Friday, June 18, 2010


Hey All,

So nothing particularly exciting happened between the course of today and yesterday. Mycin has been doing ok in PvP. He did this one 4v4 and he ROCKED! The match was a great match, and in the end, our team wound up getting 22 points! It was so much fun! After that, we kinda started to loose a lot because of chainers. I really hate them...

For those that don't know what chainers are, here is your definition of the day: Some who continuously Shields, Attacks, or Stuns, every the same turn every turn. It's more popular to chain stun, as well as chain attack. Let me explain how this works;

Ok, so I know, this isn't PvP. Well, I didn't take a screenshot last night because I didn't think I would talk about it. So anyway, chainers can only be in 3v3 or 4v4 (so if you do 1v1 or 2v2, you should be pretty safe, although watch out for those combos like Ice and Storm or Myth and Myth). Ok so, lets say the wizard in blue is your team, so three others are now next to you, and the draconians have another two players that are red.

Sorry, lol, bad at drawing stick figures, xD. Anyways, Lets say that the first two guys are Fire Wizards. The First one uses Choke.

Ok, so that stuns you guys for one round, however, it gives you a stun block. Then say the Fire wizard next to him uses the same exact spell. You're sheilds are now off. The other guys are usually Storm and Life; to heal and to attack. Keep in mind that these Fire wizards could also be myth, because myth has a spell exactly like this:

But wait! There's still some hope at the end of the tunnel. If they fizzle once, it sort of messes up the chain. If they fizzle TWICE, then your free for one turn. Hopefully it comes later rather than sooner for two reasons:

1. You will have more pips

2. You'll be able to use strong cars twice in a row (Such as Dragon, Storm Lord, Frost Giant, etc; This is especially helpful if you have an Ice and Storm on your team, as both can stun.).

However, a lot of these chainers get to Commander and Warlord relatively fast. So Mycin went to go investigate a bit. If they have all Commander Gear, what's the chance that they're gonna fizzle?

Oh, btw, do you like Mycin's new look?

*Hears crickets* Right, back on topic;

*Investigates, takes screen shots*

Here are the stats:

So, if you add that all together, you get +16% Accuracy. That means those spells become 96%. Ouch. Also, keep in mind if these people are wearing crown gear, their aim is sufficiently already increased.

Okay, that's all for today. I'll talk more about this either later today or early tomorrow. See ya guys!

Hoping that Your Fire Shine The Brightest,


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