Thursday, June 3, 2010

False Worry/ Pet Collecter

Hey Everyone,

So, I've really been working on farming pets lately! As All of you know, so far I have gotten the Life Troll and the Crabling. Well, last night I added some new pets to my collection! w00t! Here They are:

Well it looks like I'll have a lot of training to do to get those special cards. That Myth Leprechaun card looks like it'll be awesome for my Myth! W00t w00t!

Anyways, here's a funny story:

So, I must have been farming this dude Kanago (Not sure how that's spelled) for hours (for Leprechaun), and it got to the point where my bag was full. However, I didn't notice this. So I keep farming, and I FINALLY got it! w00t! *takes screenshot*

So, I go to look in my bag for the egg, but he(/she) wasn't there, so I started to panic. I tried selling some stuff to see if it would just appear in my bag since there was free space now. No luck :( So, it got to the point where I messaged KI about it, sounding very upset. ROFL!

So yeah, then I go to Yeva SpiderKeeper to help out some friends farm (and because I need her Myth hat as well as I wanted her Queen Spider pet), and I tell my friend what happened, me being all sad. They said to me, "Well, why don't you check out your bank?" So after that fight, I went to check my bank. Sure enough, it was there! :D

So yeah, sorry about that KI, but remember today's tip: Items not received after the battle means your pack is full, BUT it will still go to your REGULAR bank.

So yeah, other then that, I was pretty much just farming, or helping out farming. Here are my very good friends Keira and Wolf, as well as a cool guy named David.

Yeah, I was helping out farming for Crabling pets (also, it wouldn't hurt to have a second one lol ;) )

Ok, well that's about it. See you later!

Directly From The Hottest Flames,



  1. Alright, about meeting up in-game just leave a comment in the skysa bar section of my blog I'll leave a pre-comment or after comment with 3 true friend codes.

    I couldn't find you at the Ravenwood Ball either lol... /shrugs

    Sorcerer of the Spiral (

  2. Alright, try to log in my chat room on the official SOTS Chat bar we can chat there. lol you can still send me a true friend code!

    Also Heather Emeraldflame shortened her website name now it's