Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Down Times, So Sorry Guys...

Hey Everyone,

So, I'm kind of having an off day. I tried starting a new story. It was about vampires, so whenever I bounced the idea off someone, I got this every time: "Oh, like Twilight?" It was very frustrating. Here was the idea in case you wanted to know (Yeah, I know, I'm not a great writer. And if you'd like to take the main storyline or something and use it, feel free. I think I'm done with it. Ugh, I need icy :( ) :

So, there is this vampire dude whop bites this chick. He bit her because he basically went insane. He went insane from starving himself to death, because he saw it as uncivil and just plain wrong to be a basic cannibal. So, yeah, he goes insane and flips out and bites this girl. He took her back to his apartment. So he's trying to decide what to do with her (eat her or let her become a vampire). He controls himself enough to let her become a vampire. They then go on to discover more about the vampric world, to discover that there is a coven of vampires that actually kill other vampires. This coven then tries to hunt the couple down, and eventually succeeds (so yes, it's a tradgity.

Here's what I had for the first paragraph or so. If you're interested, check it out and tell me what you think. If not, well then just skip this (P.S: The Italicized isn't how it really is, I just did that so you know it's an excerpt):

The burning came like lightning; quick, painful, and packed with energy. The screaming followed immediately. I clamped my hands to my mouth, exasperated. I couldn't believe what I had done; I'd been a fortune's fool! The eerie room was dark, sinister, and littered with shadows. Newspaper articles fluttered on the wall. Her screaming continued.

My heart erratically pounded in my chest, filling my body with burning rage. My face contorted into a painful mess as I screamed in agony. The venom just pumped faster, while the burning intensified. Oh, how much it hurt! I tried to calm myself, but the pain was too distracting.

I looked at the poor girl, trying to decide what to do. If I finished drinking, I could put down the flames furiously surging inside of me. The pain, the brutality; all of that could be gone. I just needed to finish drinking.

But I couldn't bring myself to do that. What had she done to me to deserve death, or even a life like this, filled with misery and loneliness.

Time was running out. I had to make my decision. Blood pouring from her neck had splattered on the ceiling. Her blood was already boiling with venom in her veins. If I wanted the pure blood, untainted by the venom, I'd have to make my move now.

I couldn't decide which was worse; an escape from this crazy lifestyle, or a second chance at ruined life.

I'd made my decision.
Ok, so, yeah, there's more, but this post would be too long. Let me know how you like it if you want me to write more or if you think it's a complete failure and if I should burn it. I have a lot more to talk about, so let's move on.

So, on Central, a sweet person named Hanamana is hosting a writing cotest! There is a picture that you have to write a story about! The story must be between 1250-1750 words, which is way too short by the way lol. I finished mine; I just need to edit it. If any of you would like to read a copy of my entry, email me ( and I'll send you a copy (Please Note: I own this story and any attempt to steal it will result in you getting in very big trouble)! It's called Murder at the Ball! Duh, Duh, DUH!!!! So yeah, you can find that here!

Anyway, so I have been having some problems. I feel that I'm a bad blogger. Does anyone even read this blog?! I always feel like this is more of a diary rather than a newsletter or helping guide. I'd like to help players! But I only have six followers! It kinda makes me sad. It makes me ask myself why I even bother.

I'm not doing this for attention. I truly and honestly expressing my feeling to you, whoever is reading this. I just wish I was discovered. :(

Ok, I guess I'll see you guys later...


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