Thursday, December 2, 2010

Another Legendary Wizard Added to My Army!

Hey Everyone,

So, before I start off, I got a question from Nicholas LionRider asking if he could draw my idea. This is completely fine with me, and it even makes me a bit excited to see how players love this idea so much! :-) I am going to try drawing my own version, but please, feel free to draw out any of my ideas, characters, etc. That makes me super happy, and if you send it to my I'll probably post it! :-D

Anywho, so yeah, last night I decided that I was taking Noah GoldHorn to Legendary right there and then. So I did a few side quests followed by half a Solarium run, and BOOM! L E G E N D A R Y CONJURER!!!! However, Noah doesn't have any of his gear yet, which, of course makes me uber sad xD So I'll be doing a lot of Trial of the Spheres runs, so if you wanna come along, by all means, fell free to come along and join me!

Anyway, I'm starting Luke up again! x dusts of and puts on shiner x :-D I'm so happy to finally be playing my main again! I just love the Fire School, especially when it's really cold like it is now! But yeah, I've also been doing some pet training with Madame Jackson (son of Madame Jack ;-D ). He got to teen last night, and manifested Fire Power ( +% of Fire Attack), so grats to Madame Jackson! I'm really hoping he gets spritely! GO MADAME JACKSON!

Yeah, I believe Luke is in the Grotto (I got started on him a little while ago, but was waiting for a friend to come back to the game after a break, but I've decided to progress anyway :-/ ). So yeah, I will soon be seeing stars in the District of the Stars! Next will probably come Diana, then Gilroy, and finally Patrick. You know, it's kinda funny, cause Patrick was my first character in the Test Realm, but now he is going to be the last character).

Lastly, I attended Ravenwood Radio last night. It was awesome, so grats to those guys! :-D I couldn't stay long for the after party, but the podcast was awesome! Ok, I gotta jet guys, I'll see YOU in the Spiral (ON LUKE OF COURSE! :-D ),


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