date when the Selena Gomez left the Spiral. Today, as my groggy self launched W101 to ignore much need to do homework, I noticed something on the launcher:

Selena Gomez will be leaving the Spiral when Celestia arrives in the Live Game very soon! Take the opportunity to complete the quest now, before it's gone! Follow Wizard101 on Twitter to learn how to enter to win a poster signed by Selena!

O. O! Selena Gomez leaving the Spiral message. So if they want people to retweet that message by the 25th, and if Selena Gomez REALLY IS leaving the Spiral on the 25th, do you know that that means?




Some people, like famous blogger Isaac MistHeart, believe that this date is only for the contest. That's cool. But I personally believe Celestia will be out by Wednesday! So get your Scuba diving gear ready, and get ready to dive into Celestia!!!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Wild Wild Bolt Debate

Hey Everyone,

So, if you haven't heard, KingsIsle has changed the Wild Bolt spell on the Test Realm. The card use to have 10% and hit for 1000 damage,but they have changed it to a 70% accuracy, however, the spell could do 1, 10, 100. or 1000 damage. So, as you could imagine, Storm Wizards across the Spiral are becoming outraged with it, to the point of harassing and abusing people. Have I fought in the bloody war of Wizard101 Central about Wild Bolt? Yes. What side was I on? I'm on the side of the new Wild Bolt.

But, P.D, why? Don't you have a Storm Wizard? This is totally unbalancing the game!

No, it's not. It's actually making the game's balance increase. Here is a response I posted on several threads and blogs about getting rid of the new Wild Bolt:

Hey there! So, I was reading your post, and I actually very much disagree with you for several reasons. One, by the end of level 60, Storm wizards would be able to power the accuracy to 50%, 60%, or even 70%. And that's just with gear. THEN, if you add Unstoppable, you'd make the spell 95%. That's more accuracy than with Life wizards. Or, if you decide to add elucidate, you can make the spell hit 7/10 percent of the time for 0 pips. Second, Storm wizards will be getting Leviathan, and that could be your new bolt. sure, it may not cost 2 pips, but, again, if you use Elucidate on it, it will be reduced to 6 pips, and you could attack the next round (given that you get 3 power pips). Third, this makes for an excellent shield remover. I did a test, and 1/8 times I got a wild bolt that did 1000 damage. So, also, technically speaking, your chances were increased from 1/10 to 1/8. However, and the point that I think gets Storm Wizards upset the most, you cannot increase the likelihood of it doing 1000 damage, whereas with accuracy this is possible. I see no reason for distress for this. Even coming from a PvE stand-point, this change makes sense. Now, it wont be amazingly easy to get through every battle; there is going to have to be a bit more sense intertwined. You may still disagree with me, but if you look through it from neutral eyes, not the "complainer"'s point of view, as people have been calling them, nor from the Storm's point of view, this makes complete sense.

Most of my points are listed in there. It just becomes a problem. I mean, did you Storm Wizards REALLY think that Wild Bolt wouldn't be changed eventually? With all the boosts, there would be a point where Wild Bolt could reach 90%, 95%, or even 100% accuracy. It'd be unstoppable. And that isn't right. A good thread to go if you want to see an excellent interpretation of why the new Bolt should be kept, go here.

I'll be posting a poll to see what you guys think, and feel free to comment as well. :)


*EDIT: I'm also not for the change of Judgement? Why? Well, simply because it'd be impossible to play through the game as a Balance wizard. Again, people need to start think for BOTH PvE and PvP. Maybe they could lower Judgement in the arena or something, but keep it as is PvE. Thanks for bringing up the point though :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The $40 Giftcard; Should You Get It?

Hey Everyone,

So I found a place where I cqan blog in school! :) I'm not sure if I can do it every day though, sadly :(. See, in my Study Hall, (where I am at the time being), there are three computers. If I can't get a pass to the library or if the three computers are taken, I wont be able to blog until later :/ sorry!

Anywho, let's get into today's topic: Today I am going to talk about the new $40 (Well, technically $39) gift card! I just want to briefly go over what it covers, and then I want to share my opinion about it.

Let's start off with the Griffin Mount. This thing is sick. Last night I saw Leesha DarkHeart on hers; let me tell you, it wasn't what I expected. I expected it to kinda be like the dragon mount. In some respects, the size and the flying pattern to be percise, it was. However, it rested on the ground whenever it wasn't flying, which is awesome :).

So yeah, I'm pretty sure it gives +40% Speed, so that's awesome. Anyway, another featured item that comes with it is the Fantasy Castle (Please pardon my spelling, usually I'm farely well, because of Google Chrome and its awesome spell check, but I'm using Internet Explorer ATM). First of all, this comes with a potion. Why? Say the character you want it on already has 3 castles, which is the maxium amount of castles a normal wizard can have. Well, this potion opens up a 4th slot! O. O Yes, very interesting. But yeah, this place is huge! And that's no exaggeration. It has its own dueling circle, its own mini game, its own dungeon, and tons of other little nooks and cranies! I'd say this is the best item that comes with the giftcard.

Another item that comes with the gift card is a pet called a Fierce Hound. The pet doesn't give a card, however, it can manifest amazing talents! Also, another thing that's cool about the Fierce Hound is the fact that it is black, and the other color (Blue, Red, Green, Tan, and there may be one more but if so I forget- maybe purple?). Anyway, this pet is awesome. I want one :P.

The last few item, or items, are crowns items that you can choose! Ooooooh! Yes, you get to customize your wand (like, for example, what power it gives; examples being Fire Damage, Ice Damage, Storm Damage, etc. There is also one with every type of damage!). You also get to customize your own crown gear set, that of which, to me, all had good cards and stats. You can chooose low, medium, or high level gear! ^_^

Last, and certainly not least, you can either chose one month of subscription, OR 5,000 crowns! Awesomesauce! ^_^

Ok, so what do I think about this giftcard? Get it ASAP! It wont be hitting shelves until November 1st (Yeah, I know some people already have it, but I'm not going to talk about that because I niether want to relive Wizard Wars I nor feel bad for myself). I will be getting one November 2nd for my friend Paige Whisepr (I don't think she checks my blog, so I'm pretty sure its safe to post this :) ). I'm so excited to see her Griffin mount and her awesome new castle, which she totally deserves!

And Paige, if you do happen to be reading this, you're super awesome and totally deserve this! You are such an amazing friend, and I'm glad to have you. You've been there through the good times and the bad, so thanks so much :).

Anyway, my opinion on which crowns gear set to go with? I say go with Level 30 Crowns Gear, if they have it. Why? Because there is no auctionable gear at level 30 to get. Level 25-35 generally tend to be harder for most wizards because of this. While this also happens at level 40 (and hey, even level 50 too ;) ), most of the gear at 35 is well enough to last you through 10 levels.

Ok, I gotta be going now. My Study Hall teacher is glaring at me cause I've been on the computer for so long. *looks back* O. O See ya in the Spiral!


***EDIT: Yes, I know there is level 30 Auction, gear, but I'm talking about gear that gives the best stats for each school (so, for example, Life should look for Health, Power Pips, and Life attack. There is not an existing item in the game that Life wizards can wear at level 30 that is actionable.***

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Day With the Gobblers

Hey Everyone,

So thanks for the um ... well, thanks xD for my previous blog post on Sunday. Glad to hear people like my opinion (for once, tehehe :) ).

Sorry by the way for not being able to post yesterday; I had to go shopping with her to help her find a Semi Formal dress. Of course, two days after I get rejected to go to Semi. *sigh*. I did get some Halloween stuff out of it though :D.

Anyway, so you caught me on a bad day. I found myself hating people today. They're so rude, ya know? Stealing people's chairs in lunch, stealing people's desks in Math class, constantly trying to be funny while really making fools out of themselves, making hallway blockades just to make 80 people late for class .... . Someday ... *shakes fist while fire glares in eyes*. Huh, maybe I should have been a Necromancer ... o. o

The point is, if you could take one lesson or one tip from me today, let it be this: Don't be one of those people, or what I like to call Gobblers! Those nasty little Gobblers always getting on people's nerves! *shakes fist again*. Anywho, I'm going to give ya some tips on how to avoid being one of those Gobblers (hey, look, it's not very W101 related, but I think basic manners are always good to know :) . Plus, I got two huge assignments I gotta get started on.) :

  • Alway, Always, Always, Always Think About Others: Sure, you may have the right to freedom of speech/expression, and sure, you may feel the need to get in people's faces, but consider the other person. You don't know everything. That person could be having problems at home or at school. Why would you want to make it worse for them? Sure, it may make you feel better by making fun of them, but have you ever though, "Hey, maybe instead of making fun of Bob (no, that's not my real name ;) ), I could make fun of why blueberries are blue (look, I know that was really corny right there, but hey, you get the point, don't you? Basically, if you feel the need to make fun of someone, make fun of someTHING instead. Objects don't have feeling; humans do, and why would you want to hurt a person's feelings?)."
  • Be Considerate: Be polite. Say excuse me, thank you, pardon me, sorry, please, etc. Those are good words that people like to hear :). I love it when someone says to me, "Oh, did I just hit you with my backpack? I'm so sorry; it was an accident." I don't mind that at all. What I can't stand is, "Yo man, get out of my way!", served with a brutal push and a bruise. So yeah, remember your "kind" words :)
  • Never, Ever Touch Someone You Don't Know: This kinda goes along to being considerate to others, but I feel it is necessary to make this it's own subject. Look, it's like this: don't touch people you don't know. Is it that complicated to understand? I absolutely hate when people are pushing and shoving their way through the hallways. Like, if you touch someone by accident, back away and say, "Oh, I'm sorry, I was _____" <------ Insert there (examples would be pushed, kicked, shoved, etc.). And this even goes for doing stupid pranks on people trying to hurt them. Plus, you never know, they could have germs on them.
  • Don't Take Things That Don't Belong To You: All day today, people were stealing chairs and desks that of which belonged to me (well, obviously I don't own chairs and desks in my school, but you get what I mean; the chairs and desk where I should have been). Please don't do this, for this is highly aggravating, especially in cases such as a) the person says sorry, however doesn't give it back, or even b) when you have to tell the person to get out of your seat a trillion times for them to actually get what you are telling them.
That's pretty much all I got for trying to avoid being a Gobbler. And look, I'm not trying to lecture you on who you should be or anything, just keep those manners in mind. Plus, you could apply at least 75% of those to the Spiral.

Well, in other news, the poll on the best 58 spell has ended (it has a few hours left, but I'm pretty sure all my readers have voted already), and here are the results:

1st Place: Leviathan with eight votes!!!

2nd Place: Ra and Skeletal Dragon both with six votes!!!!!!!!!!!

3rd Place: Medusa with four votes!!!!

In 4th place tied all the others; Snow Angel, Forest Lord, and Efreet. Anyways, this does a good job at displaying what spells players like and dislike. Thanks for voting readers! Now I gotta get going; I'll see you in the Spiral!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Astral Schools

Hey Everyone,

So, thanks to everyone for supporting me. You really helped me feel better :) I still am a bit upset, but it's gone for the most part. I wanna give a special thanks out to Blaze DeathCaster. He is a great reader of mine; he's always supporting and always gives me ideas on what to write about. In fact, this post is his idea, so thanks a ton Blaze! :)

Ok, so like I said, Blaze D. came up with this idea; why don't I talk about the Astral Schools, and which schools go best with which schools? Personally, I think, like always, it's good to dabble into different schools, and with the Astral Schools, and this is for any school. So, I'm gonna start off with Balance, since I actually have experience with that school:

  • Balance- I think I've had very successful Astral Training with Pat. Now, what I did, and works for me (and once again, this goes for all schools) may not work out for you. Patrick has learned the attack buff side (so + damage) of the Solar (or Sun) school of Magic, the Lunar (or Moon ) polymorphs of the Gobbler (Ice), the Mander (Balance; it is a must to get to the next one), the Cat Thug (Storm, definitely a must have for any Balance student), and the Treant (Life; from secret trainer in Stormriven), and the Stellar (or Star) auras Vengeance (+20% Critical, a must have for any wizard) and Amplify (+15% damage). Let's look at this, shall we? I chose the damage side of the Solar School for two reasons: 1) Because the Balance school pretty much in itself has a good accuracy, and 2) Because of Ra. See, if I put a Gargantuan buff on Ra (+250), it's going to hit a minimum of, what, 790? That's about 100 damage more than Storm Lord. W00t! As for the Lunar School spells, one of the hardest things for Balance to do is to adapt to the playing field. This makes that job a WHOLE LOT EASIER! W00t! Go Lunar Magic! I suggest getting up to at least the Cat Thug, because of that Storm Damage, and then either choosing the Treant, from the secret Lunar Trainer in Stormriven, or the Death Ninja Pig. Why? Because you are eventually going to encounter another Balance. So, how do you get a boost on them? Simply polymorph into a Spiritual School! I personally recommend the Treant if you work in groups, but if you like to solo, definitely go with the Ninja Pig. The only thing that's pretty cool about the Treant is the fact that you can heal. As far as the Stellar School goes, I say definitely get that Vengeance spell. I mean, sure, it's only a measly 20%, but it saves you from constantly having to buy Elixirs. Does it actually work? I've gotten a Crit about two or three times, and have probably casted it ten times, so yeah, the card stats are pretty accurate.
  • Fire- So far, with Fire, same thing as Balance. If you power up Efreet with Gargantuan, I think my friend got it to about 30 more damage than Leviathan, which is AWESOME! However, you might wanna think about accuracy, because our accuracy is only 75% without gear (and you could always counter that argument saying, "Oh, well, my gear gives me enough boost anyway."). By the way, just to clear up some controversy, the -90% is given as a Weakness, not as a Tower Shield. Anyway, as far as polymorphs go, it's good to go up to the Cat Thug, cause the Mander may come in handy for attacking and helping friends, and the Storm can come in handy just in case you need to do some major attacking. Also, I say definitely go with the Treant polymorph, just in case you need to be a healer. As far as the Stellar Schools go, Vengeance is good, and Amplify helps as well to boost yourself on damage a bit.
  • Ice- As far as Ice goes, again, the same stuff. Ice really needs that extra power boost in the Solar Schools, enough said there ;) . As far as Lunar goes, I'd say get up to that Cat Thug like Balance and Fire, for the same reasons, and stick with the Treant polymorph for the same reason as Fire does. And for Stellar, Vengeance will come in handy for getting those crits on people, and Amplify is always good for an extra attack boost.
  • Storm- Storm rolls a bit differently than the other schools when it comes to Astral Magic. For the Solar School, I'd probably want to train on the Accuracy side (+ accuracy), at least for a certain amount of time (like, maybe up to Accurate - +15% Accuracy - or Sniper - +20% Accuracy), especially for that boost of accuracy on Wild Bolt! Then I'd learn Simplify (Reduces Spell by one pip) and Elucidate (Reduces spell by two pips). Why? Well, if you use Elucidate on Leviathan, it will only cost 6 pips (as much as Triton); on Wild Bolt? A ZERO PIP WILD BOLT! This would be amazing in PvP. As far as the Lunar School goes, I suggest going up to the Mander, and then learning the Treant, once again, to quickly change roles in battle. And for the Stellar School? I say, obviously, get Vengeance, and then Infallible ( +10% Accuracy), and maybe even Fortify (+15% Defense) as well.
  • Life- Life is kinda like Fire and Ice. On the Solar side, it's going to need the extra boost on attack, however, you're probably also gonna want Simplify and Elucidate, just to make things easier as far as Healing and Attacking go. Huh, you know, I wonder how Eludicate works for spells like Dryad and Judgement ..... anyway, moving on. Looking Lunar-wise, I'd probably go all the way to the Death Pig, just for that opposite boost when facing another Life. In the Stellar School, I suggest getting the spells Vengeance, Amplify, and Empowerment (if possible; gives one pip from incoming spells that are rank four and above), just simply because the more pips you have, the better.
  • Myth-Much Like Life, Fire, Ice, etc. Myth could use that extra damage boost in the Solar School; hey, who doesn't want more power? Also, Simplify and Elucidate may be of some use to Myth Wizards. With the Lunar School, Myth wizards are probably gonna want to go up to Thug Cat (especially for that boost on enemies), as well as the Treant, for easy access to switching your role in battle up! Looking at the Stellar School in the eyes of a Myth Wizard, I say go with Fortify, Amplify, and Vengeance.
  • Death- Death is very flexible with where they train. For the Sun School, I say go with the power bonuses, as well as Simplify and Elucidate. In the Lunar School, I say learn up to the Cat Thug, as well as the Treant, for, once again, switching your role in the battle. As far as Death Students are concerned with the Stellar Schools, try to learn Amplify and Vengeance, and maybe even Fortify for that Sacrifice spell!
So yeah, that's pretty much my opinion ^_^. Let me know how this works out for all you wizards out there.

Anyway, kinda off topic, but I kinda wanna start a fan fiction, so look out for that ;)


Sunday, October 17, 2010

An Apology

Heya Everyone,

So, I kinda just want to apologize for taking my anger out on you. I'm sorry. It's a complicated story:

See, Saturday Night, I went out with about five friends to a Haunted Walk/Maze. We had a great time. I planned this because there's this girl that I've had a crush on for quite some time (about a year maybe). So yeah, I gave the girl a ride even though she lived like an hour from the place (thanks mom :) ), I payed for her (again, thanks mom :) ), and we even sat next to each other on the hayride! The ride home was fantastic. I didn't think it was possible to click much more. We talked the whole way back to her house, laughing and smiling.

So, we dropped her off at her house. My mom wanted me to ask her to the Semi Formal Dance last night, but I was too chicken to do it in person :/ anyway, I felt bad, so I here was our conversation after she left over text message:

Me: "Hey :) thanks for coming tonight. I had a ton of fun! :)"

Her: "Hey, thanks for inviting me! :) I had a ton of fun too! :)"

Me: "That's good :) are you planning to go to the Winter Semi Formal?"

Her: "I don't know yet :P Not sure if I'm allowed to go."

Me: "xD Well, would you like to go with me?"

Her: "I don't know ... I see you more as a friend ... plus, I don't even know if I can go yet :P "

Yeah. Broke my fragile, little, fiery heart :'(. I was so upset. Beyond words. I mean, I know it could be worse, trust me. People have told me of worse rejections or break ups. But do you want to know the truth of why this really bothers me?

I haven't had a girlfriend since 6th grade. People ask me all the time if I'm a homosexual, and not that being a homosexual is a bad thing, but they're using a term in a hurtful way. They're using the term to basically say that I'm not normal (in a bad way), and that I'm strange.

Not that being a homosexual is a bad thing. Like I said, I totally support people who are homosexuals, in fact, the month of October is dedicated to homosexual people. Homosexuality isn't me though.

Yeah, so sorry to bring you into that awkwardness, but I just wanted to let you know why I'm in such a terrible mood. I've been like this all day. My poor mom has had to deal with me like this, and she has been extremely nice to me. Once again, I'm sorry and I promise I'll try not to make it happen again. :)


***P.S: Arlen DawnEyes and I are trying to plan a Halloween Bash, so be on the lookout for that!! ;) ****

I'm Very Tired of It

Hey Everyone,

So, in respoonse to what people are saying with the whole gift card thing, some people are saying they've been here for about a year and six months on average. Well, I haven't been blogging on blogger for that long, but I HAVE been blogging on different sites for that long. You can't blame it on that. And on average (and yes, I know, TFN, and all the bigger bloggers probably get much more than me), I have about 100 views on my blog a day.

Whatever, I don't want to talk about that anymore. Everyone's done arguing. At least about that.

I'm also tired about people complaining about Ra. Like, seriously?! This is one of the best level 58 spells! Or, at least, in my opinion. SO I've totally stopped arguing with people about that.

I'm tired of people seeing my blog as one of the lower blogs. Like, really, if it's an unpopular blog, and your going to sit here and tell me that I don't deserve the privilege of being called a regular W101 blogger, then why are you even here? In my opinion, the blogs that aren't as popular try two, or maybe three times as hard as the popular bloggers! And, I don't know ... it doesn't make much sense to me. It's like buying a box of cereal. Would you rather get Lucky Charms, or would you rather have Fortunate Talismans, the knock of brand sold by the store. Yeah, the store brand is obviously cheaper brand is going to be not as expensive, but you know you really want Luck Charms, with the little leprechaun on the box, and his little cauldron.

So go to the better bloggers. Why are you even here? If you're here, I want you to be here because you want to be here. I don't even care if you're here to tell me how much my blog stinks, I just ask you be here only if you want to.


Friday, October 15, 2010


Hey Everyone,

So, supposedly our community has erupted, or at least, that is what I am told.

What sparked this?

I have absolutely no freaking idea.....

But what have I learned tonight?


Japanese restaurants are like tiny Lotus Casinos from Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Like, seriously. DAYS worth of fighting happening in 4 HOURS?!?! GEEZ!

And sorry it's taking me so long to write this, but I keep getting like 1,000 twitter notifications!


Supposedly, someone *Doesn't want to point out name because they may not be comfortable with that* said something to KI about the minor bloggers. See, with the new Game Stop Giftcard that gives all this stuff, they've been giving it to "better known" bloggers. Well, now many of the lesser known bloggers (such as myself :) ), and even some greatly known blogs that didn't receive anything, were getting mad at KI because they didn't mention anything about us. Now, I'm not sure if they gave them the WHOLE giftcard, or just the house, or what; all of the facts I knew I simply just stated. I sincerely wish I knew too. But hey, *shakes fist at Japanese restaurant*.

Do you want to know my uneducated opinion (not that you care about someone that is hearing this second hand anyway)?:

I'm proud someone said this. Yeah, they may have started the first ever W101 war (Which some people are naming Wizard War I, tehehe :) ), but I mean, it takes 2 to start a war. Someone has to fight back. And personally, not that I think about it much, but when the topic is brought up, I do feel sad that I'm not as popular as many of the other blogs around here. I wish KingsIsle would pay attention to us as well. When I ask a KI member to check out my site and give me feedback, they don't really say anything supportive, or much at all for that matter. I mean, don't get me wrong, KI is ultimately in charge of what happens here, and by no means am I demanding this, but it'd be nice that KI showed that they cared.

Now, realize, this is just my opinion of the story. I also like rebellions as well, so I might be a little one sided. But hey, your opinion is your opinion, so don't go taking people's freedom of expression! I just want every Wizard101 fansite or blog, no matter how big or small, no matter how popular or unknown, that you make this community shine like 100000000000 Power Novas, and we do deserve a pat on the back every once in a while.


*P.S: I'm not saying a rebellion isn't good every once in a while. It's kinda like a brother and a a sister fighting. Believe it or not, it shows signs of a healthy community. It shows that our community is diverse and expresses themselves. However, let's not make this happen ALL the time, k?*

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Running For President!

Hey Everyone,

So, first right off the bat, after you're done reading this post, scroll down and read the post before this (that is, if you haven't already). This is a post about the level 58 spells, I worked very hard on it, for almost an hour, and I really think I did a good job on that one, so feel free to take a look :)

So it seems I missed Student/Teachers nominations :/ Yep, gotta wait another 6 months to run for that again. However, I have found something even better! I'M GONNA RUN FOR PRESIDENT OF THE RAVENWOOD STUDENT BODY! :D

That's right! Look at my campaign poster!:

Epic, isn't it? If you want to enter, you can go here. I really hope I win this thing. I mean, I've severely, unhealthily addicted to Wizard101 (teehehe), and I try my best for the community (after all, I do want to work at KI after I get my degree in 5 years ;D ). I also have a lot of experience with the game, including a year and 4 months of experience as well as the experience of a grandmaster in every school. So please, (obviously if you're running, then vote for yourself, but otherwise,) VOTE LUKE GOLDHORN FOR YOUR PRESIDENT!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

People Being Upset With Their Level 58 Spells?

Hey Everyone,


So, I've recently been hearing about many people being upset with their level 58 spells (with the exception of Life; if someone is upset about that, it's news to me, however I could understand why. Life is mostly about healing. I'm not by any means saying that Life shouldn't have gotten Forest Lord; it's awesome and I'm sure I'll love it for Diana, but it really doesn't fit the school). I really think that many people are upset because many, many (in fact, I can't think of one right off the top of my head, with the exception of Leviathan, and of Snow Angel's second effect) of the level 58 spells stray from their original purpose. Let's briefly explore what I mean by this:

  • Efreet- Efreet's special effect is the amazing -90% of all spells (basically like a buffed tower shield). Now, trust me, I love this as much as the next Pyromancer, but I mean, it doesn't really fit our school. Fire should be getting more A. DOT's (btw, for those that don't know, DOT=Damage Over Time, AOE=Area of Effect), or B. More straight up single hits. It just seems to stray from the meaning of Fire...
  • Snow Angel- Now I had a big problem with this one (not necessarily the actual stats, but more like details around the spell). I bet you're expecting me to say "that's too weak for a Rank 8 Spell," or, "that is th weakest spell." Far from it. The main problem I have with Snow Angel is that it requires you to go to Grizzlehiem. As a crowns player, I don't have Grizzlehiem bought on my second account, because it's optional and because it's so expensive. For Ice wizards, basically, they have just made Grizzlehiem mandatory. You MUST, I repeat, MUST go to Grizzlehiem to get Snow Angel. I'm also in controversy with the attack approach it takes. While I like it is one of the three AOE's initiated to Rank 8 spells, this is an DOT. Wait ... what?! Isn't that Fire's job?! While they're initial attack is about half as strong as Fire Dragon, their after damage is about double. This is very messed up to me. However, I do like the taunt at the end, because that was the main reason of Ice; to tank. So, my overall thought? Strays waaaaay too much from the school (with the exception of the after effect).
  • Leviathan- Leave this spell exactly how it is. It possess all the qualities of Storm: It hits high, and it removes charms, which is a power contained in the Storm school. I love this spell just the way it is (However, I wouldn't totally disagree with making it an AOE, however, it's damage would have to be reduced to about Triton's damage)!
  • Ra- This is a tricky one. See, I really love Ra the way it is; it shows the Balance between even the new schools of magic (the Sun God of Egypt, hint hint), its shows the tremendous amount of power that the Balance school contains, and the graphics are great. However, it does stray a tiny bit from the school of Balance as well. A key term in Balance is blading and shielding people. If we gave Ice the defense role, why don't we, for balancing purposes, make Balance the blading school? This way, Balance isn't overstepping anyone's boundaries. So why don't we make Ra a tiny bit weaker (like, I don't know, maybe 10 points less than Forest Lord), and have the after effect cast a bladestorm on everyone? I think that seems kinda fair. I do think that Ra could stay unchanged however, because it's strong enough to show the power of Balance, yet it doesn't reveal the whole school. If you want to see my big rant on why Balance Wizards should be happy to have Ra, then you should go here.
  • Forest Lord- Again, another hard choice. I personally say leave it, however, if one wanted to tweak it, I'd suggest adding something that the Life school does, such as healing. Maybe add a Sprite or Regenerate; whichever KI feels is best for the school so that it Balances out Role Playing and Power.
  • Medusa- I say make Medusa an AOE (I actually predicted the spell Medusa back in July, and Mythspent Youth also asked for it). Myth lacks powerful AOE spells (damage-wise, that is). I don't necessarily think it should be a two-hit spell (I don't really myself like setting up everything twice on Noah) however. The stun twice is awesome; that is a talent of Myth, that is also shared by Fire and Ice, which are the mother and father schools to Myth Magic. If you don't think it should be and AOE, of course taking off a bit of damage in the process, then I say leave as is.
  • Skeletal Dragon- There's a rumor going around that Skeletal Dragon was made in 10 minutes! Can you believe that? I'd imagine that it wouldn't really flow, and that it wouldn't really work out if it was only put together in 10 minutes. In fact I remeber talking to my friend, Paige Whisper, over Skype, and we first saw it together, and our first remarks were that it flowed and looked so perfect. Anyway, let's get off the topic of graphics and back more on the topic of actual stats. I say totally rethink this one; even the direction of the spell. I don't think Death should get an AOE, but I do think that they should get either A. Another attack like Wraith (decent damage however saps health from damage points), or B. A straight up hit. Death's most powerful spells are spells that don't sap health. Therefore, if Death wants another strong spell, give them something like that. If most Death students want a sap health spell, then give them a weaker spell and do that (however, make it stronger than Wraith ;) ). I can see where KI was going with this; Death has had both straight up hitters and sap spells updated for Death, and the only DOT they have is Poison. So why don't we "upgrade" this spell? Good idea yet bad idea. Look at storm. They don't even have a trainable or even school only taught spell that does x over y amount of rounds. But then we get back to the main idea, "Well, that's not really what Storm is about." Well that's not what Death is about either. I did, however like the attempt on this one though :). Good job KI, at least you're trying.
My whole point with this isn't to bring up controversy, or tell KI that I don't like thier idea (I love KI :D ), or even to say, "I'm not happy with these spells, I want them changed!" The whole point of this post is to say, "Hey KI, was looking at the Level 58 spells, and I noticed a few things that didn't really add up. Mind taking a look at it, and seeing maybe if we could change a few features?" If you noticed, the only spell I said I'd actually change (by this I mean the whole entire concept of the spell, including graphics) would be Death. This is by no means a complaint.

I hope everyone enjoyed my view on this topic! Thanks for all you readers who read through this extremely long post, and thank you, KI, for having quite an awesome game! Can't wait to be a Beta tester for the second project! :D


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Celestia is Amazing!!

Hey All,

So, I'm taking a temporary break from Test Realm. Really I'm only using it for experimental purposes now. Anyway, Celestia is EPIC!!! In fact, it is too epic for the world to see! Ok, so I got lots of pictures, videos, and links for you! Let's start with the pictures (by the way, I did CL with Patirck, so yeah, you're gonna see him, not Luke :) )!:

heh heh, you may not see it here, but try to find Squidward in this picture!

I quested with Paige MoonGem in the TR. Let me tell you, she truly is awesome :)

This is a secret trainer of the Moon or Lunar school! oOo! Also, a Lounge Lizard here. Lounge Lizards are the little critters you collect from Zeke!

This is one of Patrick's friends getting the new Storm Spell, LEVIATHAN! Dude, this thing is wicked!!!

This is a new Life Ring I got from Helios, the boss you have to face in order to get the new spell for Balance. Go Level 58 Gear!

This is the epic new Balance spell, RA (Or as I like to call him - since his name IS blocked by the filter, Bird-Face :P ). This guy has a Monstrous on in this picture (a spelled learned in the sun school), so if you take off the Monstrous effect you get 560-640 Balance Damage. Not bad, not bad (hey, at least it's an AOE ;) ).

Ra in action! SWEET!

This is the new Fire hat. Yeah, this one is definatley being stitch ... hehe...

I ran into Fallon DeathSlinger questing in a place called Stormriven Hall. She is amazing as well :).

You see this guy? Right here? You sure? Cause he gives you a side-quest that isn't really important. I mean, who would want a wand that gave 2 power pips automatically on top of their regular pip (The look for Balance kinda looks like a flash light hehe). Wait a minute ... WHAT?!?!?

This is Patrick in front of an epic Kraken Monument in Stormriven Hall. Sweet!

Ok, phew, those are all the pictures! Now time for videos!:

  • Lounge Lizard Guide (Link and Video) : This is a guide to the Lounge Lizards me and my W101 bff came up with. A video will be appearing there very soon... ;)
  • 58 Spells- Here you can see all of the Level 58 spells in action for all the Schools of Magic
  • 58 Spell Cards (Link and Video)- This guy here has useful pictures of what all the cards look like.
Ok cool, there is one more link that I want to send to you which is the Update Notes For Celestia. This contains some great update details about Celestia. Feel free to say how you feel about Celestia! Personally, I think it is VERY epic. Way to step up the game, KI :D.


****P.S: 100th post!!!!! :D****

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Guide To The Lounge Lizards!

Hey everyone,

Can't talk now. Too busy with Celestia. I will post when I'm done :P It's awesomesauce! make sure to check this out though. It's a guide to the Lounge Lizards, the new Zeke quest and spread the word. Me and my bffl Paige Whisper are working on it! Later!


Friday, October 8, 2010





****Please Note: At this current time, the test realm is down for debugging!****

Celestia is LITERALLY Right Around the Corner!

Hey Everyone,

So, CELESTIA IS ALMOST HERE!!!!!!! :O!!! I kinda expected to come home, open the W101 launcher, and it saying "CELESTIA HAS ARRIVED!!!!!!!" It was kinda cool to me, actually, cause I had this like whole dream sequence and everything. Turns out, no Celestia atm. :( BUT, we do know that it will be on test within, probably (and no, this is not accurate, this is just a prediction) within seven days. Why do I say this?

If you've never been there (which all of you should have; most of my audience comes from his site), go check out The Friendly Necromancer. He just posted a video that gives about a two minute sneak peak of Celestia!!!!! SQUEALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, an earlier post of his (about a week ago) said he saw a type of timeline saying the Celestia will go on test around the time Halloween quests go live! AND OH MY GAMMIT IT's OCTOBER!!!!!!

So get those GM's ready, cause it's time to sweep off the dust and spider webs and get to work! Start warming up! Peace!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Celestia World Icon Revealed?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Hey Everyone,

So, I just wanna post a finding real quick:

Does anyone check out the Ravenwood Newsletter? If not, I suggest you do; there's a new one every month! First off, they do state in this newsletter that Celestia WILL be coming out this month! WOOT! I think we all knew that it would be released this month, but hey, it's always good to have some extra assurance. Anyways, the real reason for this, check this part out!

If you scroll down on the screen to the section where it talks about the website about, and click the here button, you'll be taken to this new sort of interactive tutorial page that has been revamped. Now, click on the Explore Worlds button. It should take you to not only a map of the currently know Spiral, BUT also a selection of the different worlds on the top of the map, showing different icons!






Now, this may not be a new discovery for some; but to me it is, and I think this is awesome! If you haven't seen it yet, go check it out!!! Peace!


The Wait Is Killing Me!!

Hey Everyone,

So, I have a lot going on right now (I have 4 tests tomorrow. Yep, AP Government, Honors English II Vocabulary Test, Latin Test on the Roman Gods, and a Biology Test), so I'm going to try to make today's post as short and to the point as possible (don't worry, I'm sure tomorrow's post will be super! :D ). Also, before we get started, I'm happy to announce that I did indeed answer Blaze's question to his approval, so thanks again for the question Blaze :).

So, this wait for Celestia is killing me. Every day I expect to come home, load the Wizard101 Launcher, and BAM! Celestia [at least] RELEASED IN TEST REALM!! I SOOOOO want the genie spell. As for Patrick FrostHorn (my Balance :) ), he's really looking forward to that Horus spell as well. I'm also saving money to buy crowns for two reasons: 1. I would spend it if I put it on my account now xD and 2. I'm trying to wait and see if they'll have a crowns sale RIGHT before Celestia comes out (which, btw Kingsisle, this would be an awesome idea :D ).

So, what have I been doing during the wait? Well, I made a nifty (ha, there I go again. You should try using it sometime, especially the bloggers; we could make it into a trend ;) ) little bullet list of stuff to do while waiting out the legendary Wait of Celestia:

  • Get Involved!: Oh no!!!! It's high school all over again!!! xD Anyway, try getting involved with the community. Start a blog, make a Facebook (if you're old enough) for you character, tweet about Wizard101, blog or start threads on Central, start a podcast, start a W101 project; do something to contribute to this wonderful community! :D
  • Go Get Some More Grandmasters: Well, there's probably not enough time left for this one, but hey, the point is, why not start another wizard? Not only do you get to add another Grandmaster to the community, but you get to learn more about another school and more about the game as well.
  • I Shoulda Been A Farma: Go farm some gold, man! Get a pick axe, slap on a 49'ers cap, get your wagon, and go to Oyotomi, or whoever you like to farm. With gold, you can get almost anything, including Houses (including school houses too!), mounts, pets, and much more! So go get your main an awesome looking school house!
  • Train your pets: How many Epic pets do you have? You can never have the best pet! Always train and mix your pet to customize the perfect stats. This could be done by, say, mixing your Helephant that gives a Fire Blade with another Helephant that gives Fire Power. Sure, you wont get a hybrid, but you will get an awesome pet in return. And keep doing this until you get the ultimate pet!
I'm sure there are fifty million and one things more to do, but I'm running out of time. List some of the things you like to do in the Wait For Celestia. Also, don't forget to look me up on Facebook and follow me on Twitter (there's a nifty little button on the side that will take you to my Twitter right about there---------------------------------------------------------------------------->)! See ya in the Spiral!!!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What Really is Being a GrandMaster?

Hey Everyone,

So, before we being, I'd like to say congrats to Ravenwood Radio for being super awesome! Go RR! Next, I'd like to give a big congrats to Friendly for getting to be with KI. I'm extremely jealous xD. Most of my viewers that have been reading longer than other will remember that I once said that I want to work at KingsIsle when I get a job (which, hopefully, will only be in about 6 years :D ). Hopefully I'll be able to take a trip down there someday *dream sequence begins*...

Anywho, let's get started! So I saw a good blog topic on Diary of a Wizard Connect X (by the way, if you've never been there, check out the badge on the side and click on it ------------------------>). Basically, (and I of course, forget the author) she was saying what being a Grandmaster was really about. To me, this is a really interesting topic. Not only do you get to find out what people like to do with the spare time on their hands, but you get a look at the way that person thinks.

So, Imma tell you what I think a Grandmaster is really about. For you, I've made a nifty (hehe, I love that word) bullet list! Here goes nothing:

  • Helping Newbies (of course)- Now, I know, I know, this is a very cliche answer. However, it's most certainly correct. Why do you think we are a nominee in the Gamers Choice Awards thing for the best community? A bet you if you were to go into, say, WoW (World of Warcraft) and ask for help at level 5, you wouldn't find it. How do I know this? Because I used to play WoW. The community here is very very cool, and with turning into a Grandmaster, you now reflect Wizard101. I mean, trust me, teaching a level 2 Pyromancer probably isn't exactly the most fun you can have in this game, but it definatley helping the community. And when I say helping the community, I don't just mean in game. I mean out of the game as well. Promote Wizard101, on blogspot, on wordpress, on a podcast, or whatever site you're at. Try talking your irl friends into playing with you. This can all help with making the community EVEN BETTER!
  • Experimenting- This kinda goes hand in hand with Helping, but I figured I make this its own topic. What do I mean by experimenting? Try making guides. For example, look at Deathshard's amazing pet mixing guide! It's awesome (I must say, I contributed the Fatezilla :) ). Gather some people together to conduct experiments on a game subject. Look at the petnome project. All of these help people, and give them information.
  • Gotta Catch 'Em All- That's right, go catch them all! Go reach Ultimate Grandmaster Status! Go widen your wisdom of W101! Go see which School you like best! Go collect pets! Go make an awesome house! Go become a PvP Warlord! Go get all the badges! Go and do something! :D
Ok, so, let me know what you think being a Grandmaster really is all about (it doesn't have to be as descriptive as mine, however, that'd be one epic comment ;) ). I gots to go do other things, so I'll leave you to ponder that. See ya in the Spiral,


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Question About Whispering!

Heya Everyone,

Thanks for the comments on the pet mixing! :) I'm glad to see people going to different sides of the theories rather than everyone just flocking to one theory :D. Anywho, let's jump to what we have today. Not too long ago, I received a question from Blaze Deathcaster. What's up Blaze? :

I'm hoping maybe you can help me answer a question that is driving me crazy. On two occasions, I have met someone in the spiral, made friends, added them to my list, and when they want to show me their houses on their OTHER wizard characters, they leave and then send me a text chat from their OTHER wizard. I cannot figure out how they do this! How can you send a text chat to somoene who's not on your current character's friend list or not right in front of you to click on? The last time this happened, I asked my new friend how she did that and her response was, "I'm a wizard. It's magic."

Since you have so many wizards and are knowledgeable about the ways of the spiral, I thought I'd see if you know how this is done. And feel free to use this for a blog entry if you need a topic. ;-)

Ah, I know what you mean. Before I knew how people did this, I used to go completely nuts. There are actually several ways they could have done this (I'm not actually aware of the technique they used, so I'm just going to list both :) ) :

1. The "r" technique- This is used more frequently than others (because this is the only technique they can use to friend you from another wizard). If you whisper to someone, and they whisper back, there is a way to "short hand" whisper them back. What I mean by short hand is by a hot key. If you simple press the r button on your keyboard, your chat box will come up, along with the person who has last whispered to you in pink. This allows you to whisper to that person (and this will still be in effect while switching characters). I'm thinking that's probably what they did to you. Try it out sometime, it's helpful :)

2. The "right click" technique- This technique can not be used between switching wizards (which probably isn't what this person was doing, but I figured I'd go for it anyway :) ). For this, simply right click on the person's name in the chat box. The person's name will appear in your text chat in pink colors, indicating the ability to whisper to them!

I hope that helps you out! Also guys, there are three news updates I kinda want to talk about:

1. Luke GoldHorn now has an OFFICIAL Facebook! :D This post would have been published sooner, but I was working on that xD. So feel free to friend him up (I already sent like a million friend requests to random Wizard101 people lol xD).

2. Ravenwood Radio is going LIVE tonight at 8:30 CNT Standard time, so try to be there (I'm gonna try my best to show! :D).

3. Wolf Redfist is having a contest on his comic site, so check that out, as well as his W101 comic (its awesome! :D)

See ya in the Spiral,


Friday, October 1, 2010

Some Pets Not Working in Hybrid Mixing?

Hey Everyone,

So I'd just like to say thank you so much for reading my blog and commenting on my post before. SO THANK YOU! :D you're they people that make me want to blog! I thank you for all the beautiful comments you've posted, and I'm glad you like my tip on farming Oyotomi (by the way, someone did post that the "kill in 2-3 rounds" strategy is possible with other schools; this is absolutely correct. I know it works with the life school, as to the others, I've never tried. Try experimenting ;) ). Ok, so let's get on with the post.

Unless you've been living in a cave with no calendar for a few months, it is OFFICIALLY October! This is one of my favorite months of the year! I love scaring people, getting scared, and of course, getting tricked or treated. I'm really excited to see what's gonna be going on in Wizard101 around this time, because last year I stopped playing in July and picked up Wizard101 again in November. Eeeek, very excited!

Ok, so I want to talk to you guys today about pet mixing. Now, I know a lot of people aren't mixing right now, because they want to save up x amount of gold for y item. That's ok, but I still think people should know fundamentals about mixing. And, then again, my theories and beliefs about mixing may not agree with you, which is ok too! :D

So, the reason why I wanted to bring this topic up was because I've heard people say things like, "Oh, well, if you mix a Hydra with any level 48 pet, you'll be more likely to get a mix." When I heard this, I was like, "Dude, it's all random, you're crazy." But I changed my mind after some research. Here was my old view:

When you went into the mixing chamber, and you mixed a pet, you had a 50% chance of getting your own pet again (and remember, we are talking level 48 pets), 25% chance of getting the hybrid of the pet you have (for example, if you mixed your Wraith and a Hydra, and you got the Reaper pet, this would be the Wraith or Death mix), and 25% of getting the other player's hybrid (so say you mixed your Ice Colossus with a Helephant, and you got the Ice Oni, which is the Fire mix). Does everyone see how that works? Comment if you want me to try to explain it better, because the theory is very confusing. I call this theory the Half and Half theory (so people who follow this theory could be called Halfists xD ).

The new theory I have for pet mixing id that not every pet has the same ratio of giving off a hybrid. For example; I've mixed my Satyr pet with a Colossus 2 times, and 3 times with an Orthrus, and every time I wound up with another Satyr/Orthrus/Colossus. Now, this theory doesn't state that certain mixes are impossible to obtain; for instance, Friendly has a Frostcaller, the Life hybrid. However, there are certain pets, such as my Stormzilla, where every time I have mixed so far, I have come out with a successful hybrid, such as my Tempest Hound and my Tempest. It all boils down to one question in this theory; do certain pets carry stronger, genes, if you will, when it comes to mixing hybrids? I call this theory the Evolutionary Theory (and people that agree with this theory can be called the Evolutionists).

Basically, KingsIsle has never revealed anything about the means of how a hybrid is chosen when you mix pets. That's why these are theories and only theories. Personally, if you ask me, I'm more of a Halfist than an Evolutionist, becuase it sounds more fair, however, I have seen the theories of the Evolutionist become real in some ways. What are you?

See ya in the Spiral!