Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Question About Whispering!

Heya Everyone,

Thanks for the comments on the pet mixing! :) I'm glad to see people going to different sides of the theories rather than everyone just flocking to one theory :D. Anywho, let's jump to what we have today. Not too long ago, I received a question from Blaze Deathcaster. What's up Blaze? :

I'm hoping maybe you can help me answer a question that is driving me crazy. On two occasions, I have met someone in the spiral, made friends, added them to my list, and when they want to show me their houses on their OTHER wizard characters, they leave and then send me a text chat from their OTHER wizard. I cannot figure out how they do this! How can you send a text chat to somoene who's not on your current character's friend list or not right in front of you to click on? The last time this happened, I asked my new friend how she did that and her response was, "I'm a wizard. It's magic."

Since you have so many wizards and are knowledgeable about the ways of the spiral, I thought I'd see if you know how this is done. And feel free to use this for a blog entry if you need a topic. ;-)

Ah, I know what you mean. Before I knew how people did this, I used to go completely nuts. There are actually several ways they could have done this (I'm not actually aware of the technique they used, so I'm just going to list both :) ) :

1. The "r" technique- This is used more frequently than others (because this is the only technique they can use to friend you from another wizard). If you whisper to someone, and they whisper back, there is a way to "short hand" whisper them back. What I mean by short hand is by a hot key. If you simple press the r button on your keyboard, your chat box will come up, along with the person who has last whispered to you in pink. This allows you to whisper to that person (and this will still be in effect while switching characters). I'm thinking that's probably what they did to you. Try it out sometime, it's helpful :)

2. The "right click" technique- This technique can not be used between switching wizards (which probably isn't what this person was doing, but I figured I'd go for it anyway :) ). For this, simply right click on the person's name in the chat box. The person's name will appear in your text chat in pink colors, indicating the ability to whisper to them!

I hope that helps you out! Also guys, there are three news updates I kinda want to talk about:

1. Luke GoldHorn now has an OFFICIAL Facebook! :D This post would have been published sooner, but I was working on that xD. So feel free to friend him up (I already sent like a million friend requests to random Wizard101 people lol xD).

2. Ravenwood Radio is going LIVE tonight at 8:30 CNT Standard time, so try to be there (I'm gonna try my best to show! :D).

3. Wolf Redfist is having a contest on his comic site, so check that out, as well as his W101 comic (its awesome! :D)

See ya in the Spiral,



  1. I just figured out the "right-click" technique myself :). And incidentally, I prefer Twitter to Facebook ( no offense ) :D

  2. I actually have a twitter :) my name is LukeGoldhorn on my twitter

  3. Hey, thanks for the post! I know about the 'r' technique, but I've been wondering about how random people have whispered me for a while! I'm going to go to the Commons today and whisper to random people. :P Maybe not...

  4. The "r" key?! That's it?! Doh! (slaps head) I can't believe it's that simple. I expected it to involve multi-boxing or something really advanced. It NEVER occurred to me that the functionality of "reply" would work across wizard characters, but I tried it and it does indeed work. The mystery is solved.

    Thanks for the response, Luke. I knew you were the guy to ask!