Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gardening Comes Live!

Hey Everyone,

So, today gardening is going live! w00t! They were making the updates late last night. My favorite change with this update is the fact that not only will level 58 gear be tradeable, but it will be auctionable too! Now, many people don't like this change. It's probably because we're used to working for our best gear, and now it can just be handed to us with gold and the luck of the Bazaar. I personally like this change. No, not because I'm lazy (however true that is ;D). This is what I mainly want to talk about today; Auctionable 58 Gear V.S. Non-Auctionable 58 Gear.

So, let's talk about Non-Auctionable level 58 gear first. This is what we are used to; No Auction items that are amazing. So, why should the level 58 gear be No Auction? Well, it is the best gear you can currently get in-game (unless they are implementing new level 60 gear :D). Also, when the best gear is No Auction, you gotta work for it. Sometimes, it's no easy task *cough cough Noah GoldHorn*, but you may get luckly and get your items very fast *cough cough Valdus*. It shows that you are dedicated to the game and worked hard to get where you are now. Also, our level 50 gear was not auctionable, why is our level 58 gear auctionable?

So that's really all I can think of for why it should be No Auction. Let's look at the reasons for changing them to Auctionable. When the best gear is Auctionable, players that dont have much luck or much time on thier hands can get their gear faster AND easier. Also, with the level 50 gear, notice many of the differences. It gave resist to your own school. It also gave (unless you are Balance) your Rank 6. The level 58 gear does not give your Rank 7 or 8 spell (how cool would that be! :D) It doesn't give resist to your own school, and look at the level. Technically speaking, it's still "GrandMaster Gear". You are still a GrandMaster wizard at level 58. The only thing the level 58 gear gives (besides the boost on other stats) is critical chance and critical block chance. So shouldn't this be good enough reason to make it Non-Auctionable? No, because there is auctionable gear that gives critical block AND critical chance. Also, for people that have two accounts, if I get the Ice Hate, I can always Bazaar snipe that to Valdus now.

Obviously, I'm for Auctionable level 58 gear. You're opinion is what you'd like it to be :)

See ya in the Spiral,


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