Friday, October 8, 2010

Celestia is LITERALLY Right Around the Corner!

Hey Everyone,

So, CELESTIA IS ALMOST HERE!!!!!!! :O!!! I kinda expected to come home, open the W101 launcher, and it saying "CELESTIA HAS ARRIVED!!!!!!!" It was kinda cool to me, actually, cause I had this like whole dream sequence and everything. Turns out, no Celestia atm. :( BUT, we do know that it will be on test within, probably (and no, this is not accurate, this is just a prediction) within seven days. Why do I say this?

If you've never been there (which all of you should have; most of my audience comes from his site), go check out The Friendly Necromancer. He just posted a video that gives about a two minute sneak peak of Celestia!!!!! SQUEALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, an earlier post of his (about a week ago) said he saw a type of timeline saying the Celestia will go on test around the time Halloween quests go live! AND OH MY GAMMIT IT's OCTOBER!!!!!!

So get those GM's ready, cause it's time to sweep off the dust and spider webs and get to work! Start warming up! Peace!


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