Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Truth Hurts

Hey All,

So, I've decided to tell you the whole story behind this:

I had Christina IceDreamer's cell phone number (to talk to her on the go- and I deleted it so I don't have it anymore. Also I wouldn't give it to anyone, because that would be ... well ... disrespectful). Anyway, my sister texted her by stealing my cell phone asking, "Who are you?". When I saw that she'd done this, I sent something like, "Sorry, that was my sister. She's a pain in the butt, lol". So anyway, I, thinking everything was all good, am sitting here on the computer on W101, when I see Christina sign into Skype (Yes, that's how we do the interviews). So I messaged her saying something like, "Hey! Sorry about my sister, she's a pain in the butt, lol." and she started to tell me how it was weird for her, because she doesn't know if it was me asking who she REALLY is. So I got all upset, and she wanted my mom to email her telling her that she was okay with me contacting her. Of course, even though my mom knew and she was okay with it, she didn't. My sister told her that she was "Trying to protect me", when really, she was just trying to get me in trouble for talking to someone that doesn't even live in my state. So that made my mom a bit more cautious, saying that she doesn't know who she is or what she's like, so she's not sure if she's comfortable with me talking to her. So I deleted her from my contact list. Yep, that's the story. So I got so upset, that I decided to quit my blog, because besides Stephen SpiritCaller, she was all I had. Whatever. I gotta go, I'll try to post again.



  1. I might be. I haven't decided yet. All I know is that it really, really hurts. :(

  2. GAH! Don't let your sister make you quit! lol, just explain what happened to everyone and you'll be good. But I hate it when people quit :(

  3. Thanks for the support guys. I'm seriously thinking this over. I'll let you know by tomorrow, promise!