Thursday, October 21, 2010

The $40 Giftcard; Should You Get It?

Hey Everyone,

So I found a place where I cqan blog in school! :) I'm not sure if I can do it every day though, sadly :(. See, in my Study Hall, (where I am at the time being), there are three computers. If I can't get a pass to the library or if the three computers are taken, I wont be able to blog until later :/ sorry!

Anywho, let's get into today's topic: Today I am going to talk about the new $40 (Well, technically $39) gift card! I just want to briefly go over what it covers, and then I want to share my opinion about it.

Let's start off with the Griffin Mount. This thing is sick. Last night I saw Leesha DarkHeart on hers; let me tell you, it wasn't what I expected. I expected it to kinda be like the dragon mount. In some respects, the size and the flying pattern to be percise, it was. However, it rested on the ground whenever it wasn't flying, which is awesome :).

So yeah, I'm pretty sure it gives +40% Speed, so that's awesome. Anyway, another featured item that comes with it is the Fantasy Castle (Please pardon my spelling, usually I'm farely well, because of Google Chrome and its awesome spell check, but I'm using Internet Explorer ATM). First of all, this comes with a potion. Why? Say the character you want it on already has 3 castles, which is the maxium amount of castles a normal wizard can have. Well, this potion opens up a 4th slot! O. O Yes, very interesting. But yeah, this place is huge! And that's no exaggeration. It has its own dueling circle, its own mini game, its own dungeon, and tons of other little nooks and cranies! I'd say this is the best item that comes with the giftcard.

Another item that comes with the gift card is a pet called a Fierce Hound. The pet doesn't give a card, however, it can manifest amazing talents! Also, another thing that's cool about the Fierce Hound is the fact that it is black, and the other color (Blue, Red, Green, Tan, and there may be one more but if so I forget- maybe purple?). Anyway, this pet is awesome. I want one :P.

The last few item, or items, are crowns items that you can choose! Ooooooh! Yes, you get to customize your wand (like, for example, what power it gives; examples being Fire Damage, Ice Damage, Storm Damage, etc. There is also one with every type of damage!). You also get to customize your own crown gear set, that of which, to me, all had good cards and stats. You can chooose low, medium, or high level gear! ^_^

Last, and certainly not least, you can either chose one month of subscription, OR 5,000 crowns! Awesomesauce! ^_^

Ok, so what do I think about this giftcard? Get it ASAP! It wont be hitting shelves until November 1st (Yeah, I know some people already have it, but I'm not going to talk about that because I niether want to relive Wizard Wars I nor feel bad for myself). I will be getting one November 2nd for my friend Paige Whisepr (I don't think she checks my blog, so I'm pretty sure its safe to post this :) ). I'm so excited to see her Griffin mount and her awesome new castle, which she totally deserves!

And Paige, if you do happen to be reading this, you're super awesome and totally deserve this! You are such an amazing friend, and I'm glad to have you. You've been there through the good times and the bad, so thanks so much :).

Anyway, my opinion on which crowns gear set to go with? I say go with Level 30 Crowns Gear, if they have it. Why? Because there is no auctionable gear at level 30 to get. Level 25-35 generally tend to be harder for most wizards because of this. While this also happens at level 40 (and hey, even level 50 too ;) ), most of the gear at 35 is well enough to last you through 10 levels.

Ok, I gotta be going now. My Study Hall teacher is glaring at me cause I've been on the computer for so long. *looks back* O. O See ya in the Spiral!


***EDIT: Yes, I know there is level 30 Auction, gear, but I'm talking about gear that gives the best stats for each school (so, for example, Life should look for Health, Power Pips, and Life attack. There is not an existing item in the game that Life wizards can wear at level 30 that is actionable.***


  1. Actually Luke you are quite wrong there is Lvl 30 No Auction gear.

  2. Yes there is Level 30 no auction gear, it drops from bosses, thats all.