Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sorry About All The Changes...

Hey All,

So M.W.S Made a good point in a comment; I change it up TOO much.

Well, don't get me wrong, I like change; I think change is great. But I realized that if I changed it up too much, then everyone would get confused. xD

It doesn't seem like the flame backround was a big hit; and to be honest, it wasn't really a big hit with me either. So I changed it back to what it was :)

Anyways, I've also changed my Title a bit. It has a picture of my whole wizarding family! This is still when Noah was level 15, but it works, hehe. Now we can see everyone! There's Mycin StarGem (The guy in Purple and Yellow; this was also when he wasn't grand), Patrick FrostHorn (The guy in Tan and Orange), Gilroy SkullFlame (The guy in Black and White), and last but not least, Diana GoldHorn (The girl in Green/Purple/Tan).

Ok, I got to go, so I'll see you all later in the spiral,


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