Monday, October 25, 2010

New Changes to Test Realm and Possible Release Date for CELESTIA!!!!!

Hey Everyone,

So the Test Realm has undergone some more changes. What may these changes be, you may ask me.

Well, first off, Wild Bolt was changed ... again. Its accuracy was not changed, however, the amount of damage it dealt has been changed. The attack has now been changed from 1,10,100, or 1000 damage to just 100 or 1000 damage.

What do I think about this?


I'm truly undecided. See, it is too powerful in some ways and not enough in others; kind of like an awkward balance. I took Mycin to Unicorn Way to test it out a bit and see what the chances were of hitting 1000 damage. The first time, I got 1000 damage. Then I got 100 damage. Then, I started getting 10 damage. ..? I thought this was taken out? Yeah, so that's a bug, so make sure to report that. Anyway, I did 1 1000 damage, 2 100 damages, and 3 10 damages, so it looks like it's kinda even. We shall see how long that lasts...

Oh, by the way, about the poll ..... yeah, if you have changed your mind, just change your answer; I don't feel like putting up a whole entire new poll :P Hey, it was a hard Monday, don't judge me!

Anyway, another update that was made to the Test Realm was the changing of the level 55 wands. They used to give +2 Power Pips, and then KI changed it to +1 Power Pip. Everyone (including me) got angry because, well, you might as well use your DragonSpyre wands then. So KingsIsle has just changed it to +1 Power Pip AND +30 Crit points! W00t!

Oh, before I get into opinions on this change, I want to kinda explain a "Crit For Dummies" Tip, because before tonight I didn't know this. If you go over your crit chance, you will see x (its different for every person). However, in yellow, there should be a percentage. The level 55 wand actually gives +6% Crit, which isn't bad. 100% Crit is having 500 Crit points. Very good system, KI :)

Ok, so, now, what do people think of the level 55 wands? Two of my good friends, Paige MoonShade and Paige Whisper, say they love it! Another player that you might know that likes it as well is a guy named Logan MythWraith (You may have heard of him through the video I made about Medusa). I haven't really seen many people that have said they don't like it yet, so that's a good sign! :) I like it too; it gives us a chance to try out the Crit system.

Ok, so yeah, just play a ton on the Test Realm. Report every and any glitches you find and fast! Why? BECAUSE IF EVERYTHING GOES WELL, CELESTIA WILL BE OUT ON THE LIVE REALM OCTOBER 27 AKA WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


YUPP! We've been waiting for it for about 1 year and 4 months now, and it is finally almost here! So get ready to plunge in! I'll see ya in Celestia!



  1. Yea i have heard of celestia coming out on wed. i am excited. The new wild bolt stinks. It almost never hits 1000. i gonna send a letter to KI today!

  2. Without giving it a lot of thought, I think that's a better compromise on bolt. As I've said, I'm not a user of it, but if I were, I'd want to at least get 100 damage for those 2 pips. People talked about using it as a shield breaker but for 2 pips and a strong chance of doing less than 100 damage, I'd have have stuck with the wand card and saved the pips. With the new numbers, even I might be tempted to try it every now and then.