Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New York Comic Con Tomorrow!!!

Hey Gang,

So I leave for New York Comic Con tomorrow! I'm super psyched!

Remember how I told you I'd be posting videos and updates? Want in on them?

You can follow my Twitter (@LukeGoldHorn) and/or subscribe to my YouTube channel (LukeGoldHorn) if you haven't already to get my updates! Here's the first of many videos to come:

Please note I will not be updating via the blog, so while I do appriciate you following the blog, it's not going to help you get the updates on NYCC. I'm also really sad KingsIsle wont be there. I REALLY wanted to interview them or something! Would have been AWESOME!

Gotta run!


P.S: Congrats to KingsIsle and Wizard101 for winning the Audience Award for GDCOA!!! Can't wait to see what they bring us!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blogging; My Conundrum

Hey Gang,

So recently I've been contemplating wether I should update my blog and post more often. It's left me scratching my head most of the time, walking away with a borderline answer.

I love the blogging community. It's an awesome palce to express myself (like I'm doing now), and it definitely gets the creative juices flowing. It's actually theraputic in a way. It's nice to check up on what others are doing and what's the latest news. I really enjoy hearing feedback from my readers on my posts, such as what I should change or add to a certain post or even the whole site in general. It's also pretty awesome when you meet someone in game who's read your posts and recognized you. :)

But then there's a darker side to it...

I initially started a blog in hopes of becoming more popular way back in early 2009. Sure, it's not the purest intention; but it could have been a lot worse. I could have been founded on free items from KingsIsle, or to initiate drama in the community, or even all three combined. Thankfully, it was only fame. However, that intention has grown to be much more fruitful and giving to the community. When I realized how great we are as a whole and how no one was quite "more popular", I had a change of heart. I realized that I should blog BECAUSE I want to, because it would help the community, because I could express my ideas. It was truly an eye opening experience for me.

There's always real-life issues too. I've recently had thousands upon thousands of workloads of homework that's very difficult to keep up with. I barely have time for Wizard101 alone, and when I do, I'm usually not doing anything for myself. Usually I'm helping my friend Paige Whisper who just returned to Wizard101 catch up with the rest of us who've been here ever since the launch of Celestia and ever before then.

While I try and sort out what I'm going to do about blogging, I'd like to update you on my current progress in Wizard101:

Life's been going pretty good in ye olde Spiral. Oran, with the help of Ryan RainCaller, finished Celestia and obtained Legendary Rank. After an incountable amount of WaterWorks runs, I've managed to complete the gear sets on half my characters (Diana, Luke, Patrick, and Mycin), obtain three partially complete gear sets (Oran- Hat and Robe, Noah- Hat and Robe, Valdus- Hat and Boots), and sadly only one wizard who has not even ran the WaterWorks yet (Gilroy). Gilroy and Oran also finished WinterTusk and achieved their school respective Level 58 pets. I'm currently working on my 9th wizard, Amber Drake. I'm really excited to start another Fire Wizard; from what I (barely) remember, Fire was a TON of fun.

I've also been working on "Perfect Pet" training. I'm currently breeding a coral of Nightmare pets to be used for Luke. I'm really hoping to train the Scarecrow and get some decent talents; I really like the Scarecrow and the card it is. However, at the same time, I'd really miss Beau, Gilroy's Fierce Hound. So many possabilities...

So I really have to go. Care to share any insight on my puzzle? Thanks!


P.S: I hear a new Mega Bundle is finding its way to Earth soon :) stay tuned to GDCOA!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Update 10/8/11

Hey Gang,

Video says it all:

See ya in the Spiral,