Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Few Changes...

Hey Gang,

So a few changes have been made to some of the things pertaining to the Wizaversary, so I'll inform you on what's going down:

1. The party will be at my new Sultan's Palace. Yes, this has already been said, however, I'd just like to make an official note that the location has in fact been changed. The port bus for regular guests is still the same (Erica GoldHorn in the Fire Tower in Sunbird Realm Area One at 5:50 P.M. CST). Guest Porting will stop at 5:58 P.M. CST. If you are a featured guest, you will need to catch the port bus (Valdus GoldHorn) in the Life Tower in Vampire Area One at 5:45 P.M. CST. Featured guest porting will stop at 5:40 P.M. CST. The Party is still starting at 6:00 P.M. CST.

2. The date has been changed to June 17th, 2011. The reason for this is because there is another wizard who booked his party on the same day. So make sure to check his out on the 18th!

3. There is something wrong with the forms for the contests. Check back here to enter them on June 1st (Sorry if you already entered!). ***EDIT: The forms are back online again, so please disregard this if you did not enter yet. Remember, you can enter the contests by clicking on the pages over to the right and filling out the forms (they don't take too long to fill out). Entries are due by June 15th at 11:59 P.M. CST.

4. The PvP Contest is down to 1v1. Only 12 entries will be accepted. The 1st prize for this is Two Mega Snack Pack, the second will get One Mega Snack Pack.

5. The Fashion Contest will be judged by the First Randomly Selected Featured Guest, Fallon from Ravenwood Radio, and I. The grand prize winner will win one MEGA BUNDLE GIFTCARD which comes with a Magic Carpet Mount (+40% Speed), Sultan's Garb, a Snake in a Basket Pet, a Sultan's Palace, a Mini Game Koisk, and a Month Membership or 5,000 Crowns. Second place will get One Mega Snack Pack, and 3rd place will win some Treasure Cards. If I cannot make it to GameStop by the 18th, it will be replaced by one Mega Fun Pack (All of the Minigame Koisks).

I think that's pretty much all the changes that I made. I will be having a sound check/ procaster experiment on June 15th, so come out for that if you want. I don't need an excessive amount of people there, but a few people are needed so I can see exactly what I can do with it.

Thanks for your cooperation and I apologize for all the mix ups! I really hope to see you there! If June 17th is a bad date for a lot of people, PLEASE let me know so I can change it! If it changes, it will be changed to June 25th. Thanks again!


Friday, May 27, 2011

A Tiny Thought

Hey Gang,

So I have something on my mind that I wanna talk about, and I don't really have anything better to do right now. Not that my blog isn't important to me (hey, I went all out on this Wizversary Party, I think that proves something :P), it's just that real life things should always come first. Anyway, so what I want to talk about is this whole official blog thing. And I don't wanna talk too much about it, some I'm going to be quick and to the point.

Recently there have been a few Wizards talking about this whole "Official" Blog thing on Twitter. I feel like you're either one of three things; you're either passionate about getting this changed, you're quite frankly annoyed with all the "complaining", or you simply just don't have intrest in the topic. I feel like there are a lot of people getting this sense that we're ranting more than just accepting it and moving on, or we're just mad because we can't get these free gifts and benefits that community blogs have.

While this may be the case for others, it isn't the case for me. I'm not in it for the benefits. I want to stand out. I want all my hard work to finnally pay off. And I'm not saying other bloggers don't work as hard as me; it takes a lot to run a blog, even if it's not successful. You constantly have to put up with people's critizism. You have to put hours into posting good posts that you think your readers will enjoy and remember. Heck, I along with other bloggers have put a ton of money into this blog; I have to use my money to pay for the contests I like to hold. I can't just call in KingsIsle to send down a garrasion of prizes. It's a lot of hard work, and in my opinion, it'd be nice to get a little pat on the back from the people who I try so hard to appeal to. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm concerned about my readers too; in fact, without them, I wouldn't be where I am today.

Anyway, I think the people who think we're just ranting need to understand that not all of us are in it for special benefits. I don't care about getting a Mega Bundle for free; I got one of my own, AND I got it sooner. I don't need two. What I'm in it for is to get some sort of reconization for what I put into the community, and my friends give me that. But it'd be nice to get that same support from the people who run the game.

And another thing that aggrivates a lot of us is how they run their system. I'm going to list some blogs that were exception. Now, while we're made that these blogs were admitted as "exceptions", we still love them; they're great blogs! But look at Ditto Wizard who uses Wordpress. Look at Alia LotusPetal, admin of Wizard101 Addict, as well as Issac MistHeart, who runs That Pyromancers, who both use Blogger. Again, while these are excellent blogs and while we love the people that run them, it's not fair that all they needed were Domain Names while everyone else also needs their own Hosting Service.

So I'm asking you; please help us bloggers who are in it not for the benefits, but for the enjoyment of taking on a huge commitment for the community. If you're still not for it, that's fine; I'm not going to make you, and I'm trying to be as polite as possible. I recently sent KingsIsle an email saying that I'd like them to change the rule because it wasn't fair. If you are for our cause, I encourage you to write to them as well. Say politely how you feel about the topic. Remember, we still feel that you should pay for your Domain Name, but we just don't feel that you need your own Hosting Service.

I'll see ya guys later,


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Party Revisited and Making a Difference

Hey Gang,

So I'd like to start with the shorter news first and eventually move on to longer and more in depth news. The first thing I'd like to discuss with you today is KingsIsle and their "Official" Community Blog List. Recently, KingsIsle decided that even if you have bought your domain name from blogger, they wont accept it; in fact, if your blog is associated with blogger in any way, shape, or form, it will be rejected. That's the main reason for why I got rejected; because even though I bought my own domain, it's run on blogspot.

Let me first start off by saying that the whole "Official" thing in my opinion is overrated. If people like your blog, they'll come to it whether you're official or not. I mean, don't get me wrong; it feels a bit depressing when you aren't actually official, but it's ok to be "unofficial" too! :) Look at me; I'm unofficial, and I consider my blog somewhat successful. I mean, sure you don't get the free stuff and the sponsorship for contestants and awesome benefits like that, but it's ok.

Moving on from Official being overrated, I believe KingsIsle has actually accepted people who have purchased a domain name from blogger past 2009. I believe (however I may be mistaken) that these blogs belong to Issac MistHeart and Alia LotusPetal. Now these blogs are fantastic blogs, but is it fair to accept them but not The Pie-Loving Necromancer, The Saviors of the Spiral, or even me for that matter? We've all put money into our blogs that could have been spent on other things that we actually need just to be rejected? That seems way too harsh for me.

It's like if I said to KingsIsle: Look, you're game, it's pretty awesome. I realize you're an MMO since it's online, but I'm not going to consider it an MMO because you're associated with Disney and you're kid-friendly (Look, I realize at the moment that KingsIsle isn't associated with Disney currently, but hey, it looks like we're headed down that trail). I do think, however, that if our community comes together andn supports blogs like mine, the two others I mentioned, and any others that follow the rules and want to be official, that we can change what is. I mean, KingsIsle is a great company; when their players aren't happy, they fix the problem to benefit the player. I feel like if we had enough numbers, KingsIsle would accept blogs like ours. Also, I wanna thank Edward WinterGem who posted something along these lines and inspiring me to talk about this. Go and check out his blog!

Anyway, that half half of the post was just meant so I could express how I felt about the whole situation. I hope I did it in an appropriate manner.

Let's move on to a more fun topic; the new Mega Bundle! Now if you look at it, it is NOT Egyptian! It is more Arabic or Indian, and it does in fact look a lot like the palace from the movie Aladin. KingsIsle, I'd like to warn you now; tie off your strings with Disney now. They're like a black hole; they're gonna try to buy out Wizard101, and trust me, they're gonna offer a TON of cash, and you can't let this happen. If Wizard101 is handed over to Disney, it's going to be a hot mess. Move away while you still have a chance!

The house is really cool though. I really like the Genie who gives you wishes! I heard he has a possibility of giving Mega Snack Packs!!! AH! I REALLY like the Magic Carpet! I love the fact that it looks like I'm skate boarding. The gear, looks and stats, I wasn't real impressed with, but the Level 50 Flute Wand is pretty neat! The Snake in a Basket pet is pretty awesome too, but I haven't really had time to train mine yet.

WHAT?!?! Are you saying you got the Mega Bundle, Luke?!?!?

I did, in fact! When I figured out some GameStops were already selling them, I called my local GameStop, and what do ya know?! They had a huge stack of them sitting on the counter, so I begged my mom to drive me and get me one. I'm really thankful that she did. I couldn't enter my house the first day I got it, because there was some bug for Crowns players that said it was a Premium Area, however it wouldn't give you an option to buy it. The house is HUGE!

And guess what?! I am going to host MY Wizaversary in my new Massive Sultan's Palace! It's going to be awesome! Yesterday I finished the Red Carpet, and it looks amazing. There's still a few finishing touches I'd like to add to the outside, like candles around the moat encircled dueling ring and some flowers and cocoanut drinks around my oasis, but other than that, the outside is pretty much done with the other exception of a TON of gardening that's in store for me.

As I mentioned, I did find a way to float items on the new dueling circle, and it's a bit different than the MFP, so I'm going to put a video on YouTube later today showing you how to do that. I will be putting walls around the surrounding area so you can't get a sneek peak at my house. :P

I've been really defensive about who I let in the house lately because people keep trying to get glimpses of the house! I'm sorry, but you're just going to have to wait! The only people that have really seen it are Marcus BattleCrafter (once known as Wolf IceHunter, my neighbor), Paige MoonShade, Mary DreamShade, and Cassandra GriffinDreamer. They're all helping me design my house.

Anyway, so the inside it coming out pretty well. I just have a few things I wanna craft for the dance floor and some other things. I'm REALLY excited for the event! I'm gonna have to have a sound check a few days in advance to see if I can mute my mike yet play some itunes in the backround for the dance portion of the party so we actually have something to dance floor (yeah, there isn't really any interesting sound effects in the new house).

We also have some contests that will take place during the party! I will go through and explain all of the following contests (please note that the following contests currently have no set prize):

1. Fashion Contest- In this contest, you will be judged on your appearance to the party. I can obviously not do this alone, so the judges of this contest that will accompany me and my seat will be a featured guest (I still have to ask around) and the first person selected from the random generator to be a featured guest! I'm thinking about asking Fallon from Ravenwood Radio, so if she declines I'll be sure to update you! In order to be a judge, you do not need a headset and a mic, but you DO need a Skype so you can send me your winner! Everyone will automatically be entered in this contest!

2. PvP Tourney- There will be 14 spots in the PvP Tourney. This is a 2v2 Tourney, so bring a partner!

3. 5 Featured Guests- I've already talked about this one; if you enter this contest, you will be entered in a random drawing to be one in five people to be featured on the Red Carpet along with some famous Wizards that are attending the party. The first wizard drawn will also help me and another wizard with Fashion Judging. If you are a featured guest (by random draw), you cannot win the Fashion Contest, however you may enter the PvP Tourney. If you are a featured wizard (meaning you do not have to fill out an entry form because you are allowed on the Red Carpet), check UNDER the entry form at the List of Names.

You may only enter each contest ONCE! If I see someone has entered twice, ALL of their entries will be terminated. Again, I should have the pages for these soon. I'm thinking after the Red Carpet Event, I'll let the PvP teams gear up and be ready by 6:45 P.M. CST.

Ok, I gotta jet! Very long blog post! See ya!



Monday, May 23, 2011

New Release From KingsIsle and My Wizaversary!

Hey Gang,

So there's been a lot going on recently. Where shall we start? Well, maybe with the most exciting and community oriented news out there? Sounds good; KingsIsle said on Twitter that they were going to release some information about what we saw in the video for WinterTusk! Have no idea what I'm talking about? I'm talking about THIS:

That's right! It's that new picture we've all been talking about! Exciting, right? Everyone's anxious to know what it is, and while I'm sure KingsIsle not going to give us all the deets, I'm almost positive that they will reveal its purpose as well as maybe a new prequest for it. Whatever it is, I'm uber excited!

I also have an uber awesome announcement to make! My Wizaversary is coming up! W00t! Excitement! I decided that I will in fact have a Wizaversary Party. Here's your own personal invite! Check it:

For anyone that can't read it:

"You're Invited!
To Luke GoldHorn's Wizaversary
When: June 18th, 6:00 P.M. CST (Central Standard Time)
Where: Port Bus @ Fire Tower in Sunbird Area One
What: Wizaversary for Luke GoldHorn
Who: Luke GoldHorn Will Host the Party at His Massive Fantasy Palace
Dress Code: Anything Fit for a Party! Dress Nicely!

I'm really really excited! Anyone who wants to come, feel free to join along in the celebration of summer and of me playing this game for two years! Be sure to look for Erica GoldHorn (Level 1 Death Wizard) when you get to the Fire tower! Why am I telling you this now? Because on June 17th when I make a blog post, I will be linking this post so you can find your way to my party! :)

Be sure to dress well and bring your PvP gear! PvP will happen later on in the party. Here's the schedule of what's to come:

6:15 P.M.-6:30 P.M. (or 6:45 P.M.): Red Carpet Event.
6:50 P.M.-8:30 P.M.: PvP/Hanging Out/Dancing.
8:30-Whenever: Dungeon Runs

Ok, so I'll explain what each of the parts mean on the schedule. The Red Carpet event is something I will be doing at the very beginning of the party. I'm going to set up a walkway at the party. First what will happen is this: everyone will port into a closed off section of the party. I will have certain wizards in a different section that leads directly to the Red Carpet. These wizards are Wizards that sign up to be on the Red Carpet. I will let 5 random wizards sign up to be featured on the carpet, and those 5 wizards will sign up to do that here.

So basically, if you want to be one of these wizards, comment below and I will put you in for a random drawing. I'm going to save other spots for known members of the community such as (if they desire to go) Kevin BattleBlood and TPC team (Fallon, Cassandra DragonHeart, and Ronan Dawn), The Ravenwood Radio Crew (Stephen SpiritCaller, Christina IceDreamer, Fallon (Already listed), and Ditto Wizard), Thomas LionBlood and Bailey SkyStaff, Paige MoonShade, Fallon DeathSlinger and Valdus SoulPyre, Fallon MoonGem, Alric RavenSinger, and possibly others! Again, the people featured on the Red Carpet will all depend on if they desire to go and if they don't mind being featured. If you were not listed above and are interested in being on the Red Carpet, please comment by May 31st and I will see to it that you are entered.

I'm going to see if I can Livestream the Red Carpet Event. I've been having some bad experiences with Livestream recently, so we'll see how this goes :).

Also, before I move on, please RSVP to the party in the comments below. I'd like to get a general number of the people attending. Ok, so next we have the actual party. This will probably continue to 8:30 P.M. or 9:00 P.M, whichever is fine. Maybe we can have some PvP commentating by Kevin BattleBlood and The Perfect Catch gang? Would be an awesome time! So yeah, that part is pretty self explanatory.

The last part I thought would be an interesting twist. Do you have a dungeon you've been itching to farm? Well hopefully this party will serve of use to you! If you so desire, I'd like to get everyone (who wishes to participate) to go out and farm a dungeon. So make sure you have a planned group or a planned dungeon that you want to make a run through! If you don't feel for this part of the party, you're welcome to stay and PvP or play games or something of the sort.

Again, you should be commenting if:

1. You're attending
2. If you're interested in entering the Red Carpet Feature
3. If you have any questions.

I understand this is very confusing, so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Thanks again and I really hope to see you there! I have a TON of decorating to do! :D


P.S: Remember, all those times up there are Central Standard Time!

P.P.S: For those who are being featured, I'll need you to arrive roughly ten minutes before the party starts!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Curve-ball, Huh?

Hey Gang,

So this is more of a response/review of a fellow bloggers recent post, Isaac MisthHeart from That Pyromancer. No, I'm actually not complain about someone this time; this post was a great post by him and I think everyone should check it out! Go check it out here.

Anyway, so if you're too lazy to check out the post yourself or if you can't access it or even if you just don't like links, I'll give you a very basic summary of the post. But seriously, if you want the most out of this post and even Isaac's post, go check it out. So basically Isaac talks about his guesses about release dates and possible characters, and he even goes on to also say that this is obviously NOT Krokotopia. THANK ... YOU! At least there are some people who finally agree. Yes, BriskBreeze said that there was going to be another tower, and that it's next location is going to be in Krokotopia, we got that much. But look at this; we have a level 50 tower and a level 6o dungeon. Why in the world would they not wait for level 70 and make it more challenging; give the bosses more potential. You can also look at the architecture and geography. While Alric corrected me about deserts being barren (it was a general statement :P), they aren't as lush (I guess you could say) as Oasises. That being said, Saudi Arabia has is more of an Oasis/ lush area than Egypt. The only really green areas you'll find in Egypt are along the Nile and at the few oasises that they have.

So, we can safely assume that this is not an expansion of Krokotopia. The only way I could see this being an expansion is by them making a Saudi Arabian area of Krokotopia, which I don't see happening. It would cause a ton of tension between cultures. Anywho, but one thing Isaac suspects from KingsIsle is that they will throw us a "curve-ball" so to speak; they'll add something in that we've never seen up to this point of the game. So thinking of the Mastery Amulets and this post made me connect some points; what if we saw bosses that were two schools?

Confused? Stay with me; when you look at a boss, you see their name, correct? Now, when you look under their name, you see their school, right? Well, what if a boss was Fire and Myth? This would make it resistant to both the school of Fire and the school of Myth, however you could boost on them using Storm, Death, or Ice spells. This could lead to a bunch of different cheating bosses and interesting strategies. What do you think?

I have to get going, but before I leave, I figured I'd share some personal news with you guys. Not much to report on today; ran the Waterworks three times last night! The first was with the Twizard Panglou, Fallon from TPC and RR, and Angel WinterBreeze. We had some fun, and I got nothing but a Firestarter's Hood (which I already have) and 2 Mega Snacks. The second run was with all the same people except with Cassandra GriffinDreamer replacing Panglou. During that run, I got my Firestarter boots! :D woot! The last run was just me and Fallon, but we both used two accounts, and while Luke didn't get any gear, Valdus got his hat and his boots! Score! I'm looking forward to run it more; being with such talented wizards definitely put some new strategies in my brain. I also found out that Valdus's Ice Wyvern LOVES to Spritely, and honestly, I have no problem with that xD. I'm really hoping for Spritely on more of my Level 58 pets.

Gotta go now! Going out to lunch! Hope everyone is well!


P.S: It's almost the weekened and almost summer vacation; be happy! :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm Closer To Death! Yay! Let's Have Some Cake!

Hey Gang,

So today, as many of you know, was my birthday. Yay. Haha! Sorry for the unenthusiastic attitude, but I just don't like my birthday. First, there are a lot of great people that share this day with me, except through Death and not Life. For example, the first African American football player died on May 18th (forget the exact year). I do share this day of celebrating Life, however, with the old Pope; Pope John Paul II. But he's dead now xD.

Anyway, I'm actually having a pretty decent birthday this year. Last night I got $40 (which I used to buy 30,00 Crowns xD) and a $20 CVS Giftcard (10,000 crowns). With that, I got 4 Mega Snack Packs and a Life Mastery Amulet. I really like the Life Mastery Amulet, because it makes things easier to solo and such, and even adds for good team play. Today I got some really interesting stuff. From my sister I got a $25 Borders gift card (nerds for the win!) and a picture frame with a picture of us before her prom, so I really liked that.

Then my mom's gift was unbelievable. She gave me this pendant with Jesus's face on it. But this wasn't just any necklace. My grandfather owned this necklace 50 years ago when he lived in Italy. He brought it to America and when my mom was around my age, he gave it to her as a family heirloom. Now, for my 16th birthday, my mom had it dipped in gold and she gave it to me to pass on to my children when they're 16 (trust me, that's a long way off).

So I bet many of you are wondering why exactly don't I like my birthday. Heck, it seems like I get a lot of awesome stuff, right? Well, the whole, "another year older" just makes me feel like I'm getting closer to death. In another 16 years, I'll be 32. And in 32 years? 64! Ah! I'm getting so old! And college and driving seems REALLY scary!

But yeah, I had a pretty ok birthday. You can never go too bad when you start a day off with receiving a family heirloom and a nice hot cup of coffee. I also had state Bio tests today -,-. Of course it had to be on my birthday. The rest of the day was pretty boring, but the crowns was fun. I trained a lot of pets. I got my Phoenix (Isabella) to Ancient, and he now gives Fire Resist +7% (Fire-Proof), 3% Power Pips (Pip O' Plenty), and 87 Health (Health Gift). My Forest Lord (Taz) is still at ancient, but I trained him a bit too. My Kraken (Maximus) reached Adult, and he now gives +2% Power Pips (Pip O' Plenty) and may cast a Storm Trap (Storm Trap). My Ice Wyvern (Lord Zeus) gives Spritely and may cast an Ice Blade (Ice-Blade). Lastly, my Judgement (Sandy; don't lie, you know it's the best name for a Judgement) got +2% Power Pips (Pip O' Plenty) and a vengeance card (Vengeance).

So now all the level 58 pets I currently have are at least at adult level. Those Mega Snack Pack I bought today helped a lot! I wouldnt have been able to get that much progress done without them. I also may buy a Tawny Ram; I'm not sure yet, because I already have a ton of mounts.

I also have been doing a lot of farming today! I'll be running the Waterworks twice and Nastrond as many times as I can. I'm gonna see if I could solo it with Luke and Valdus, and maybe even Diana and Valdus every few times since Health does become an issue. I really wanna try farming for the Mastery Amulets and the Lifeforce Blade!

Anyway, that's all for today! Hope you all are enjoying your May 18th!


Monday, May 16, 2011

That's A Wrap, Folks!

Hey Gang,

So I have a TON of personal news to go over! Ready? Here we go:

I got about four characters through WinterTusk. These characters are Luke GoldHorn (my main, obviously), Diana GoldHorn, Patrick FrostHorn, and Valdus GoldHorn. Luke worked with Cassandra GriffinDreamer just like in the Test Realm, and sure enough he had his Phoenix Egg in his backpack in no time! It hatched, and I trained it to teen, and she (her name is Isabella, just like the random name my Phoenix was assigned in the Test Realm; I had no better ideas, so I went for it) got Fire-Proof which gives Fire Resistance. How do I feel about that? /shrug ... eh. I guess you could say I don't; I mean, it's not my favorite talent that I've gotten before, but whatever, right?

And look at this cute little guy! :)

Haha! You can see that I named him Taz after Taz the Tasmanian Devil (sorry for bad spelling; don't have spell check on school computers).

He already was used for hatching, too! I mixed him with Alric's Judgement pet, and I got the Crop Watcher, as I had said in the last post. Also, as I said in the last post, I believe that if you mix your level 58 pet with the Judgement pet, you'll get the build of your opposite school but it will have the colors of your school. For example, if you mix a Scarecrow with the Judgement pet, my theory is that you will get the Death Forest Lord. See how it works? I know, very confusing, but that's the way it rolls. No, this is not a glitch; many people, seeing this in the Test Realm, thought it was as such (including me) and reported it, but it turns out that this is supposed to happen.

By the way, for some reason, my font wont be in any other formation other than centered, so ... the font will be centered for this post from here. Anyway, back on topic; I've been working on training my Forest Lord as well! In fact, it is my Level 58 pet that has been leveled the farthest thus far! It only has 20 exp left until it reaches ancient (which for me is two minigames), and I'm really hoping it gets something awesome like Spritely. I'm not exactly sure if I want my Forest Lord to have spritely yet, because when the pet uses Spirtely, it would take my Guiding Lights. But currently it gives Health Gift (which I am happy with; it gives about 89 health at the moment) and Pip O' Plenty (Very happy with this; I really liked having over 100% Power Pips; currently it gives around 3%).

I've also being doing some Waterworks Runs. I had my first run on Diana with Alric and Sorcress Miklai on Saturday morning. I had some fun, and only left with 2 Mega Snacks and no Level 60 Gear. On Saturday evening, Luke ran a run with Cassandra GriffinDreamer. Before I entered the dungeon, I actually met a reader of my blog! I forget his full name, but I believe his first was Jason, so I just wanted to say thanks to him for recognizing me. He walked away with 2 Mega Snacks and his Legendary Hat. The hat, in my opinion, is really ugly. So I had that stitched, and I'm running low on Crowns. After buying henchmen here and there, a Mega Snack Pack to train my Forest Lord, and stitching some clothing, I only have around 700 Crowns. I really need to buy some more.

Anyway, what else is there to talk about? Oh, right, Valdus and Patrick! Well, when I started WinterTusk, Patrick was about 2 bars away from 51. At the end, with no side quests, he was Level 56! Now he's questing through Celestia with Valdus at his side. He reached level 58 in Stormriven late last night and got both his Ra spell and the Judgement pet!

Awesomeness! I remember this quest back from the Test Realm (ah, such an exciting time, that was). This time when I did it in the Live Realm though, it was a bit glitched. When Ra appeared to Patrick, the Frost Giant noise was playing in the backround. I didn't really care though; wasnt that important. Also, after reading through the quest to get Judgement, it kinda makes sense why you get that whole wild card affect from it when mixing. It's restoring Balance in a way, and you'll see that in the quest to get it that Judgement serves to Balance. Wow ... that sounds very philosophical.

Anyway, that's about it. Yesterday, after I only got four hours of sleep, I had to go to school and leave Patrick to finish Stormriven, and, who knows, maybe even make it to the Crustacean Empire by the end of tonight. I'm looking forward to having my final wzard through Celestia and to get back to questing through WinterTusk on Mycin and Noah and even Jotun and RavenScar on Gilroy.

Have a good day! See you in class!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Wonders of a New World ... No, Not WinterTusk

Hey Gang,

Again, I'm sorry it's been a while. I've been so busy in game and IRL, that I'm just not finding time to post anymore. I promise I'll try a bit harder. Anyway, let's get started:

I'm only gonna talk about my personal news for a bit, because I have an opinion I'd like to share about a new "sneak peek". Gilroy has reached Jotun, but until I finish WinterTusk on all my characters, he sadly wont be going anywhere. Diana was my first character to finish GrizzleHiem! She gladly accepted her awesome Forest Lord pet, Taz! :)

Haha, I lost connection when I took the photo. But yes, that is Taz, and I LOVE his disco dance that he does! I also mixed him with Alric RavenSinger's Judgement pet, and Diana got quite an odd combination:

I think it's the Life Scarecrow, but it says Jade Egg, so that usually means it will have a Life body with Death colors. Very interesting...

I'm starting to think that it's impossible to get a Judgement Hybrid. While you can get an Astral Judgement (Life Judgement), you can't get a Judgement Forest Lord. Ir, it may not even be as wild as it seems; in the Test Realm, when I mixed my Phoenix with Paige MoonShade's Judgement, I got a Fire Wyvern. Do you see the pattern? It seems you get the build of your opposite school, however, it has your school colors. I find this very interesting and quite awesome.

Anyway, basically everything else is hectic. Luke and Cassandra GriffinDreamer are slowly going through WinterTusk, just finishing Austirlund. Patrick and Valdus who are working together got to the end of Austrilund and are going straight through the final parts. Other than that, nothing much has happened.

So let's get to the real backbone behind this post: the new "sneak peek". Check out this new video from KingsIsle:

See that one part when the guy says, "New mounts!"?

Here's a screenshot just in case you didn't:

Now there are a TON of theorycrafters thinking about this. The most popular thought seems to be that this is an expansion of Krokotopia. Please, listen to me, because when I say it, it doesn't seem like anyone hears me:





While it's easy to confuse the two cultures, there are a few facts that point out that this is an entirely different culture, while the two are adjacent to each other when looking at Geography. First, the flying carpet. Flying carpets are not from Egypt. Flying carpets were believed to be the mounts of Arabian Wizards. Second would be the architecture. This area by no means has any resemblance to Egyptian architecture. Completely and unmistakably Arabian. Lastly is the landscape. While Egyptian and Arabian landscapes look similar, they are different. Arabian geography usually has more trees and oasises. Egypt is more barren.

That being said, I think it's evident that this will be a new world. For KingsIsle to mix two cultures, many who are from this culture would consider it highly offensive and rude. I'm really excited to see what's going to come of it. If that is a future house, I SO WANT IT!!

I'll see you guys later!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Birthday Spoils

Hey Gang,

So I've been up to a lot lately! I'm so sorry I haven't posted for almost a week! I know, I know; I'm not one to say sorry for not posting, but it's been almost a week! But it's true; I've been so busy lately! I have AP Gov finals coming up on Tuesday and my state Biology Test coming up on the 17th and 18th. On Friday, I went to an Usher concert! It was awesome! He really put on a great show, and I loved his tribute to Michael Jackson. Saturday I went to Six Flags and rode the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world TWO TIMES IN A ROW!!! It was so epic! I've got some funny pictures of me screaming on some rad roller coasters :). I also went to see Thor, which, by the way, was an amazing movie! Really good job to the cast; I enjoyed it! Today I spent the day with my mom and made her feel amazing special like she really is :). I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day, and Happy Mother's Day to all the Wizzy-Moms out there!

With some fun things, some bad things happened too. When I went to Six Flags, I got a Season Pass, but I lost it! D: It was horrible! So now I have to see if they found it and if not I have to pay for a new one (only costs like $20 for a replacement). Also, I lost something very near and dear to me. When I went to see Thor, I took my awesome watch off and put it on my lap because it started bothering my wrist. I forgot I took it off, so I dropped it and left it there. When I came back today to retrieve it, it turns out someone stole it because it wasn't where I was sitting. It's hard to part with it, because I got it as a Graduation/Confirmation present and it was a really nice watch. It's really tough, but I can't do anything about it, so I'm trying to deal with it.

Anyway, let's get into some Wizard101 news! The Test Realm was reset back on Friday, and I haven't been daring enough to try it again. I decided that I'd wait until it came to the Live Realm. I've also been working on getting all my brothers, sisters, and cousins out of GrizzleHiem! Diana, Mycin, Patrick, Noah, and Valdus are all out, and Gilroy's left being the Lame Duck! I'm hoping to have him through by the time WinterTusk comes out!

Speaking of WinterTusk, do you have enough Crowns to buy it (If you're a Crowns player)? At my family's Mother's Day party, my aunt and uncle gave me a $50 Visa giftcard as an early birthday present! So I got 30,000 Crowns, which gave me a surplus amount of Crowns! I bought myself a Swift Shark mount (Finally, right?!), and I also bought a friend that's new to the game a Starlight Pony. That left me with around 22,000 Crowns; just enough to buy WinterTusk on both of my accounts! I'm also gonna get another 13,000 Crowns sometime this week, so I'm getting really lucky with all these Crowns I'm getting!

I'm sorry this post was kinda news-dry, but there's not much going on right not in the Spiral with the exception of the excitement of WinterTusk. I also just want to say thank you for all the moms who play Wizard101. You help make this community a great place by coaching us in the right directions of being polite and having fun at the same time. I'm thankful for every mom, mine or not. Thanks for coaching all of us, and to those that do not have moms, I'm sure she's watching over you, especially on this day. :)


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

From the Ashes a New Life is Born!

Hey Gang,

So today I "renew" may vows, so to speak. That's right, today is my first blogaversary! No, the header doesn't mean I'm leaving on this day. It means that a new me is here. Over my past year blogging, I've become an entirely new person, ITS and IRL.

Now, theoretically it isn't my REAL Wizaversary. I don't know when exactly my real one is, because I started it on Central. I'm pretty sure it was somewhere around February, but I use this date to celebrate. And I must say, it's been a heck of a year!

Please don't go into the archives and read my old posts! They're so bad! xD

Short post! Just felt like I should post in honor of my Blogaversary! (Nothing to talk about -,-)


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blogaversary and New Secondary Schools?

Hey Gang,

I feel like the last post didn't really get into about how sorry I was for that Debbie Downer post. I'm not going to erase it, because even though I'm sorry and I want to start a new chapter, I believe that people should still be able to see my mess ups and mistakes. To me, it seems wrong to erase my mistakes and to try to make my blog look perfect without tarnish. So I'm sorry to everyone I offended, and like I said, I don't even really feel that way about half the things I said. I don't believe you should curse in Wizard101, and I don't hate people that are against it. I don't mind very protective wizards. They're all good and I said it out of anger. So I hope everyone forgives me. :)

So last night's event went ok. We had about 10 listeners in the chatroom, so everyone but one person went home with a prize. The Grand Prize, a Lava Spider, was won by Elite Wizard, otherwise known as Jasmine Smith. The three Second Prize Winners, who were Arlen DawnEyes, Elijah LightThief, ans Thomas DeathGem received one Hand of Doom Pack each. And the winners of the two codes from KI Free Games were Sorceress Miklai and Edward LifeGem. So congrats to them. I was really looking for a broader audience since I spammed the event everywhere saying that there were going to be prizes xD. I guess I didn't give enough time notice, so the next event I'll hold will be announced well in advanced. We're looking for a TON of people to come out for it! ^_^

My Blogaversary is coming up in two days too! Well, theoretically, I've been blogging for more than a year, because I used to have a blog on Central. On May 3rd, it will have been a year since I moved from Central to Blogspot :) I'm so excited! Maybe I'll have a contest or something; we'll just have to wait and see!

Anyway, onto in-game news, I haven't been up to much outside of GrizzleHiem. In three days, I've gotten three of my Wizards out of GrizzleHiem and eagerly waiting to enter WinterTusk. Valdus, Noah, and Patrick have all completed GrizzleHiem (along with Luke, of course :D), so I'm excited to get through WinterTusk on them! Mycin is currently in the middle of RavenScar (he should be finished GrizzleHiem by the end of the night), Diana is in the middle of Vigrid Roughland, and Gilroy is in the middle of Savarstaad Pass. I noticed that GrizzleHiem really isn't that long of a world to go through (with the exception of RavenScar; gosh that place is a pain).

Now that in-game news is out of the way, I wanted to drop some Science on you guys! Well ... I guess it's not really Science ... I guess it would be more Theoretical Science; aka theory-crafting in W101 :D.

So how many of you guys are Avatar: The Last Airbender fans?


Like, serious fans?


Ok! Well, I was thinking; you know who there's Waterbending, Earthbending, Firebending, and Airbending? Well, as Icywiz stated many times before me, our schools of magic act very similar to this form of classing people. Now, you know how there's Sandbending and Lightningbending(?)? I'm not sure if that's what the art is called, but it's when they bend sand and lightning and that type of stuff. It was kinda like how the certain schools met each other. For example, a mix between Airbending and Earthbending would be Sandbending (I don't remember if that's correct, but it went something like that). Well, what if our schools mixed into new Secondary Schools?

But what would these schools be, Luke?

Well, let's take Ice and Fire; mix them together, and what do we get? Water. Now, some people might say, "But Storm's water!" This isn't true. Sure, they may have some spells that live in water, but Storm focuses more on electricity and storms. Notice that, while the Kraken and the Triton live in the water, they use the power of electricity to damage their opponents. Some I'm saying this; new school: Water! This school could be a utility school focusing on making battles more fluid; maybe even an attack spell here or there? An example of a Water Spell would be a reflective shield, which actually is a great history reference. Back in the old days when mirrors weren't that good, many civilizations had a mirror pool where you could see your reflection from the water. This spell is obviously not my original idea, as I got the spell from Friendly. This spell would reflect the same amount of damage that was dealt on you to your enemy. So, for example, if I was using Insane Bolt, it wouldn't matter if I hit myself, because the reflective shield would bounce it back to my enemy! How awesome is that?

Well, toss us some more of your ideas!

Ok! Well ... How about Storm and Life? What do you get when a Storm hits a forest? Not only do you get destruction, but you also get new life after the storm as well. Therefore, why don't these spells focus on effects that hurt the opponent first and heal the allies later? Sound impossible? How about reasonable? I like to call this the Climate School.

Here's another; Death and Myth. Myth only has one ultimate enemy; death. How is this so? Well, a Myth serves multiple purposes; mainly to explain events and to entertain those that hear them. If a Myth is no longer told or it is disproved, it "in theory" dies. So why don't we make spells from this school take damage away from previous turns. Spells could start out like, "Take away damage of opponent's last attack," and eventually go up to "Take away opponent's spell effect from team from last 3 rounds." That would be an amazingly powerful spell to weild! This could be called the History School.

I don't know; they're just ideas, and they could obviously use improvement. Tell me what you think! What mixes of schools would you like to see, and what spells would they use/be like?

Ok, back to GrizzleHiem! I'll see you soon!