Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gauntlet of MarleyBone Strategy

Hey Everyone,

So, I'm starting to get very angry with Wizard101 players and how they deal with the Spiral Geographic Society Warehouse, or as I call it (and as it is programed into the game), The Gauntlet of MarleyBone (or Gauntlet of Woe 2). Now I was not only very happy to you, but I was also kinda upset.

This one, as I've mentioned, makes Brisk Breeze look like Unicorn Way. Now people need to know how to do this tower! I've been seeing people make the wrong moves. Here is an example:

I was doing this for the 3rd time, and we were at the last part. We had the boss down to 70 health. This girl that was with us wanted to heal our Death friend, because he had died. SHE COULD HAVE KILLED THIS DUDE AND HAVE ENDED IT FOR THE THREE OF US! Even the Death guy was telling her to just kill him. But no, she wanted to heal. Ok fine, whatever. I'm into team work.

So the next round comes, and she has enough pips for a satyr. SHE USES IT ON HERSELF! Are you kidding me?! You said you wanted to use it on the Death guy! Make up your mind! Plus, the Death guy could heal us! But no, she uses it on herself. The boss uses a scarecrow, and I (Mycin, btw) die, so now there is only a Fire Wizard and a Storm Wizard. She wants to wait until she has enough pips for a treasure Rebirth, but the boss was taking them out, and he was healing. So we both (we being me and the Death dude) just were like, "Just kill him!". So she killed him.

So, what was the whole point of telling you my, "Woe is me!" story? I want to educate you n exactly how to PLAY the game with brains, not just throwing a card out and expecting to do damage. There are a lot of players out there that have made it through the game not knowing about the BEST way to do things, and I wanna help you out with that. So soon, I'll be making a guide to it (It will probably be by the end of the day you'll see why).

Oh, by the way, I'm going on another road trip to Myrtle Beach. I should be back and blogging by next Wednesday (well, I'm bringing my laptop, so I should be able to post there).

So, I'll get back to you with the guide, see yah!



  1. I: I know what you mean, a person with us who had never done it beore Zilla'd a rat minion instead of Knuckles and we all were begging him to hit Knuckles. So we all died of course :P.
    Btw I basically know the strategies but still die at Estrakir, I hope you can think of some I haven't seen! Btw even though it was not smart at ALL to heal, the girl prob made a mistake when she healed herself, we all do sometimes, oh well.

  2. Yeah, I know what you mean, but she said she was going to heal herself to heal us, even though I begged her to do otherwise. Ah well I: