Friday, October 15, 2010


Hey Everyone,

So, supposedly our community has erupted, or at least, that is what I am told.

What sparked this?

I have absolutely no freaking idea.....

But what have I learned tonight?


Japanese restaurants are like tiny Lotus Casinos from Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Like, seriously. DAYS worth of fighting happening in 4 HOURS?!?! GEEZ!

And sorry it's taking me so long to write this, but I keep getting like 1,000 twitter notifications!


Supposedly, someone *Doesn't want to point out name because they may not be comfortable with that* said something to KI about the minor bloggers. See, with the new Game Stop Giftcard that gives all this stuff, they've been giving it to "better known" bloggers. Well, now many of the lesser known bloggers (such as myself :) ), and even some greatly known blogs that didn't receive anything, were getting mad at KI because they didn't mention anything about us. Now, I'm not sure if they gave them the WHOLE giftcard, or just the house, or what; all of the facts I knew I simply just stated. I sincerely wish I knew too. But hey, *shakes fist at Japanese restaurant*.

Do you want to know my uneducated opinion (not that you care about someone that is hearing this second hand anyway)?:

I'm proud someone said this. Yeah, they may have started the first ever W101 war (Which some people are naming Wizard War I, tehehe :) ), but I mean, it takes 2 to start a war. Someone has to fight back. And personally, not that I think about it much, but when the topic is brought up, I do feel sad that I'm not as popular as many of the other blogs around here. I wish KingsIsle would pay attention to us as well. When I ask a KI member to check out my site and give me feedback, they don't really say anything supportive, or much at all for that matter. I mean, don't get me wrong, KI is ultimately in charge of what happens here, and by no means am I demanding this, but it'd be nice that KI showed that they cared.

Now, realize, this is just my opinion of the story. I also like rebellions as well, so I might be a little one sided. But hey, your opinion is your opinion, so don't go taking people's freedom of expression! I just want every Wizard101 fansite or blog, no matter how big or small, no matter how popular or unknown, that you make this community shine like 100000000000 Power Novas, and we do deserve a pat on the back every once in a while.


*P.S: I'm not saying a rebellion isn't good every once in a while. It's kinda like a brother and a a sister fighting. Believe it or not, it shows signs of a healthy community. It shows that our community is diverse and expresses themselves. However, let's not make this happen ALL the time, k?*


  1. In response to the whole uproar going on, I'm going to just copy paste what I commented on another blog in response to the same topic. I agree, sometimes I'd like to have a little bit more recognition, but I'm sure things like that takes time to earn. And myself and my friend have only been blogging publicly about Wizard for a few months. Not long compared to most out there.

    **Myself and my co-blogger also were a bit upset about the fact that certain bloggers/people received the card, when not everyone else did. But, it's not something we were going to quit over. Yes, it's favoritism, however, I know why KI did what they did. It's good business, in the sense the ones that did receive the card, have a large following, and people take in to account what the blogger has to say. If the blogger says it's awesome, people are going to want to get it too. I however, think they made a big mistake when allowing said bloggers to announce they received the card a) before the card is out in stores and b) for free from KI. KI should have made them agree to not disclose the information that it was given to them. That simple fact is going to anger and upset people. I don't have many followers on my blog, and until I do, KI won't take notice of me. Simple. I'm not really making any money for them, where as said bloggers are making money for KI in the long run.**

  2. The bigger more famous fan sites got cards. I see no problem with this.