Monday, June 21, 2010


Hey All,

So I'm in Ohio now, or as I like to call it, Oh-Hi-Oh. It feels a lot like where I live; small friendly town. I'm currently in the town of Kent. Sadly, I forgot my laptop, so I won't be able to check up with people as frequently. The lobby of the hotel has a computer, so I decided to take advantage of the oppurtuninty.

So I'm currently in Kent. The town is really nice. It seems very cozy to live in. We got here at around 6:00 last night, so we went out to eat, went to Target, came back to the hotel, I worked out, went in the pool, read a bit, then went to bed. This morning, I got up early, ran a mile, and ate brekfast. And here I am now!

Today we plan to go to Kent Univeristy, and I'll be back at the hotel at around 4:00. Tomorrow, We are going to this amusement parke called Cedar Point. Believe me when I say this place is AWESOME! You can check it out Here. they have some crazy coasters, and I just can't wait to go there!

Ok, hopefully I can blog tomorrow morning! I'll see you all soon!


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