Monday, December 20, 2010

Through Celestia I Go Yo

Hey Everyone,

So I blogged since last Thursday O_O. I think it was due to all the drama that's been going on around Skype. However, I can safely say that everything has been sorted out, and there will be no more drama, at least for a while. :D

So, I haven't been doing much ITS lately. Over the weekend I did get the chance to do a few things. Stormy Wiz, child of Icy Wiz, had a party, so I attended that, and it was pretty hacking awesome :D. I also have been working on gardening. My 1st genereation garden has now grown elder on me, so I started another garden, except this is more of a forest than a garden :D. It consists of mostly Helephant Ears, followed up by Silver Trumpet Vines I've endlessly been getting in Celestia, and lastly one tiny King Parsley deep at the end of the forest. So yeah, that's pretty cool and stuff :D.

I have also been progressing in Celestia! Luke is now finishing up the Science Center. All he has left is to beat up some Aqua Bots, open some gates, face the dude with the wierd name, and BOOM! Crustacean Empire! Woooo! So yeah, I'm really excited about almost reaching Efreet. I'm currently level 56.

I'm pretty sure that's it for today. Well, except for the fact that Massively is giving away 7 EPIC BUNDLES TODAY! WOOOO!!! If you haven't entered, go to thier site and try to find it (I would give you a link, but the school computer blocks the site >.<). All you have to do is comment saying if you are a veteran or a new player, and of course you must have a username, and you will be entered into the random drawing. So, if you haven't already entered, ENTER BEFORE 2:00!!!!!

Ok, gots ta go! Bye!


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