Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blogaversary and New Secondary Schools?

Hey Gang,

I feel like the last post didn't really get into about how sorry I was for that Debbie Downer post. I'm not going to erase it, because even though I'm sorry and I want to start a new chapter, I believe that people should still be able to see my mess ups and mistakes. To me, it seems wrong to erase my mistakes and to try to make my blog look perfect without tarnish. So I'm sorry to everyone I offended, and like I said, I don't even really feel that way about half the things I said. I don't believe you should curse in Wizard101, and I don't hate people that are against it. I don't mind very protective wizards. They're all good and I said it out of anger. So I hope everyone forgives me. :)

So last night's event went ok. We had about 10 listeners in the chatroom, so everyone but one person went home with a prize. The Grand Prize, a Lava Spider, was won by Elite Wizard, otherwise known as Jasmine Smith. The three Second Prize Winners, who were Arlen DawnEyes, Elijah LightThief, ans Thomas DeathGem received one Hand of Doom Pack each. And the winners of the two codes from KI Free Games were Sorceress Miklai and Edward LifeGem. So congrats to them. I was really looking for a broader audience since I spammed the event everywhere saying that there were going to be prizes xD. I guess I didn't give enough time notice, so the next event I'll hold will be announced well in advanced. We're looking for a TON of people to come out for it! ^_^

My Blogaversary is coming up in two days too! Well, theoretically, I've been blogging for more than a year, because I used to have a blog on Central. On May 3rd, it will have been a year since I moved from Central to Blogspot :) I'm so excited! Maybe I'll have a contest or something; we'll just have to wait and see!

Anyway, onto in-game news, I haven't been up to much outside of GrizzleHiem. In three days, I've gotten three of my Wizards out of GrizzleHiem and eagerly waiting to enter WinterTusk. Valdus, Noah, and Patrick have all completed GrizzleHiem (along with Luke, of course :D), so I'm excited to get through WinterTusk on them! Mycin is currently in the middle of RavenScar (he should be finished GrizzleHiem by the end of the night), Diana is in the middle of Vigrid Roughland, and Gilroy is in the middle of Savarstaad Pass. I noticed that GrizzleHiem really isn't that long of a world to go through (with the exception of RavenScar; gosh that place is a pain).

Now that in-game news is out of the way, I wanted to drop some Science on you guys! Well ... I guess it's not really Science ... I guess it would be more Theoretical Science; aka theory-crafting in W101 :D.

So how many of you guys are Avatar: The Last Airbender fans?


Like, serious fans?


Ok! Well, I was thinking; you know who there's Waterbending, Earthbending, Firebending, and Airbending? Well, as Icywiz stated many times before me, our schools of magic act very similar to this form of classing people. Now, you know how there's Sandbending and Lightningbending(?)? I'm not sure if that's what the art is called, but it's when they bend sand and lightning and that type of stuff. It was kinda like how the certain schools met each other. For example, a mix between Airbending and Earthbending would be Sandbending (I don't remember if that's correct, but it went something like that). Well, what if our schools mixed into new Secondary Schools?

But what would these schools be, Luke?

Well, let's take Ice and Fire; mix them together, and what do we get? Water. Now, some people might say, "But Storm's water!" This isn't true. Sure, they may have some spells that live in water, but Storm focuses more on electricity and storms. Notice that, while the Kraken and the Triton live in the water, they use the power of electricity to damage their opponents. Some I'm saying this; new school: Water! This school could be a utility school focusing on making battles more fluid; maybe even an attack spell here or there? An example of a Water Spell would be a reflective shield, which actually is a great history reference. Back in the old days when mirrors weren't that good, many civilizations had a mirror pool where you could see your reflection from the water. This spell is obviously not my original idea, as I got the spell from Friendly. This spell would reflect the same amount of damage that was dealt on you to your enemy. So, for example, if I was using Insane Bolt, it wouldn't matter if I hit myself, because the reflective shield would bounce it back to my enemy! How awesome is that?

Well, toss us some more of your ideas!

Ok! Well ... How about Storm and Life? What do you get when a Storm hits a forest? Not only do you get destruction, but you also get new life after the storm as well. Therefore, why don't these spells focus on effects that hurt the opponent first and heal the allies later? Sound impossible? How about reasonable? I like to call this the Climate School.

Here's another; Death and Myth. Myth only has one ultimate enemy; death. How is this so? Well, a Myth serves multiple purposes; mainly to explain events and to entertain those that hear them. If a Myth is no longer told or it is disproved, it "in theory" dies. So why don't we make spells from this school take damage away from previous turns. Spells could start out like, "Take away damage of opponent's last attack," and eventually go up to "Take away opponent's spell effect from team from last 3 rounds." That would be an amazingly powerful spell to weild! This could be called the History School.

I don't know; they're just ideas, and they could obviously use improvement. Tell me what you think! What mixes of schools would you like to see, and what spells would they use/be like?

Ok, back to GrizzleHiem! I'll see you soon!



  1. With out trying to elaborate, mainly because I have a head ache, and staring at the screen is starting to aggravate it, especially the white in this here comment box, I will just say LOVE IT. :D

  2. I like the idea of a new schools maybe not some of the ones you said. For water lets start there we could make that part of the story line and maybe have the Frost Titan and Dragon Titan clash together creating the water school.