Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crazy Days, and Central Wars, Part II

Hey Everyone,

So, yesterday, instead of working on Noah, I decided to farm on Luke. First I went to the Tomb of Storms, beat Krokopatra, and put in about 2-3000 crowns into her chest, rofl. I know, I'm running low on crowns, however, I'm getting a lot of crowns today! But here it is:

W00t! There is also a cool glitch with this pet. If you get one from Krokopatra, you actually wind up getting two. Pretty cool glitch if you ask me. Now Luke and Noah can both have one! :D

Anyway, then I went to Kango (or however his name is spelled) in the Cave of Solitude (of you look at the map, he is the first boss on the left in the row of three NPCs. He drops the Myth Leprechaun. Sadly, I had no luck with that dude. However, Leesha logged in, and we decided to do the Crazed Forest Spirit (Ancient Burial Grounds, must have done Mossback quests in correct order) to farm for the Crabling pet. On the first try, I got.....THIS:

I was SO excited! It only took 5 mintues to hatch, so here he is!!!!!:

Yeah, his name was originally King Barney, but I re-named him Sebastian (lol, I know, I'm corny :P) But he's awesome!

Even Noah had fun with Baby Sebastian! :D

Ok, so anyways, The Central Wars goes on! I received another message from Milton TS. He said this:

You're allowed to use the hyperlink button.

drdemon411, you were basically telling InuYasha and others to visit your site; that is flat-out advertising.

I used to run a blog here on Central called The Pyromancer's Digest. I still run it, just on another site (which you can find here).
Also, Friendly doesn't get exclusive rights; members will get into trouble if they just advertise his blogsite. There are times that posting an outside link is alright, like hosting parties, and there are times when posting them infringes the rules, like this situation.

Thanks for understanding,

So I sent another message to Milton TS. I don't have the exact message (1. I didn't save it, which I have to start doing, and 2. Well, you'll see why). It basically was me expalining that I wasn't advertising, cause I had nothing to sell. I was simply posting a link to my blog so that others may check it out at their own leisure. Also, I knida said that When I said Friendly had special "rights", I guess I said it wrong. What I meant was, how come people can always post links to his blog, but almost no other? Well, yea so...

*waits over night, wakes up, checks emails*

Oh, btw, before I go on (and this is sort of off topic lol, sorry), for those of you that have a Yahoo email, they are reseting those to clean out unused emails. So if you want to keep your Y! email, make sure to send back to them what they want.

Anyways, so I got this from Jester:

Hi there,

Please don't argue with our staff. You are welcome to bring any questions you have at this point directly to me.

Our moderators do a valuable job in keeping the site from being used as linkbait everywhere you look. They are only following the rules Olivia and I put in place.

Milton was correct with his warnings and repeated infractions will unfortunately cause your account to be banned.

Thank you!


So yeah, as most of you may know, I've been banned several times for reasons not even worth being banned. I really wouldn't care about being banned again. I just hate how thee people are ... dictators, so to speak. While I understand they are tring to protect younger players, what's so bad about my blog? I never curse. I'm a good person, or at least I think that.

Ah well. I gotta go get ready for school. I guess this is the end of the Central Wars. Check back later for any posts!


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