Monday, December 13, 2010

Forgive Forget and Move On

Hey Everyone,

So, like many other wizards, I don't wanna talk too much about yesterday. It was bad. Let's just say, in the end, everything ended happily ever after. No one is really mad at each other anymore, so that's definitely good :). For those that I offened with the last post, I'm REALLY sorry, so to show my respect I took the post down. It was wrong of me to post that. I originally meant to it to be an apology and a confession, but it turned into an ignorant and horrible post. So yeah, sorry to everyone who was offended. I hope everyone forgives me, I will forgive anyone who asks for forgiveness, and I am choosing to forget and move on, so I hope everyone else chooses to do the same. :D

One last note about the movie which has somewhat to do with yesterday, I am not sure if it will be made/if it will be delayed, because me and Cassandra LifeCaster got into a little spat yesterday. But again, I ask her forgiveness, if she wants to be forgiven I am more than happy to, and we can forget and move on.

Ok, enough about this. Let's actually talk Wizard101. :) So, I don't think there is any REAL news to talk about that has been happening in-game. This morning, Luke harvested his first Elder Plant (It was a Honey Sickle :) ). He is now rank a Rank Three Gardener. I'm really hooked on Gardening, so thanks KingsIsle for coming up with it :D. When talking about Celestia, I have made it to the Floating Lands on Luke. He is about level 53, and he is about to talk to the talking Water Fall Dude :).

Ok, I gotta get going. See ya in the Spiral,


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  1. I would like it if everyone on Wizard101 on a blog would just please stop talking about personal issues such as fighting and arguing. Blogging is meant to be for a group of people that enjoy comman intrists in this case W101 so please no more fighting on a blog. Luke feel more the welcome to post this on the blog. Nicholas LionRider