Monday, June 7, 2010

Pets Galore!

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the lack of posting. I've been busy not only with things such as leveling/ farming for pets, but I have been busy with finals coming up and summer parties. Don't worry though, cause on June 17th, it's my last day of school! w00t! only 10 more days to go (4 more days of classes, 4 more days of finals, 2 day weekend)! However, June 10 (Thursday) will probably be my last post for awhile. This is because I usually blog during library. Even though finals don't start until next week, the library is closing early. :( So yeah, unless I have some super hot news or I get REALLY bored on my characters, no posts for a while :(

Anyways, let's move on!

So, I did some farming this weekend! My results turned out positive! :D I got a Frostzilla and a Storm Cat! SQUEALS! Looks like Mycin (my Storm Wiz) has it in the bag! The Frostzilla gives one Stormzilla card at BABY, so Mycin doesn't have to train it! That means more training time and food for Roscoe (my Storm Cat)!

Roscoe at ancient give 1 Storm Cat card. This Storm Cat card costs 4 pips, and when casted does 520 damage ( :O ) and either a blade or a Darkwind (lol, sorry, I forget which, but if you feel like checking before I can upload a picture, feel free to go on Central). So I have been working on Roscoe. He is a beast pet! I had gotten him to adult with 300 something exp yesterday, but for some reason, everything got reset? ..? Did this happen to you guys too? My crowns weren't reset either, which kind of angers me because during the time it was reset, I spent some crowns. :(

Ah well. So I re-leveled Roscoe to Adult. I was so happy that he maintained the same abilities, cause they were awesome! OH! I never told you his abilities! :O

Get ready for some Awesomeness....



Roscoe MAY cast a Storm Ward in battle!!!!


Ok, so, lol. But yeah, his other Talent is +50 Power, which is ... eh, but still good. His Durby talents are to slow someone behind him and a shield to all debuffs, which comes in handy. So I'm really looking forward to leveling him.

So yeah, that was pretty much my weekend...

OH! I forgot to elaborate on some stuffs!

First, let's talk about the Mega Sanck Pack! These things are awesome! But BE CAREFUL! DON'T BE A CROWN-SHOPAHOLIC like your olde P.D. here, lol. I must have spent 20,000 crowns on those. Technically speaking, they're $5 IRL (2,500 crowns)...

OH! Speaking of spending too many crowns, DON'T SPEND ALL YOUR CROWNS IN A SECOND CHANCE CHEST! Luke was farming Malistare for a Myth Robe for Noah, and he put just about 20,000 crowns in his chest with no sucess. Although Luke now has 45,000 gold, still, that's like, almost $50 IRL. Not good...

Oh, one more thing. The New Celestia Wallpaper! GASP! The added not only a secret message, BUT they also revealed a new shark dude. For the wallpaper, check out Diary of a Wizard (, and for the decoded sceret message, check out Friendly's blog post on it ( ... or you can just click on his blog under my blog roll ...).

Ok, see ya later guys,


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