Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm Closer To Death! Yay! Let's Have Some Cake!

Hey Gang,

So today, as many of you know, was my birthday. Yay. Haha! Sorry for the unenthusiastic attitude, but I just don't like my birthday. First, there are a lot of great people that share this day with me, except through Death and not Life. For example, the first African American football player died on May 18th (forget the exact year). I do share this day of celebrating Life, however, with the old Pope; Pope John Paul II. But he's dead now xD.

Anyway, I'm actually having a pretty decent birthday this year. Last night I got $40 (which I used to buy 30,00 Crowns xD) and a $20 CVS Giftcard (10,000 crowns). With that, I got 4 Mega Snack Packs and a Life Mastery Amulet. I really like the Life Mastery Amulet, because it makes things easier to solo and such, and even adds for good team play. Today I got some really interesting stuff. From my sister I got a $25 Borders gift card (nerds for the win!) and a picture frame with a picture of us before her prom, so I really liked that.

Then my mom's gift was unbelievable. She gave me this pendant with Jesus's face on it. But this wasn't just any necklace. My grandfather owned this necklace 50 years ago when he lived in Italy. He brought it to America and when my mom was around my age, he gave it to her as a family heirloom. Now, for my 16th birthday, my mom had it dipped in gold and she gave it to me to pass on to my children when they're 16 (trust me, that's a long way off).

So I bet many of you are wondering why exactly don't I like my birthday. Heck, it seems like I get a lot of awesome stuff, right? Well, the whole, "another year older" just makes me feel like I'm getting closer to death. In another 16 years, I'll be 32. And in 32 years? 64! Ah! I'm getting so old! And college and driving seems REALLY scary!

But yeah, I had a pretty ok birthday. You can never go too bad when you start a day off with receiving a family heirloom and a nice hot cup of coffee. I also had state Bio tests today -,-. Of course it had to be on my birthday. The rest of the day was pretty boring, but the crowns was fun. I trained a lot of pets. I got my Phoenix (Isabella) to Ancient, and he now gives Fire Resist +7% (Fire-Proof), 3% Power Pips (Pip O' Plenty), and 87 Health (Health Gift). My Forest Lord (Taz) is still at ancient, but I trained him a bit too. My Kraken (Maximus) reached Adult, and he now gives +2% Power Pips (Pip O' Plenty) and may cast a Storm Trap (Storm Trap). My Ice Wyvern (Lord Zeus) gives Spritely and may cast an Ice Blade (Ice-Blade). Lastly, my Judgement (Sandy; don't lie, you know it's the best name for a Judgement) got +2% Power Pips (Pip O' Plenty) and a vengeance card (Vengeance).

So now all the level 58 pets I currently have are at least at adult level. Those Mega Snack Pack I bought today helped a lot! I wouldnt have been able to get that much progress done without them. I also may buy a Tawny Ram; I'm not sure yet, because I already have a ton of mounts.

I also have been doing a lot of farming today! I'll be running the Waterworks twice and Nastrond as many times as I can. I'm gonna see if I could solo it with Luke and Valdus, and maybe even Diana and Valdus every few times since Health does become an issue. I really wanna try farming for the Mastery Amulets and the Lifeforce Blade!

Anyway, that's all for today! Hope you all are enjoying your May 18th!


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  1. Happy belated birthday. I know how you feel about not being enthused. I don't think I've celebrated my birthday much since my 13th lol. I became a "teen" and went all, meh about it from then on. Ha. Haven't had a party since. But, it's still something to be recognized, since it's proven to be another year of life. When looking back, I'm happy to know that I've done and seen all that I have. No regrets. Lots of love. Of course, there were and still are hard times, but the good in my opinion out weighs the bad.