Monday, October 18, 2010

Astral Schools

Hey Everyone,

So, thanks to everyone for supporting me. You really helped me feel better :) I still am a bit upset, but it's gone for the most part. I wanna give a special thanks out to Blaze DeathCaster. He is a great reader of mine; he's always supporting and always gives me ideas on what to write about. In fact, this post is his idea, so thanks a ton Blaze! :)

Ok, so like I said, Blaze D. came up with this idea; why don't I talk about the Astral Schools, and which schools go best with which schools? Personally, I think, like always, it's good to dabble into different schools, and with the Astral Schools, and this is for any school. So, I'm gonna start off with Balance, since I actually have experience with that school:

  • Balance- I think I've had very successful Astral Training with Pat. Now, what I did, and works for me (and once again, this goes for all schools) may not work out for you. Patrick has learned the attack buff side (so + damage) of the Solar (or Sun) school of Magic, the Lunar (or Moon ) polymorphs of the Gobbler (Ice), the Mander (Balance; it is a must to get to the next one), the Cat Thug (Storm, definitely a must have for any Balance student), and the Treant (Life; from secret trainer in Stormriven), and the Stellar (or Star) auras Vengeance (+20% Critical, a must have for any wizard) and Amplify (+15% damage). Let's look at this, shall we? I chose the damage side of the Solar School for two reasons: 1) Because the Balance school pretty much in itself has a good accuracy, and 2) Because of Ra. See, if I put a Gargantuan buff on Ra (+250), it's going to hit a minimum of, what, 790? That's about 100 damage more than Storm Lord. W00t! As for the Lunar School spells, one of the hardest things for Balance to do is to adapt to the playing field. This makes that job a WHOLE LOT EASIER! W00t! Go Lunar Magic! I suggest getting up to at least the Cat Thug, because of that Storm Damage, and then either choosing the Treant, from the secret Lunar Trainer in Stormriven, or the Death Ninja Pig. Why? Because you are eventually going to encounter another Balance. So, how do you get a boost on them? Simply polymorph into a Spiritual School! I personally recommend the Treant if you work in groups, but if you like to solo, definitely go with the Ninja Pig. The only thing that's pretty cool about the Treant is the fact that you can heal. As far as the Stellar School goes, I say definitely get that Vengeance spell. I mean, sure, it's only a measly 20%, but it saves you from constantly having to buy Elixirs. Does it actually work? I've gotten a Crit about two or three times, and have probably casted it ten times, so yeah, the card stats are pretty accurate.
  • Fire- So far, with Fire, same thing as Balance. If you power up Efreet with Gargantuan, I think my friend got it to about 30 more damage than Leviathan, which is AWESOME! However, you might wanna think about accuracy, because our accuracy is only 75% without gear (and you could always counter that argument saying, "Oh, well, my gear gives me enough boost anyway."). By the way, just to clear up some controversy, the -90% is given as a Weakness, not as a Tower Shield. Anyway, as far as polymorphs go, it's good to go up to the Cat Thug, cause the Mander may come in handy for attacking and helping friends, and the Storm can come in handy just in case you need to do some major attacking. Also, I say definitely go with the Treant polymorph, just in case you need to be a healer. As far as the Stellar Schools go, Vengeance is good, and Amplify helps as well to boost yourself on damage a bit.
  • Ice- As far as Ice goes, again, the same stuff. Ice really needs that extra power boost in the Solar Schools, enough said there ;) . As far as Lunar goes, I'd say get up to that Cat Thug like Balance and Fire, for the same reasons, and stick with the Treant polymorph for the same reason as Fire does. And for Stellar, Vengeance will come in handy for getting those crits on people, and Amplify is always good for an extra attack boost.
  • Storm- Storm rolls a bit differently than the other schools when it comes to Astral Magic. For the Solar School, I'd probably want to train on the Accuracy side (+ accuracy), at least for a certain amount of time (like, maybe up to Accurate - +15% Accuracy - or Sniper - +20% Accuracy), especially for that boost of accuracy on Wild Bolt! Then I'd learn Simplify (Reduces Spell by one pip) and Elucidate (Reduces spell by two pips). Why? Well, if you use Elucidate on Leviathan, it will only cost 6 pips (as much as Triton); on Wild Bolt? A ZERO PIP WILD BOLT! This would be amazing in PvP. As far as the Lunar School goes, I suggest going up to the Mander, and then learning the Treant, once again, to quickly change roles in battle. And for the Stellar School? I say, obviously, get Vengeance, and then Infallible ( +10% Accuracy), and maybe even Fortify (+15% Defense) as well.
  • Life- Life is kinda like Fire and Ice. On the Solar side, it's going to need the extra boost on attack, however, you're probably also gonna want Simplify and Elucidate, just to make things easier as far as Healing and Attacking go. Huh, you know, I wonder how Eludicate works for spells like Dryad and Judgement ..... anyway, moving on. Looking Lunar-wise, I'd probably go all the way to the Death Pig, just for that opposite boost when facing another Life. In the Stellar School, I suggest getting the spells Vengeance, Amplify, and Empowerment (if possible; gives one pip from incoming spells that are rank four and above), just simply because the more pips you have, the better.
  • Myth-Much Like Life, Fire, Ice, etc. Myth could use that extra damage boost in the Solar School; hey, who doesn't want more power? Also, Simplify and Elucidate may be of some use to Myth Wizards. With the Lunar School, Myth wizards are probably gonna want to go up to Thug Cat (especially for that boost on enemies), as well as the Treant, for easy access to switching your role in battle up! Looking at the Stellar School in the eyes of a Myth Wizard, I say go with Fortify, Amplify, and Vengeance.
  • Death- Death is very flexible with where they train. For the Sun School, I say go with the power bonuses, as well as Simplify and Elucidate. In the Lunar School, I say learn up to the Cat Thug, as well as the Treant, for, once again, switching your role in the battle. As far as Death Students are concerned with the Stellar Schools, try to learn Amplify and Vengeance, and maybe even Fortify for that Sacrifice spell!
So yeah, that's pretty much my opinion ^_^. Let me know how this works out for all you wizards out there.

Anyway, kinda off topic, but I kinda wanna start a fan fiction, so look out for that ;)


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  1. Wow, I didn't expect you to do it immediately. I hope you're not failing math or something today because you spent all night on that. :-p

    Clearly though, I was right: You are the man for the job. That was exactly the type of thing I've wanted to read and am surprised we haven't seen more of it in the past week. (Maybe it's over on Central but I can't get to that site from work.) I've bookmarked this post and expect I'll be reading it more than a dozen times to absorb it all. Thanks for taking the time put this together. I'm sure it will help lots of us figure out how to get the most out of the new schools.

    Blaze Deathcaster
    A Necromancer with 9 unused training points