Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gauntlet of MarleyBone Strategy

Hey Everyone,

So, I'm starting to get very angry with Wizard101 players and how they deal with the Spiral Geographic Society Warehouse, or as I call it (and as it is programed into the game), The Gauntlet of MarleyBone (or Gauntlet of Woe 2). Now I was not only very happy to you, but I was also kinda upset.

This one, as I've mentioned, makes Brisk Breeze look like Unicorn Way. Now people need to know how to do this tower! I've been seeing people make the wrong moves. Here is an example:

I was doing this for the 3rd time, and we were at the last part. We had the boss down to 70 health. This girl that was with us wanted to heal our Death friend, because he had died. SHE COULD HAVE KILLED THIS DUDE AND HAVE ENDED IT FOR THE THREE OF US! Even the Death guy was telling her to just kill him. But no, she wanted to heal. Ok fine, whatever. I'm into team work.

So the next round comes, and she has enough pips for a satyr. SHE USES IT ON HERSELF! Are you kidding me?! You said you wanted to use it on the Death guy! Make up your mind! Plus, the Death guy could heal us! But no, she uses it on herself. The boss uses a scarecrow, and I (Mycin, btw) die, so now there is only a Fire Wizard and a Storm Wizard. She wants to wait until she has enough pips for a treasure Rebirth, but the boss was taking them out, and he was healing. So we both (we being me and the Death dude) just were like, "Just kill him!". So she killed him.

So, what was the whole point of telling you my, "Woe is me!" story? I want to educate you n exactly how to PLAY the game with brains, not just throwing a card out and expecting to do damage. There are a lot of players out there that have made it through the game not knowing about the BEST way to do things, and I wanna help you out with that. So soon, I'll be making a guide to it (It will probably be by the end of the day you'll see why).

Oh, by the way, I'm going on another road trip to Myrtle Beach. I should be back and blogging by next Wednesday (well, I'm bringing my laptop, so I should be able to post there).

So, I'll get back to you with the guide, see yah!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hey Everyone

So, I'm pretty sure everyone has heard of the Test Realm opening sometime yesterday or the day before (I haven't been on the computer because my cousin has been over- which is also why I haven't been blogging). Let me give you the slimy, Jimmy:

Let's go over the small updates first (or at least the updates that weren't expected/ not about Celestia). One awesome new update was a NEW GrizzleHeim house called Dragon's Ridge (or something like that). However, this wasn't the house we were expecting.

This was the house everyone was expecting. Instead, we got this awesome house:

So, I'm not saying that I don't like this house, I mean trust me, it's awesome. But I'd also like a look at that biggER (yes, the ER is capitalized for a reason) house.

Now, let's talk Shadow Weavers. For those that don't know, The Shadow Weavers are an evil force of insects trying to keep Celestia in the shadows; and it's up to you to stop them. Here is some pics:

They're awesome! Greta, Great Job, KI!

Anyways, they also supposedly put in a pet shop at MarleyBone (That I haven't been able to find); they've lowered the cost to hatch pets (W00T!); they have added a "remove guest from house" button; KI has made the quests and enemies easier, as well as giving them more exp, and some other features I haven't really thought of off the top of my head. Check out this page for the whole list of updates.

Ok, so now the main update in the Test Realm: The Quest Chain that leads up to Celestia! THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE BEEN WAITING SINCE MARCH FOR! WOOOOOO! SQUEELS!

So, I started with Luke. At first this was super easy, and very, very interesting. But then I got to THE quest; The Gauntlet of MarleyBone. Before I start my rant on The Gauntlet 2, let me tell you about this storyline:

So, Pr. Balestrom tells you of a device he has made to receive messages from worlds throughout the Spiral. You activate it (knowing that you're going to get a message), and you get a Celestian message. Now, you COULD start taking out your pen and paper and start writing down this message to decode it, but I didn't do that. Here is the message if you want it:

So anyway, BaleStrom says to talk to Zan'ne in the Oasis to see if he has anything on this language (we know it's Celestian, but technically we don't in this part of the quest). He tells you to see if Alhazred has anything that can decode it. Alhazred says that he would use the Stone of Mazzarath, but it was stolen. He gives you the first thief in the D'jeseret tomb, and this is your first encounter with Shadow Weavers! W00T!

So, you go back to Balestrom, and he tells you where the other stones are located (Village of Sorrow in Mooshu and the Crucible in DragonSpyre). You get those pieces, as well as figuring out that the Shadow Weavers have also forced people/ bargained with people to keep the stone. Once you put all the pieces together, you get this message:

You then go Back to the Professor, and he tells you about the Geographic Group of the Spiral. He tells you to talk with a dude who looks like Pr. Winthrop. After talking to him, he says that you have to check the warehouse to find the Spiral Key to Celestia. This Warehouse is also named the Gaunlet of MarleyBone. Any guesses why? I don't know, maybe it's just VERY similar to the GAUNLET OF WOE in Colossus Blvd (AKA Brisk Breeze Tower).

YEP! There's a mandatory Brisk Breeze if you want to get to Celestia! Now here is where my concerns come in; THIS IS WAY TOO HARD! Please, KingsIsle, fix this! There are four bosses, half of which cheat. The first boss is just brutle. All of his minions can use level 48 spells, and they only need 2 pips. That's right, you heard me, 2 PIPS! I was almost dead by the time his storm had cast storm lord 2 times in the same turn. Not to mention the life had used rebirth!

So yeah, there are some things they need to change. Check it out for yourself!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sorry About All The Changes...

Hey All,

So M.W.S Made a good point in a comment; I change it up TOO much.

Well, don't get me wrong, I like change; I think change is great. But I realized that if I changed it up too much, then everyone would get confused. xD

It doesn't seem like the flame backround was a big hit; and to be honest, it wasn't really a big hit with me either. So I changed it back to what it was :)

Anyways, I've also changed my Title a bit. It has a picture of my whole wizarding family! This is still when Noah was level 15, but it works, hehe. Now we can see everyone! There's Mycin StarGem (The guy in Purple and Yellow; this was also when he wasn't grand), Patrick FrostHorn (The guy in Tan and Orange), Gilroy SkullFlame (The guy in Black and White), and last but not least, Diana GoldHorn (The girl in Green/Purple/Tan).

Ok, I got to go, so I'll see you all later in the spiral,


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Poll/ Updates

Hey All,

So I really don't have much to ramble on about today, lol.

Well, the Poll results are in! I had a total of 8 votes (2 of which were mine lol xD) and it looks like Myth and Fire are tied with 3 votes! I might have to do a tie-breaker! o. O

Anyways, so I'm just going to update you on the life of Noah GoldHorn! :D



I know, I know, I need some new material! But I also need some questions! Maybe I should make a poll about changing my blog style, lol ... o_O

Anyways, so Noah is now level 31! I'm really anxious to get him to level 33 so he can learn Minotaur (which is a really awesome spell). I'm going to try to get some pics soon (Noah looks very strange lol xD)

Ok, so yeah that's pretty much it. As you can probably tell by now, I don't like to post on weekends cause I'm either busy or I just don't feel like it, lol. Ok, I'll see you all soon!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Celestia = MarleyBone Ocean?

Hey Everyone,

So I got back from Ohio on Wednesday, but I've been way too tired to blog. I had a lot of fun, and now I'm back. I'm headed on another roadtrip next Thursday to Myrtle Beach (yes, I know, it looks like I take too many road trips, but this is only like my 3rd or 4th one), so I might be a little slugish on blogging.

Before I get into this segment, I'd like to point out Gobbler Day. You can check it out here. It looks like it's going to be a lot of fun, so I encourage all to come! :)

Anyways, so I've been training Noah ever since I've gotten back. He is currently Level 29 and a half. I was really dissapointed that the level 28 spell for myth was stun one target. I mean, Ice gets that at level 2. I get it at 28? I think KI needs to change that up a bit.

Anyway, so today's segment comes from Noah's training. I was reading the book in Chelsea Court for the Book Quest, when I noticed something. The book was called Theories of MarleyBone, if anyone was curious. Anyway, it talks about how Wizard City, Krokotopia, Grizzleheim, and MarelyBone were all once connected. The Great War split them up.

Now I suggest the DragonSpyre and Mooshu were connected to Wizard City, therefore, the MarleyBonians never knew about them. Well then what of Celestia?

Ok, let's examine this evidence. So, we know DragonSpyre is the home of the Dragons (where the Dragon Titans- or now only Dragon Titan- resides), the Frost Giants had resided in Grizzleheim (as shown in Nidaveller), and the Tritons must have resided in Celestia. This must mean that they were probably on different sides of the world (or at least that's what I'm assuming).

So, where am I getting at here? Maybe Celestia was once MarelyBone's ocean, but had broken off? That could explain the "submarine" in the backround.

I'm going to try to make a map of the "Pangaea" Spiral. I'll see you guys in the Spiral,


Monday, June 21, 2010


Hey All,

So I'm in Ohio now, or as I like to call it, Oh-Hi-Oh. It feels a lot like where I live; small friendly town. I'm currently in the town of Kent. Sadly, I forgot my laptop, so I won't be able to check up with people as frequently. The lobby of the hotel has a computer, so I decided to take advantage of the oppurtuninty.

So I'm currently in Kent. The town is really nice. It seems very cozy to live in. We got here at around 6:00 last night, so we went out to eat, went to Target, came back to the hotel, I worked out, went in the pool, read a bit, then went to bed. This morning, I got up early, ran a mile, and ate brekfast. And here I am now!

Today we plan to go to Kent Univeristy, and I'll be back at the hotel at around 4:00. Tomorrow, We are going to this amusement parke called Cedar Point. Believe me when I say this place is AWESOME! You can check it out Here. they have some crazy coasters, and I just can't wait to go there!

Ok, hopefully I can blog tomorrow morning! I'll see you all soon!


Friday, June 18, 2010


Hey All,

So nothing particularly exciting happened between the course of today and yesterday. Mycin has been doing ok in PvP. He did this one 4v4 and he ROCKED! The match was a great match, and in the end, our team wound up getting 22 points! It was so much fun! After that, we kinda started to loose a lot because of chainers. I really hate them...

For those that don't know what chainers are, here is your definition of the day: Some who continuously Shields, Attacks, or Stuns, every the same turn every turn. It's more popular to chain stun, as well as chain attack. Let me explain how this works;

Ok, so I know, this isn't PvP. Well, I didn't take a screenshot last night because I didn't think I would talk about it. So anyway, chainers can only be in 3v3 or 4v4 (so if you do 1v1 or 2v2, you should be pretty safe, although watch out for those combos like Ice and Storm or Myth and Myth). Ok so, lets say the wizard in blue is your team, so three others are now next to you, and the draconians have another two players that are red.

Sorry, lol, bad at drawing stick figures, xD. Anyways, Lets say that the first two guys are Fire Wizards. The First one uses Choke.

Ok, so that stuns you guys for one round, however, it gives you a stun block. Then say the Fire wizard next to him uses the same exact spell. You're sheilds are now off. The other guys are usually Storm and Life; to heal and to attack. Keep in mind that these Fire wizards could also be myth, because myth has a spell exactly like this:

But wait! There's still some hope at the end of the tunnel. If they fizzle once, it sort of messes up the chain. If they fizzle TWICE, then your free for one turn. Hopefully it comes later rather than sooner for two reasons:

1. You will have more pips

2. You'll be able to use strong cars twice in a row (Such as Dragon, Storm Lord, Frost Giant, etc; This is especially helpful if you have an Ice and Storm on your team, as both can stun.).

However, a lot of these chainers get to Commander and Warlord relatively fast. So Mycin went to go investigate a bit. If they have all Commander Gear, what's the chance that they're gonna fizzle?

Oh, btw, do you like Mycin's new look?

*Hears crickets* Right, back on topic;

*Investigates, takes screen shots*

Here are the stats:

So, if you add that all together, you get +16% Accuracy. That means those spells become 96%. Ouch. Also, keep in mind if these people are wearing crown gear, their aim is sufficiently already increased.

Okay, that's all for today. I'll talk more about this either later today or early tomorrow. See ya guys!

Hoping that Your Fire Shine The Brightest,


Thursday, June 17, 2010

W00t! More Inspiration!

Hey All,

So, as you can see, I changed it up a bit. I really like this backround, so let me know what you think, 'k?

Also, I've reached over a thousand views! W00t! I'd like to thanks all my readers! You guys are just the darn best crowd! Thank y'all

So yeah, nothing much has been happening lately; Mycin has been helping a lot of people, and ESPECIALLY a lot of PvP. What can I say, Mycin is a PvP junkie, lol xD

Yeah, Noah is also getting up there. This morning he learned Humongofrog! I was really excited ... that is, until I had to start taking more showers, lol xD

Oh! I almost forgot! Does anyone have a microphone and a headset? I'm looking to do a recorded Argelston's Book Club Recording Segment for the blog! Here are the rules:

  • As I said, you have to have had a microphone and a headset.
  • If you are not over 18, your parent must know and confirm that you are allowed to do this (btw, I'm only 15 if that makes anyone feel better :) ).
  • Now we come to the exciting part: You do NOT have to have a new book every time we record. You just have to always be reading a book! For example: This summer I will be reading two books: The Life of Pi and The Scarlet Letter. Every time we record, I will just update my status on my reading.
  • You MUST keep up with Argelston's Book Club!
  • You MUST keep updated with book news

So if you feel that you'd like to do this, send me a Message and title it "Argelston's Book Club Recording". So that pretty much covers that ...

Oh yeah, how would you guys like a contest? My Ice friend, Wolf IceHunter, and I are thinking about holding a contest! I can't exactly reveal anything yet! o. O But I'm sure you guys will love it! Right now we are still trying to get KI to sponsor the contest, so I don't know how long it will take to start it off. However, when/if we get sponsored, I'll post a thread for it on Central.

So, that's about it. May all your Fire's be warm,


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Don't Belong...

Hey Everyone,

So, I really just realized something tonight. I'm a backround person. I am, and I always will be, so why should I even bother trying? I know, this isn't really what my blog is about, but I've just felt so ... lost. I don't understand; how this world works, how people see things; anything! I think I really just need someone :(

Anyway, yea I was at the After Party last night for Ravenwood Radio. I tried talking to most everyone there. The only people that answered were Stephen SpiritCaller (I love that guy! not in that way though, lol), Leesha DarkHeart, and Heather EmeraldFlame. It really made me realize that ... no one in the community wants to hear me, let alone even knows about me! It made me think and ask myself why I bother. Why do I bother to think about keeping this blog? Why do I bother trying to socialize with the Wizards above my Caliber?

It was then I realized something. I don't do this for me. I do it for you. The few, faithful listeners and readers that I truly had. And I really want to thank each and every one of you with all of my heart. So I've decided to stay ... at least for the summer. Next year, when school comes back around, I'm not so sure...

But yeah, anyway, I started thinking about how I'd never EVER be on RR. I started thinking about how few people cared for me. How I'd probably never be known. Well, I for one have had it, and I want to make a stand. I'm not too young! I AM good enough! And I really don't care who has two cents to say otherwise.

However, with this realization, i have also come to notice another thing; this blog isn't for just you readers anymore; It's for me too. This is how I can express my feelings to others! This is how I can be myself! And I thank you guys for that opportunity! I'll see you all tomorrow!



Hey Guys,

So I have been getting some comments asking me not to leave. It has really given me a second hope. Maybe things will work out. I gotta think this through. Here are my Pros and Cons:


I'll still get to do what I love to do.

I'll get to help people out.

I can try to be better


I'll never be able to make it big, for several reasons,

-I'm too young to do much.

-My rep has been ruined to one of the most famous and awesome wizards of the Spiral.

Okay, so I really don't know what to do. I'll post it by tomorrow (btw, last day of school! :) ). If you care enough, post a comment saying why you even like this blog, cause I'd like to see some people that do. If not, then forget these last few posts ever even existed and move on. See ya,


The Truth Hurts

Hey All,

So, I've decided to tell you the whole story behind this:

I had Christina IceDreamer's cell phone number (to talk to her on the go- and I deleted it so I don't have it anymore. Also I wouldn't give it to anyone, because that would be ... well ... disrespectful). Anyway, my sister texted her by stealing my cell phone asking, "Who are you?". When I saw that she'd done this, I sent something like, "Sorry, that was my sister. She's a pain in the butt, lol". So anyway, I, thinking everything was all good, am sitting here on the computer on W101, when I see Christina sign into Skype (Yes, that's how we do the interviews). So I messaged her saying something like, "Hey! Sorry about my sister, she's a pain in the butt, lol." and she started to tell me how it was weird for her, because she doesn't know if it was me asking who she REALLY is. So I got all upset, and she wanted my mom to email her telling her that she was okay with me contacting her. Of course, even though my mom knew and she was okay with it, she didn't. My sister told her that she was "Trying to protect me", when really, she was just trying to get me in trouble for talking to someone that doesn't even live in my state. So that made my mom a bit more cautious, saying that she doesn't know who she is or what she's like, so she's not sure if she's comfortable with me talking to her. So I deleted her from my contact list. Yep, that's the story. So I got so upset, that I decided to quit my blog, because besides Stephen SpiritCaller, she was all I had. Whatever. I gotta go, I'll try to post again.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bye Guys...

Hey Everyone,

So I'm quitting my blog. You can thank my sister. She sending my friends messages, and they think I'm asking for irl info. So now people think I'm some weird, creeper trying to get their info . Now people have trust problems with me. It's all ruined! I hate my family. So bye everyone. I know this is the worst goodbye in the world, but its all I got left in me. Bye,


Luke GoldHorn

**EDIT: I know I said goodbye and everything, but there is this really awesome girl who started a new blog today. You should really check it out, its very neat! Here it is. Please, if you're going to do one thing for me, follow her blog. Also, I will try to finish posting the Christina IceDreamer interview. I'd like to say thanks to everyone who has followed and encouraged me to continue, but I guess this is my time to resign...***

Monday, June 14, 2010

Good News, Good News, GOOD NEWS!!!

Hey All,

So I got the interview to work. Only Parts I and II (1 and 2) work, so please be patient for III, IV, and V (3, 4, and 5). I promise they'll be up by Saturday morning at latest, so please be patient and bare with me :).

Anyway, so I'd like to direct your attention HERE. Mecatz on Central is holding a contest for best decorated dorm room. Let me give you the slim:

People must design their houses to what they think Celestia will be like. They must, however, use these FIVE elements (and all five):

  • Anything that's on fire.
  • Anything blue (that does no count wallpaper or flooring)
  • Stray Piggle
  • Fish Bones
  • Some type of broken wood
So yeah, lol, its very interesting. The prizes are GREAT! I love these player-based contests. I'm going to see if I can get better prizes as well as a better contest instead of the one I had.

Oh, also, my party is CANCELED! It is getting moved until AFTER the Fourth of July. So don't listen to the poster, lol.

Ok, so that's pretty much it! I'll see y'all later,


Sunday, June 13, 2010

3 Down, 3 To Go...

Hey All,

So sorry about the interview. It's all messed up, but I'm trying really hard to find a solution, so please be patient...

Anyways, so Mycin StarGem, my Storm character is now Grandmaster! W00t! Finally!

You see, I didn't have any trouble leveling him, I just didn't feel like it, lol. Anyways, so yeah, I'm pretty darn happy. All he needs is his ring, and then he has full Grand gear (He has his Hat, Robe, Boots, Athame, and 60 Card Deck, but I don't count the 100 Damage Sword dropped by the hoarder as a grand item, because it's level 45).

So yeah, that's pretty much it...

Oh, KI has also reimbursed my crowns! :) You see, the weekend where the big glitch happened, I purchased several Mega-Snack Packs as well as Pet Energy potions to level up my Storm Cat. So not only did I get those snacks back, but I also got all those crowns I spent back, and I think actually double the amount! :D

Also, for those that experienced this loss in data, you recieved a Fire Bat! I know, it's not the best pet in the world (it gives one Ultra Rare Talent, and no Ultra Rare Derby Skills), but hey, it looks AWESOME!

Ok, so that's about it for now. I'll see you guys later!


P.S: School ends this week! :D Less School = More Posts!

P.S.S: I have a "Mommamancer" interview coming up as well as a segment on how to train your pet!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Hey All,

So below me is the interview between me and Christina IceDreamer! :) Finally! Sorry for the long wait, but we had problems with the first one because it was too long, and then we had problems finding a day to reschedule, and so it eventually all worked out! This interview is about 45 minutes-1 hour long, so make sure you have some time to listen! We were also talking about recording a segment every once in a while called Argeltorn (or whatever our Librarian's name is) Book Club (from the newsletter)! What do you guys think? Ok, gotta run, ttyl!


***P.S: Sorry about the multiple videos, the one file is too big to upload. :( ***

Let's Have a Party!

Hey Everyone,

So, as thanks to all my followers/viewers, and to celebrate the 4th of July, I hosting a party! Now I know, I'm sorry, it's not on the 4th, lol. However, we're still going to party it up! Here are some things we're going to do:

  • Farm

  • Do Instances

  • PvP and Pet Derby Tournies

  • Dance

  • Have Fun

  • Play with our pets

  • Much, much more!

So make sure you attend! Here is your invite!

See you all at the party!


***P.S: Click on the image to make it bigger!***

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Writing/ Picture Contest!!!!

Hey Everyone,

So, to increase popularity, I've decided to host another contest! The contest rules are the following:

Welcome one and all to P.D's BRAIN POWER = CROWNS contest! This contest is focused around writers and drawers. What you must do is draw and/or write about the following topic:

Malistare and his Draconian Army have infiltrated Wizard City! What Will Happen?!?!

Okay, so, it's up to your creativity to finish the picture. Write about what you think would happen, or draw about what you think would happen. Here are the guidelines :


1. They may be comics.

2. They may be screenshots, although drawings are perfered.

3. Any other questions comment below.


1. They can only be 1250 to 2250 words. I WILL check them!

2. No bad language is allowed (the same goes for comics) these MUST be Rated PG

3. People MAY die, however, you MAY NOT describe their deaths.

4. Please comment below for any other questions!

Okay, now for the Prizes:

There will be 4 Winners (2 Drawings, 2 Stories) Each will receive either 1 Mega-Snack Pack OR 1 Green Cat-Thug Pet!!

I wish everyone the best of luck! You have until midnight of August 1st (Any submissions after August 1st 12:01 A.M. WILL BE DISQUALIFIED!)

Good Luck to Everyone,


***People MAY enter the Writing AND Drawing contests, HOWEVER you will not win both. It will just increase your chance of winning a prize (because you entered in two categorized, not because of extra effort). Therefore, it is suggested that if you would like to draw and have some writing in it, you may do a comic/ screenshot comic.***

So what do you think? Good idea, or bad idea? Let me know! Good luck to all entries!


Down Times, So Sorry Guys...

Hey Everyone,

So, I'm kind of having an off day. I tried starting a new story. It was about vampires, so whenever I bounced the idea off someone, I got this every time: "Oh, like Twilight?" It was very frustrating. Here was the idea in case you wanted to know (Yeah, I know, I'm not a great writer. And if you'd like to take the main storyline or something and use it, feel free. I think I'm done with it. Ugh, I need icy :( ) :

So, there is this vampire dude whop bites this chick. He bit her because he basically went insane. He went insane from starving himself to death, because he saw it as uncivil and just plain wrong to be a basic cannibal. So, yeah, he goes insane and flips out and bites this girl. He took her back to his apartment. So he's trying to decide what to do with her (eat her or let her become a vampire). He controls himself enough to let her become a vampire. They then go on to discover more about the vampric world, to discover that there is a coven of vampires that actually kill other vampires. This coven then tries to hunt the couple down, and eventually succeeds (so yes, it's a tradgity.

Here's what I had for the first paragraph or so. If you're interested, check it out and tell me what you think. If not, well then just skip this (P.S: The Italicized isn't how it really is, I just did that so you know it's an excerpt):

The burning came like lightning; quick, painful, and packed with energy. The screaming followed immediately. I clamped my hands to my mouth, exasperated. I couldn't believe what I had done; I'd been a fortune's fool! The eerie room was dark, sinister, and littered with shadows. Newspaper articles fluttered on the wall. Her screaming continued.

My heart erratically pounded in my chest, filling my body with burning rage. My face contorted into a painful mess as I screamed in agony. The venom just pumped faster, while the burning intensified. Oh, how much it hurt! I tried to calm myself, but the pain was too distracting.

I looked at the poor girl, trying to decide what to do. If I finished drinking, I could put down the flames furiously surging inside of me. The pain, the brutality; all of that could be gone. I just needed to finish drinking.

But I couldn't bring myself to do that. What had she done to me to deserve death, or even a life like this, filled with misery and loneliness.

Time was running out. I had to make my decision. Blood pouring from her neck had splattered on the ceiling. Her blood was already boiling with venom in her veins. If I wanted the pure blood, untainted by the venom, I'd have to make my move now.

I couldn't decide which was worse; an escape from this crazy lifestyle, or a second chance at ruined life.

I'd made my decision.
Ok, so, yeah, there's more, but this post would be too long. Let me know how you like it if you want me to write more or if you think it's a complete failure and if I should burn it. I have a lot more to talk about, so let's move on.

So, on Central, a sweet person named Hanamana is hosting a writing cotest! There is a picture that you have to write a story about! The story must be between 1250-1750 words, which is way too short by the way lol. I finished mine; I just need to edit it. If any of you would like to read a copy of my entry, email me ( and I'll send you a copy (Please Note: I own this story and any attempt to steal it will result in you getting in very big trouble)! It's called Murder at the Ball! Duh, Duh, DUH!!!! So yeah, you can find that here!

Anyway, so I have been having some problems. I feel that I'm a bad blogger. Does anyone even read this blog?! I always feel like this is more of a diary rather than a newsletter or helping guide. I'd like to help players! But I only have six followers! It kinda makes me sad. It makes me ask myself why I even bother.

I'm not doing this for attention. I truly and honestly expressing my feeling to you, whoever is reading this. I just wish I was discovered. :(

Ok, I guess I'll see you guys later...


Monday, June 7, 2010

Pets Galore!

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the lack of posting. I've been busy not only with things such as leveling/ farming for pets, but I have been busy with finals coming up and summer parties. Don't worry though, cause on June 17th, it's my last day of school! w00t! only 10 more days to go (4 more days of classes, 4 more days of finals, 2 day weekend)! However, June 10 (Thursday) will probably be my last post for awhile. This is because I usually blog during library. Even though finals don't start until next week, the library is closing early. :( So yeah, unless I have some super hot news or I get REALLY bored on my characters, no posts for a while :(

Anyways, let's move on!

So, I did some farming this weekend! My results turned out positive! :D I got a Frostzilla and a Storm Cat! SQUEALS! Looks like Mycin (my Storm Wiz) has it in the bag! The Frostzilla gives one Stormzilla card at BABY, so Mycin doesn't have to train it! That means more training time and food for Roscoe (my Storm Cat)!

Roscoe at ancient give 1 Storm Cat card. This Storm Cat card costs 4 pips, and when casted does 520 damage ( :O ) and either a blade or a Darkwind (lol, sorry, I forget which, but if you feel like checking before I can upload a picture, feel free to go on Central). So I have been working on Roscoe. He is a beast pet! I had gotten him to adult with 300 something exp yesterday, but for some reason, everything got reset? ..? Did this happen to you guys too? My crowns weren't reset either, which kind of angers me because during the time it was reset, I spent some crowns. :(

Ah well. So I re-leveled Roscoe to Adult. I was so happy that he maintained the same abilities, cause they were awesome! OH! I never told you his abilities! :O

Get ready for some Awesomeness....



Roscoe MAY cast a Storm Ward in battle!!!!


Ok, so, lol. But yeah, his other Talent is +50 Power, which is ... eh, but still good. His Durby talents are to slow someone behind him and a shield to all debuffs, which comes in handy. So I'm really looking forward to leveling him.

So yeah, that was pretty much my weekend...

OH! I forgot to elaborate on some stuffs!

First, let's talk about the Mega Sanck Pack! These things are awesome! But BE CAREFUL! DON'T BE A CROWN-SHOPAHOLIC like your olde P.D. here, lol. I must have spent 20,000 crowns on those. Technically speaking, they're $5 IRL (2,500 crowns)...

OH! Speaking of spending too many crowns, DON'T SPEND ALL YOUR CROWNS IN A SECOND CHANCE CHEST! Luke was farming Malistare for a Myth Robe for Noah, and he put just about 20,000 crowns in his chest with no sucess. Although Luke now has 45,000 gold, still, that's like, almost $50 IRL. Not good...

Oh, one more thing. The New Celestia Wallpaper! GASP! The added not only a secret message, BUT they also revealed a new shark dude. For the wallpaper, check out Diary of a Wizard (, and for the decoded sceret message, check out Friendly's blog post on it ( ... or you can just click on his blog under my blog roll ...).

Ok, see ya later guys,


Thursday, June 3, 2010

False Worry/ Pet Collecter

Hey Everyone,

So, I've really been working on farming pets lately! As All of you know, so far I have gotten the Life Troll and the Crabling. Well, last night I added some new pets to my collection! w00t! Here They are:

Well it looks like I'll have a lot of training to do to get those special cards. That Myth Leprechaun card looks like it'll be awesome for my Myth! W00t w00t!

Anyways, here's a funny story:

So, I must have been farming this dude Kanago (Not sure how that's spelled) for hours (for Leprechaun), and it got to the point where my bag was full. However, I didn't notice this. So I keep farming, and I FINALLY got it! w00t! *takes screenshot*

So, I go to look in my bag for the egg, but he(/she) wasn't there, so I started to panic. I tried selling some stuff to see if it would just appear in my bag since there was free space now. No luck :( So, it got to the point where I messaged KI about it, sounding very upset. ROFL!

So yeah, then I go to Yeva SpiderKeeper to help out some friends farm (and because I need her Myth hat as well as I wanted her Queen Spider pet), and I tell my friend what happened, me being all sad. They said to me, "Well, why don't you check out your bank?" So after that fight, I went to check my bank. Sure enough, it was there! :D

So yeah, sorry about that KI, but remember today's tip: Items not received after the battle means your pack is full, BUT it will still go to your REGULAR bank.

So yeah, other then that, I was pretty much just farming, or helping out farming. Here are my very good friends Keira and Wolf, as well as a cool guy named David.

Yeah, I was helping out farming for Crabling pets (also, it wouldn't hurt to have a second one lol ;) )

Ok, well that's about it. See you later!

Directly From The Hottest Flames,


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crazy Days, and Central Wars, Part II

Hey Everyone,

So, yesterday, instead of working on Noah, I decided to farm on Luke. First I went to the Tomb of Storms, beat Krokopatra, and put in about 2-3000 crowns into her chest, rofl. I know, I'm running low on crowns, however, I'm getting a lot of crowns today! But here it is:

W00t! There is also a cool glitch with this pet. If you get one from Krokopatra, you actually wind up getting two. Pretty cool glitch if you ask me. Now Luke and Noah can both have one! :D

Anyway, then I went to Kango (or however his name is spelled) in the Cave of Solitude (of you look at the map, he is the first boss on the left in the row of three NPCs. He drops the Myth Leprechaun. Sadly, I had no luck with that dude. However, Leesha logged in, and we decided to do the Crazed Forest Spirit (Ancient Burial Grounds, must have done Mossback quests in correct order) to farm for the Crabling pet. On the first try, I got.....THIS:

I was SO excited! It only took 5 mintues to hatch, so here he is!!!!!:

Yeah, his name was originally King Barney, but I re-named him Sebastian (lol, I know, I'm corny :P) But he's awesome!

Even Noah had fun with Baby Sebastian! :D

Ok, so anyways, The Central Wars goes on! I received another message from Milton TS. He said this:

You're allowed to use the hyperlink button.

drdemon411, you were basically telling InuYasha and others to visit your site; that is flat-out advertising.

I used to run a blog here on Central called The Pyromancer's Digest. I still run it, just on another site (which you can find here).
Also, Friendly doesn't get exclusive rights; members will get into trouble if they just advertise his blogsite. There are times that posting an outside link is alright, like hosting parties, and there are times when posting them infringes the rules, like this situation.

Thanks for understanding,

So I sent another message to Milton TS. I don't have the exact message (1. I didn't save it, which I have to start doing, and 2. Well, you'll see why). It basically was me expalining that I wasn't advertising, cause I had nothing to sell. I was simply posting a link to my blog so that others may check it out at their own leisure. Also, I knida said that When I said Friendly had special "rights", I guess I said it wrong. What I meant was, how come people can always post links to his blog, but almost no other? Well, yea so...

*waits over night, wakes up, checks emails*

Oh, btw, before I go on (and this is sort of off topic lol, sorry), for those of you that have a Yahoo email, they are reseting those to clean out unused emails. So if you want to keep your Y! email, make sure to send back to them what they want.

Anyways, so I got this from Jester:

Hi there,

Please don't argue with our staff. You are welcome to bring any questions you have at this point directly to me.

Our moderators do a valuable job in keeping the site from being used as linkbait everywhere you look. They are only following the rules Olivia and I put in place.

Milton was correct with his warnings and repeated infractions will unfortunately cause your account to be banned.

Thank you!


So yeah, as most of you may know, I've been banned several times for reasons not even worth being banned. I really wouldn't care about being banned again. I just hate how thee people are ... dictators, so to speak. While I understand they are tring to protect younger players, what's so bad about my blog? I never curse. I'm a good person, or at least I think that.

Ah well. I gotta go get ready for school. I guess this is the end of the Central Wars. Check back later for any posts!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Central Hata...

Hey Everyone,

So, you all know that I'm not a big fan of W101 Central (hence me moving my blog here). Well, I was checking out some blog posts there, when I saw someone's awesome ppost about whether they should leave or not. I calmly (lol, yes I have a short fuse. What can I say, I'm a Fire wizard!) posted a comment basically saying how she could find other sites than W101 Central to blog on, and if she wanted to blog, she could always blog somewhere else (Like Blogspot AKA Blogger :) ) I also hyperlinked my blog here.

Wait a bit...

About ten minutes later, I get a message from Milton TS saying that my comment was deleted due to posting my blog link through a hyperlink. So, I sent him this message:

I wasn't advertising, but if you want to call it that, fine. Anyways, just curious, why is there a hyperlink button if we're not allowed to use it? Is that like waving a piece of candy in front of a kid's face and smaking them when they try to reach for it? I didn't post the URL, which is what you said before (which I can quote you on), I simply linked it, which you never nor the rules has said anything about. And why can we link Friendly's blog, but not mine, or not the Chillanthropologist's or something? Just because Friendly is cool, doesn't mean he should get those privileges. Anyway, I know you guys will probably ban me for this message because you don't let the people that actually keep this place alive voice their opinion, but I honestly don't care. Thanks, I guess.

Now, before we move on, let me just say, I love Friendly. I have nothing against him. I was just trying to make a point. :) (btw, you should check his site out here)

Ok, so we wait over night...


*Wakes up, no emails, all is good*


*2nd Period at Library, check emails*

And I get this:

You're allowed to use the hyperlink button.

Drdemon411, you were basically telling InuYasha [the blog owner of the blog I commented on] and others to visit your site; that is flat-out advertising.

---Quote---I used to run a blog here on Central called The Pyromancer's Digest. I still run it, just on another site (which you can find here ( Quote---

Also, Friendly doesn't get exclusive rights; members will get into trouble if they just advertise his blogsite. There are times that posting an outside link is alright, like hosting parties, and there are times when posting them infringes the rules, like this situation.Thanks for understanding,-MiltonTS

How many times do I have to tell these Central guys? I WASN'T ADVERTISING! GRR! Anyways, phew. And if that quote on me is right, then the hyperlink must not have gone through, because I hyperlinked it; I didn't post the URL.

Anyway, yea, so basically the whole point of that was just to show you thatb I'm slowly but surely shying away from Central because of some of their ridiculous rules. I mean, feel free to disagree, but in my opinion, that's just utter ridiculousness!

So, sorry about that rant, lol. Let's move on to some news:

Oh, btw, before I move on, Sorry about that last post. My heart wasn't really in it that day. But Don't worry, I'm fine now :)

So let's start off with my Myth Wizard! He is now level 20! W00t! He only has one quest left in the Pyramid of the Sun (beat Veteran Sellswords), but, other than that, Noah is in the Krokosphinx! I promise to take some screen shots later today!

Ok, let's move on to some more news:

Speaking of Noah, he got one of those new Ice Salamander pets! :D I have decide to dedicate Noah to pet collecting! So now he has a lot of pets lol. Go check it out (they are sold where the Heck Hounds are sold *Next to the Housing Store on the Krokosphinx Island*)

Well, Friendly kinda beat me to it, but people have found a new pet! It's called a Crabling! These can be found in the Ancient Burial Grounds! It's dropped by the crazed Forest Spirit! So, I'll try to get one later today. Luke doesn't have acesess to that place, but maybe I can get my friend Wolf to help out.

Ok, here's some Central news:

They are having a Santa giveaway! What you do is nominate someone, and they have a chance to get prizes! Check it out!

Anyways, so yeah. I think that's pretty much it for today. Have a Wonderful and Magical Day!