Friday, October 29, 2010

We Live In A Cruel World

Hey Everyone,

So I had a very bad day today. The type of bad day that makes you cry the whole hour bus drive home plus some when you get home. While I was sitting there stupidly feeling sorry for myself, I realized why many of us come to the Spiral, or Azeroth, or any virtual world.

Or at least, I realized why I have come to the Spiral...

No, it's not because I REALLY wanted to save it.

Any guesses...?

Well, I'm going to start off with me, because this doesn't pertain to everyone. It's because real life, and I'm not gonna sugar coat it, sucks. It's a cruel and vicious world out there. People feed of other people's misery in our world. And they don't even care that they are hurting another human being.

In the Spiral, we get a sense of need, a sense of worthiness. Or at least I do. I feel like I'm actually wanted when I talk to people like Christina IceDreamer, or Stephen SpiritCaller, or Leesha DarkHeart, or Fallon DeathSlinger and Fallon ShadowBlade, or Isaac MistHeart (who is actually trying to comfort me now, so special thanks to him), or any other Twizards out there. I feel important when I blog.

But in reality, I'm not. I'm your average social reject nerd who no one like and who everyone makes fun of. It makes me so upset to have to leave the Spiral every day.

So yeah, do the world a favor and try not to make this world a better place; for all of us.



  1. That's a pretty serious statement there. Life has it's goods sometimes, but the Spiral is ALWAYS good, so I see what'cha mean. I don't bully anyone either, and I'm not very well-known, etc. but anyways, PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE! xD

  2. Hey bro don't let it get you down. Although I am telling you not to you will but remember you have friends here like myself. Don't ever undervalue yourself Luke we can change the world just by changing one life and I am sure you have. Life is vicious very but you learn and live and move on hoping to pass any of what you learned to someone else in the end when you have changed that life or lives you live on I'd even go as far to say you become immortal in a sense.

  3. That is the same reason that I play wizard101.

  4. You've helped me so much, you have no idea. Please don't say this, it hurts. There are so many good points in life, they're just harder to find. Please, please, see them. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't befriended me, listened to me, accepted me anyway. I'm sorry I can't talk to you, I really am. Please, please. Be happy. There are so many things out there to look forward to. Candy, the weekend, daydreaming, plain old dreaming.

    I'm sending you a telepathic hug. Can you feel it? We're looking at the same moon, the same sky. Don't go anywhere. Look up.

    Happy Halloween.

  5. I think we all find life in the spiral attractive because it's easier, except maybe Celestia. ;-) In the spiral, my gutters aren't clogged with leaves, my fence doesn't need to be replaced, my house doesn't need repairs, my family is healthy, I have lots of gold, and my work is meaningful and provides immediate positive feedback. Oh, and my wizard characters are much better looking than I am. (Oh to have hair like that!) So you're right, it does provide an escape for all of us, albeit a temporary one.

    And as the others have said, you have a lot of friends out there. Not only do we like your blog, we like you too. We can tell you're a good guy and we choose to hang out with you in game and correspond with you through the blog, Twitter, and Diary. We make that choice because we like you and we believe in you. You're worth our time. And as you can tell from the comments, we're here for you.

    Hang in there and enjoy the good stuff that comes in between the other stuff.