Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Wonders of a New World ... No, Not WinterTusk

Hey Gang,

Again, I'm sorry it's been a while. I've been so busy in game and IRL, that I'm just not finding time to post anymore. I promise I'll try a bit harder. Anyway, let's get started:

I'm only gonna talk about my personal news for a bit, because I have an opinion I'd like to share about a new "sneak peek". Gilroy has reached Jotun, but until I finish WinterTusk on all my characters, he sadly wont be going anywhere. Diana was my first character to finish GrizzleHiem! She gladly accepted her awesome Forest Lord pet, Taz! :)

Haha, I lost connection when I took the photo. But yes, that is Taz, and I LOVE his disco dance that he does! I also mixed him with Alric RavenSinger's Judgement pet, and Diana got quite an odd combination:

I think it's the Life Scarecrow, but it says Jade Egg, so that usually means it will have a Life body with Death colors. Very interesting...

I'm starting to think that it's impossible to get a Judgement Hybrid. While you can get an Astral Judgement (Life Judgement), you can't get a Judgement Forest Lord. Ir, it may not even be as wild as it seems; in the Test Realm, when I mixed my Phoenix with Paige MoonShade's Judgement, I got a Fire Wyvern. Do you see the pattern? It seems you get the build of your opposite school, however, it has your school colors. I find this very interesting and quite awesome.

Anyway, basically everything else is hectic. Luke and Cassandra GriffinDreamer are slowly going through WinterTusk, just finishing Austirlund. Patrick and Valdus who are working together got to the end of Austrilund and are going straight through the final parts. Other than that, nothing much has happened.

So let's get to the real backbone behind this post: the new "sneak peek". Check out this new video from KingsIsle:

See that one part when the guy says, "New mounts!"?

Here's a screenshot just in case you didn't:

Now there are a TON of theorycrafters thinking about this. The most popular thought seems to be that this is an expansion of Krokotopia. Please, listen to me, because when I say it, it doesn't seem like anyone hears me:





While it's easy to confuse the two cultures, there are a few facts that point out that this is an entirely different culture, while the two are adjacent to each other when looking at Geography. First, the flying carpet. Flying carpets are not from Egypt. Flying carpets were believed to be the mounts of Arabian Wizards. Second would be the architecture. This area by no means has any resemblance to Egyptian architecture. Completely and unmistakably Arabian. Lastly is the landscape. While Egyptian and Arabian landscapes look similar, they are different. Arabian geography usually has more trees and oasises. Egypt is more barren.

That being said, I think it's evident that this will be a new world. For KingsIsle to mix two cultures, many who are from this culture would consider it highly offensive and rude. I'm really excited to see what's going to come of it. If that is a future house, I SO WANT IT!!

I'll see you guys later!



  1. If it is a house, Massive Fantasy Palaces will be forgotten ;)

  2. I wouln't be surpirsed to find that along with this new Arabian theme, Ki makes a camel mount. Another thing is, that it might mean (if this is a world) we might be seeing Efreet bosses in the future.

  3. That looked kinda like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Not sure why....anyways Arabian theme is awesome! As long as they don't make Israel-esque people the bad guys...then I would stop playing.


  4. I agree with Fin n Quinn because that would just be plain racist and rude.

    I hope that if this is a house it has the duel sigel because I am to lazy to craft the celestian observatory lol