Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Day Gone Good

Hey Everyone,

So, I actually though today was gonna be a bad day for me xD. Turns out things are taking a turn for the best :D. Last night, not only did I win Thomas DeathGem's Contest (I won a 7 day rental for a StarLight Pony! :D Thanks Thomas!), but Mycin StarGem, my funky Wizard, reached GrandMaster Crafter! He has also been "Pwnin ppls in that arena yo,"...... I still have no idea what in the world that means, but ... k xD. I checked the Massively Contest for the Epic Bundle Pack, and sadly, no luck! :( Oh well, maybe another time. /shrug.

So yeah, as for things happening today, I gave out presents to school friends, which is always fun :). Early this morning, Virtual Luke finished the Science Center and is going to take on the Crustacean Empire later today, so I'm really excited about that! Also, I've been playing with Puppymancer a lot :D. He's too funny; he found our Christmas presents for him on Sunday, and he has been bugging us for them ever since xD. But yeah, it's always good to have good days :D.

Also, I have an interview coming up with Dustin MoonCatcher for Storm. I WAS supposed to do it yesterday, but I had to go bake like 2 minutes into the interview -_-. So yeah, as I've said to Dustin a lot already, I'm REALLY sorry I had to go. I feel really bad because he set everything up, which was a pain for him to do. So thanks for that Dustin! Next week, I will probably get started with Ice, and I will interview an Ice Wizard named Wolf IceHunter, a fairly known wizard, otherwise known as Wolf Ice 999 on Central. I would ask to interview one of the really cool Ice Wizards (teehehehe, I just made a funny :D) like Kevin BattleBlood or Christina IceDreamer, but I feel Wolf is the right one since: A) He's my neighbor irl :D and B) He was the Wizard that introduced me to Wizard101. So yeah, look out for the Storm and Ice interviews soon.

Ok, that's pretty much all I have for today! I will see you in the Spiral,


Monday, December 20, 2010

Through Celestia I Go Yo

Hey Everyone,

So I blogged since last Thursday O_O. I think it was due to all the drama that's been going on around Skype. However, I can safely say that everything has been sorted out, and there will be no more drama, at least for a while. :D

So, I haven't been doing much ITS lately. Over the weekend I did get the chance to do a few things. Stormy Wiz, child of Icy Wiz, had a party, so I attended that, and it was pretty hacking awesome :D. I also have been working on gardening. My 1st genereation garden has now grown elder on me, so I started another garden, except this is more of a forest than a garden :D. It consists of mostly Helephant Ears, followed up by Silver Trumpet Vines I've endlessly been getting in Celestia, and lastly one tiny King Parsley deep at the end of the forest. So yeah, that's pretty cool and stuff :D.

I have also been progressing in Celestia! Luke is now finishing up the Science Center. All he has left is to beat up some Aqua Bots, open some gates, face the dude with the wierd name, and BOOM! Crustacean Empire! Woooo! So yeah, I'm really excited about almost reaching Efreet. I'm currently level 56.

I'm pretty sure that's it for today. Well, except for the fact that Massively is giving away 7 EPIC BUNDLES TODAY! WOOOO!!! If you haven't entered, go to thier site and try to find it (I would give you a link, but the school computer blocks the site >.<). All you have to do is comment saying if you are a veteran or a new player, and of course you must have a username, and you will be entered into the random drawing. So, if you haven't already entered, ENTER BEFORE 2:00!!!!!

Ok, gots ta go! Bye!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

School Guide: Storm School

Hey Everyone ,

So, today I'm going to give you some information about the Storm School! Before I get into that though, I'm just going to talk about what I've been doing lately (which is what I usually do anyway :) ). Well, yesterday I got a new Laptop!!!!! :D!!!! The good news: Wizard101 runs extremely smooth! It's amazing to have a new computer that goes fast again! I have to thank my Dad for getting me it for Christmas. Also, a Beta W101 came out! The Beats is a Eurpoean Server, cause, if you don't remember, W101 is headed global! :D! (note: People on this server will not be able to play with people on the U.S. Server). So I tried that out. I must say, it's not as cool as the U.S. Server, cause, ya know, we have voice overs and stuff. Also, this might just be me, but I thought I noticed a few names that were added to the selecting list.

Anywho, let's talk about the Storm School! Oooooooooh!:

So, for newer players, the Storm School has the highest batural based attack cards of all the schools of Ravenwood. Storm wizards have low health, so they're strategy is simple: Hit hard, and hit fast. Don't waste your time powering up with all those blades and traps. Put some shields on, a blade, and go. Also, Storm has low accuracy, however, this is considered a minor weakness due to the fact that it is very easily conquered when Storm Students achieve higher levels. Take not though for beginning Storm Wizards; this can be a huge problem in the early stages of the School.

As for PvP, I'm not very good at that feature of the game xD. My best PvP charactera are my Balance Wizard, my Life Wizard, My Myth Wizard, and My Ice Wizard. Just keep your PvE strategy; hit hard, and hit fast.

What gear should Storm wizards look for? Well, newer storm wizards should try to get thier hands on boosting accuracy and health. If you have to sacrifice one of the two, I personally say sacrifice health, however, others may disagree. Obviously, as for every school, when you reach higher levels, it's easier to achieve gear with more bonuses.

That's pretty much all I have for Storm. If anyone has any question about the Storm School or anything in general, feel free to post your comment here. I'm going to try to find a Storm Wizard to interview, so if you are interested, let me know! (I'll probably try Dustin MoonCatcher, but I'll let you know if he is available). Since I have a new laptop that doesnt have a recording system, unless I can figure something out, it will probably just be a text chat interview. Also, if you would be interested in representing your school by participating in an interview, feel free to contact me.

Ok, so look for that Storm Wizard Interview, nd after that the Ice School Guide!

See ya in the Spiral,


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tips and Tricks

Hey Everyone,

So, I've been having a ton of fun with Gardening :D. I am now a rank 4 and 1/2 Gardener, which is progress for me :). Right now, I'm waiting for my current Garden to finish up, after which I will start a new farden that will be composed of Helephant Ears, a King Parsley, and Silver Trumpet Vines I seem to be getting. Sadly, there was a Scheduled Clean Up this morning, and they extended the time, so my plants have probably all died xD. Also, Virtual Luke has done more questing in Celestia! He is now currently Level 54 and 7/10ths, and he has the quest to enter the Lunarium, so tonight he will be 55 and he shall have a new wand that gives critical! SPLEE!

So, if you are one of my die-hard uber fans (which I don't think I have any of *hint* *hint* Ben Frogstone), you would know that way back in my first days of blogging, I posted (horrible) guides to the different Schools of Magic. Well, now that I have at the very least a GrandMaster in every School of Magic, I feel like I'm more educated on the topic of guides, SO, I'll be bringing them back with a super better twist! So be on the look out for those!

Ok, I gotta go! Peace,



Monday, December 13, 2010

Is KingsIsle Slowly Declining?

Hey Everyone,

So I'm kinda bored right now, so I've decided to rant about something I've been seeing a lot lately on Central.

I've been seeing a lot of posts by people saying two things, "KingsIsle is charging too much money for they're overall income in general," as well as, "KingsIsle's income is slowly decreasing over time and eventually [and by eventually I mean in about two or three years] W101 will have to stop making expansions and go free to play". Now, let me first answer the first quote with my opinion. Me and a friend were actually talking about something very similar to this. I found out I'm getting an Xbox 360 for Christmas, and I was mentioning how, back in the day of Play Station 2, new games were $50, whereas new Xbox games are usually $60. My friend was explaining to me that yeah, it is a lot of money to pay for a game, but think about it; do you know how much time, work, and money is put into making that game? It's nothing easy. Plus, when you have to hire people for voice acting, music, animators, etc, it rings up a bill.

So yeah, whoever thinks KingsIsle is charging too much, I'd bet that they actually aren't even making that much of an income. Another factor that can be debated all on its on is the fact that they have constant maintenance 24/7. If you are having a problem in game or have a question, Mr. Lincoln is always available to email. This gets to be extremely costly as well. A good example of this would be the difference between PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Graphic wise and glitch wise, the Xbox Live experience is better compared with the PSN experience, due to the fact that people who maintain the XBL servers are paid via people with XBL, and PSN is never really updated due to the fact that it's free.

Now, the next fact is debatable. I'm going to present both sides of the argument, and I would like you, my readers, to respond. Please comment on this, as I someday wish to work for KingsIsle, so it would be nice to know opinions as to whether it would be a wise choice to lean to KI or to lean towards another company.

Anywho, so supporting arguments that KI isn't going down the drain:
  • They have had a lot of job openings up recently.
  • They have a "second project" coming up, which I REALLY hope to see soon.
  • They have a whole new Story Arc coming up for W101
  • They currently have over 10 million subscribers, and thats not even including crowns players.
So that's pretty much all I can think of for pros. Now let's look at the cons:
  • KingsIsle also cut a lot of jobs last year.
  • The "second project" was announced a while ago, but could have been put on hold due to the facts that they might not have enough money OR that they are struggling to come up with new content for avid players of W101 seeking more.
  • Their higher level wizard subscriber numbers are declining due to the fact that they are becoming bored.
If you actually look at the list, there is more quantity in Pros, but I don't know; Cons seem to have more thought put into them. What do you think? Off to Celestia!


P.S: Expect some tips for each school coming up soon! :D

Forgive Forget and Move On

Hey Everyone,

So, like many other wizards, I don't wanna talk too much about yesterday. It was bad. Let's just say, in the end, everything ended happily ever after. No one is really mad at each other anymore, so that's definitely good :). For those that I offened with the last post, I'm REALLY sorry, so to show my respect I took the post down. It was wrong of me to post that. I originally meant to it to be an apology and a confession, but it turned into an ignorant and horrible post. So yeah, sorry to everyone who was offended. I hope everyone forgives me, I will forgive anyone who asks for forgiveness, and I am choosing to forget and move on, so I hope everyone else chooses to do the same. :D

One last note about the movie which has somewhat to do with yesterday, I am not sure if it will be made/if it will be delayed, because me and Cassandra LifeCaster got into a little spat yesterday. But again, I ask her forgiveness, if she wants to be forgiven I am more than happy to, and we can forget and move on.

Ok, enough about this. Let's actually talk Wizard101. :) So, I don't think there is any REAL news to talk about that has been happening in-game. This morning, Luke harvested his first Elder Plant (It was a Honey Sickle :) ). He is now rank a Rank Three Gardener. I'm really hooked on Gardening, so thanks KingsIsle for coming up with it :D. When talking about Celestia, I have made it to the Floating Lands on Luke. He is about level 53, and he is about to talk to the talking Water Fall Dude :).

Ok, I gotta get going. See ya in the Spiral,


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Let's Get One Thing Straight

Hey Everyone,

So, before I get into all the drama, I just want to update you on what I've be doing in game. Valdus, Mycin, and Noah, due to the new updates on the Level 58 gear, are officially fully clothed in Level 58 gear. So way to go for them :D. Luke has been making progress as well. He is now Level 52 and is about to try his hand at the Stellarium, so way to go virtual Luke :). Luke has also been gardening, and if you haven't seen the garden and wish to, Mary will be posting a picture of it on her blog (I'm so honored, thanks Mary :) ).


Ok, so last night, as most of you know, Fallon DeathSlinger was throwing a PvP party. I went there for a bit; it was fun, I didn't PvP, but seeing a ton of my friends there was cool. I got bored after a while, so I kinda just left and went back to my house, took care of my garden, etc. Well, recently, I've been throwing a lot of anti-parties. For those that don't know, an anti party is a party that is planned by the individuals, not groups, as a celebration that is the opposite of another party (for example, anti-prom; this was seen in Wizards of Waverly Place). So, AS A JOKE (which is one thing people tend not to understand), I decided to throw a Anti-PvP party. Only like six people came; I wasn't expecting mass amounts of people to come.

Well, I start getting these messages on twitter about how I'm pathetic and how I'm trying to force people to be mean to Fallon DeathSlinger and how I am a mean person in general for throwing an Anti-PvP party. Look, the way I see it, if you didn't agree with it, you should have just not attended and said nothing. Whatever happened to, "If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing,"?

And, many of the people at the PvP party (I can quote this) said they were only there for The Giving Tree (I would also like to talk about that later on). Fallon was doing a raffle type of thing for a Giving Tree, and all you had to do was enter two battles at her PvP party. No offense guys, but if you were only there for the crowns item, thats pretty harsh and mean. In fact, those that said that should be ashamed of themselves.

So yeah, basically, I wanted to apologize to everyone who is sitting there thinking I am so ignorant for throwing an Anti-PvP party, and can you please get this in your head: IT. WAS. JUST. A. JOKE! No, I'm not trying to spread rumors saying that you guys are using other wizards for PvP practice. No, I'm not saying you guys have huge egos. I'm not even saying you guys are rude. I just decided to say one thing, and people flip on me.

The drama on this game has been too much in the past few months. It's driving me insane. I'm seriously thinking about shutting down the blog, leaving twitter, and just playing in complete ignorance to everyone else. Seriously guys, it's a game. People are making all these big situations out of nothing. To be honest, so what if someone starts gossiping about you. Just ignore them; that's especially true in real life. If you pay attention to people who are gossiping and try to fight back, your only lowering your standards. So, for the one thousandth time, can we all just get along and play a game for fun, not for drama.

On the flip side, before I take my leave, there is this tree you can plant in the crown shop called a Giving Tree. The Giving Tree is a children's book written about 15 years ago. If you've never read it, I highly suggest you do; it's a really sad but really good book. Whenever me and my mom read it, we always cry. It was my favorite children's book when I was little, and it is still my favorite children's book. But, if you buy one of these trees, supposedly, some of the money you spent on it (it costs about $5) goes to children in need, so you should definitely pick one up :D.

Ok, time for Celestia on Luke. I'll see you in the Spiral,


Friday, December 10, 2010

Every Little Ting...

Hey Everyone,

So, if you happen to be Cassandra LifeCaster, Cassandra GriffinDreamer, Ben FrogStone, David TitanRider, or Amber RosePetal, you would know that I had a bad week this week. But Bob Marley and Bobby Mcferrin have seized my heart. They can really cheer some one up ya know :)

Yeah, whenever I hear these Reggae songs (especially this one), I think Caribbean. Why? You really want to know? Fine, fine, I'll tell you.

So, a few years back when my family had more money, we used to go on vacations to the Caribbean all the time. Well, this one time, I met this girl. We were, like, perfect for each other (this was when I was about twelve). So, yeah, we hung out the whole time we were there. I felt like I was in paradise.

But of course, sadly enough, vacations don't last forever. So, on the last night I was going to see her, the hotel was having a tiki-party type of thing, and we hung out all that night. The last time we saw each other and danced together, it was this song that played (By this song, I mean "Don;t Worry, Be Happy"). And ever since, I always think of her when I hear it; not that she probably remembers me or anything.

Anyway, yeah, we also both gave each other an item so we wouldn't forget each other. I gave her a shark necklace I'd had since I was about five. She found some fancy paper and a frame and wrote my name in Mandarin. And last night, I took the frame apart to examine the paper, and I found a letter that I'd never seen before. It said how she would miss me, and that she hoped we would meet again some day. It had me hysterically crying (Wow P.D, get a life bro).

Anyway, enough of my sappy love stories. I've had a bad week, so for those who feel the same way, there's a little tunage to hopefully cheer you up :)

See you in the Spiral, and Happy Gardening,


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gardening Comes Live!

Hey Everyone,

So, today gardening is going live! w00t! They were making the updates late last night. My favorite change with this update is the fact that not only will level 58 gear be tradeable, but it will be auctionable too! Now, many people don't like this change. It's probably because we're used to working for our best gear, and now it can just be handed to us with gold and the luck of the Bazaar. I personally like this change. No, not because I'm lazy (however true that is ;D). This is what I mainly want to talk about today; Auctionable 58 Gear V.S. Non-Auctionable 58 Gear.

So, let's talk about Non-Auctionable level 58 gear first. This is what we are used to; No Auction items that are amazing. So, why should the level 58 gear be No Auction? Well, it is the best gear you can currently get in-game (unless they are implementing new level 60 gear :D). Also, when the best gear is No Auction, you gotta work for it. Sometimes, it's no easy task *cough cough Noah GoldHorn*, but you may get luckly and get your items very fast *cough cough Valdus*. It shows that you are dedicated to the game and worked hard to get where you are now. Also, our level 50 gear was not auctionable, why is our level 58 gear auctionable?

So that's really all I can think of for why it should be No Auction. Let's look at the reasons for changing them to Auctionable. When the best gear is Auctionable, players that dont have much luck or much time on thier hands can get their gear faster AND easier. Also, with the level 50 gear, notice many of the differences. It gave resist to your own school. It also gave (unless you are Balance) your Rank 6. The level 58 gear does not give your Rank 7 or 8 spell (how cool would that be! :D) It doesn't give resist to your own school, and look at the level. Technically speaking, it's still "GrandMaster Gear". You are still a GrandMaster wizard at level 58. The only thing the level 58 gear gives (besides the boost on other stats) is critical chance and critical block chance. So shouldn't this be good enough reason to make it Non-Auctionable? No, because there is auctionable gear that gives critical block AND critical chance. Also, for people that have two accounts, if I get the Ice Hate, I can always Bazaar snipe that to Valdus now.

Obviously, I'm for Auctionable level 58 gear. You're opinion is what you'd like it to be :)

See ya in the Spiral,


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Check This Out (P.D. Style :D)

Hey Everyone,

Not much time, but I want to just say, check this link out: http://www.wizardwarthemovie.blogspot.com/

**Edit: Ok, I found some time. So yeah, Cassandra LifeCaster, Ben FrogStone, Amber RosePetal, and I are all running a Production Blog. This blog will be used to update our fans/audiance/anyone interested in the film on how the film is going. Also, feel free to post any ideas on the site, also, if you are interested in being in the film (we are going to need some extras).

So yeah, we have a few events coming up for that. We have about half of the commercial as well as the opening scene to the movie, however, we still need to add voice-overs in (that's right, you heard me, voice overs :) ). Also, I want to give a big THANK YOU SO MUCH to Paige MoonShade for letting us use three of her houses for sets and an apology for keeping her up last night ;)

Some of our events will include:

  • A Balance Wizard Party: You must reserve a place for this party, as we oly have about 6 or 7 spots open, so if you want to come over, comment on the Prodcution Blog ASAP!
  • A Mega Fantasy Palace Party: In one of the scenes of the movie (SPOILER!) there is a party scene. So we are going to need to through a party for that. There will be no limit of people for this party :)
  • MOVIE PREMIRE!: Yes, you have read correctly, we are having a movie block buster premire! (probably at Ben FrogStone's MFP). Hopefully it will be amazing; there will be a red carpet event about 10 minutes after the party (we are going to try to get a ton of famous wizards for the event, including The Friendly Necromancer, The Ravenwood Radio Crew, and the Student Teachers, as well as the cast).

So yeah, be on the lookout for those. We were also thinking of starting up a podcast for the movie. Opinions? Ideas? Thanks a ton!

Oh, by the way, Student Body Elections are coming up, so make sure to vote me for your president! :D!**


Monday, December 6, 2010

Wizard War, The Movie

Hey Everyone,

So, I can't talk much today, but I just wanted to let you know that there is a movie coming up starring all your favorite wizards! Featured wizzards are Me, Cassandra LifeCaster, Ben FrogStone, Dustin MoonCatcher, David TitanRider, Mary DreamShade, Amber RosePetal, Isaac MistHeart, and Thomas DeathGem. There's a video on YouTube announcing the movie, so make sure to check that out. Look for Episode I of the first movie soon!

Oh! By the way, Pesidential Elections ARE happening for those that were unsure; Wolf RedFist just was busy and had to start it a bit late. So, you know who to vote for ;D Thanks to all who vote me!

See ya in the Spiral,


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ambrose 2 Zeke Segment III

Hey Everyone,

So, the Ambrose 2 Zeke Segment should be out really soon (tomorrow, if I'm not mistaken?), so it's time for me to release my Fiery Tip From P.D. Segment! Enjoy!:

Sorry, it was very unprofessional to just stop in the middle of it and say, "Sorry, I have a cold", but I just wanted you guys to understand why I sounded like I was choking on a frog xD

See ya in the Spiral,


Friday, December 3, 2010

"Exciting News! Oh, Exciting News!"

Hey Everyone.

Ny the way, the name of this post is one of my favorite quotes from Melre Ambrose (two reasons; one, he sounds funny, lol, and two, exciting news usually means something new ;-D ). So I've been very busy in-game recently. I've been training my latest and greatest Helephant, decendant of Madame Jack, please welcome Madame Jackson! Last night Madame Jackson got to adult, and recieved Pip O' Plenty! w00t! I'm still looking for Spritely, but I'm happy because those are two talents I extremely wanted to stay (Fire Giver, +x% Fire Damage, and Pip O' Plenty, +x% Power pips). Now I'm hoping for Pain Giver (+x% to all attacks) and Spritely (might heal you in battle). You know, it'd be pretty cool if you could get a Critical/ Critical Block talent for your pet.

Anywho, so for those that don't know, KI has been releasing several patches over the past few hours in the Test Realm. I really like some of the changes the made, such as being able to see your plants stay by simply scrolling your cursor of them while having the garden tab opened. And I believe they fixed the bug where a plant would disappear if you harvested an elder plant, so w00t! Luke recently got to Rank 5 gardener this morning. I have to say, I love the experience the Boom Shroom gives at elder (a whooping 50 exp). SWEET!

Also, I have to say I love the changes to Sun Stone and Sand Stone. I believe they will also be able to drop in the Trial of the Spheres, so I'll be doing that dungeon a lot more. I did a run last night, but I couldn't seem to get anything :/ Poor Noah, stuck at level 60 with no Legendary Gear.

So yep, that's pretty much all I have today. Hopefully I get some time over the weekend, to, ya know, actually do stuff, like get Luke through Celestia. Ok. See ya in the Spiral,


P.S: Happy Friday and Hannakkah! (Sorry for the mispell, but really, I tried :-P )

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Another Legendary Wizard Added to My Army!

Hey Everyone,

So, before I start off, I got a question from Nicholas LionRider asking if he could draw my idea. This is completely fine with me, and it even makes me a bit excited to see how players love this idea so much! :-) I am going to try drawing my own version, but please, feel free to draw out any of my ideas, characters, etc. That makes me super happy, and if you send it to my I'll probably post it! :-D

Anywho, so yeah, last night I decided that I was taking Noah GoldHorn to Legendary right there and then. So I did a few side quests followed by half a Solarium run, and BOOM! L E G E N D A R Y CONJURER!!!! However, Noah doesn't have any of his gear yet, which, of course makes me uber sad xD So I'll be doing a lot of Trial of the Spheres runs, so if you wanna come along, by all means, fell free to come along and join me!

Anyway, I'm starting Luke up again! x dusts of and puts on shiner x :-D I'm so happy to finally be playing my main again! I just love the Fire School, especially when it's really cold like it is now! But yeah, I've also been doing some pet training with Madame Jackson (son of Madame Jack ;-D ). He got to teen last night, and manifested Fire Power ( +% of Fire Attack), so grats to Madame Jackson! I'm really hoping he gets spritely! GO MADAME JACKSON!

Yeah, I believe Luke is in the Grotto (I got started on him a little while ago, but was waiting for a friend to come back to the game after a break, but I've decided to progress anyway :-/ ). So yeah, I will soon be seeing stars in the District of the Stars! Next will probably come Diana, then Gilroy, and finally Patrick. You know, it's kinda funny, cause Patrick was my first character in the Test Realm, but now he is going to be the last character).

Lastly, I attended Ravenwood Radio last night. It was awesome, so grats to those guys! :-D I couldn't stay long for the after party, but the podcast was awesome! Ok, I gotta jet guys, I'll see YOU in the Spiral (ON LUKE OF COURSE! :-D ),


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tough Times

Hey Everyone,

So I've been going through a rough spot lately. I feel like the whole world is against me anymore (except for my awesome friends ITS ;-) ). Bad things have just been happening to me lately, I don't know.

So yeah, there's nothing really for me to report, except for three things:

1. Last Night I mixed my Helephant with Sako's (Wolf IceHunter ;-P ) Sea Dragon. I am really hoping for Spritely. But yeah, the pedigree is 61! I was like :-O O. O xD

2. I found Noah's look for when he gets his level 58 gear. He's going to have the Archaeologist look for the hat, the Centurian Armor look (I love that look by the way) for the robe, and I like the Archaeologist look for the boots. I seem to love the combonation of the Centurian Armor Robe with the Archaeologist Boots. It's something I discovered back in the TR ;-P.

3. Valdus now has all his Legendary Gear except for his hat, which is dropped by Mithraya. He also recently became Legendary (not sure if I posted that last bit before).

So yeah, sorry guys for not having a lot of info, but I haven't been myself lately. I'm sure I'll cheer up. Thanks for reading and I'll see you in the Spiral.


P.S: Special thanks to Dustin MoonCatcher and Cassandra LifeCaster for trying to help me cheer up ;-).

P.S.S: Happy December :-)