Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just Some Life Updates...

Hey All,

So, I can't really finds anything to talk about *crickets*, SOOOO, I'm going to talk about Diana's progress!

Well, recently I got a Storm Dancer! :D It was given to Diana, and she will love it! It hasn't hatched yet soo yeah, lol. She'll have to switch between her Defender Pig and her Storm Dancer now xD.

Diana also just got Seraph, and not too soon! She was really suffering. All she had was Nature's Wraith, and I'm glad to see something helpful xD

Well thats pretty much it for this short post. Take care everyone,


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Spells; What's The Deal?

Hey Everyone,

So, a lot of people have been curious as to new spells that will be coming out soon, and also the fact of new spells even being released. So I though I'd spin my own opinion off ya.

Even though no one really knows for sure besides KingsIsle, I DO think we will get new spells. Here is why:

1. Even though we're going to have Astral Magic, we're going to need stronger spells to fight off stronger monsters.

2. It seems like, ever since Level 18, we get spells every 10 levels. So, at 58, we'll probably get a School only quest. I do think though, instead of new pets, we should get school specific mounts.

Ok, yesterday, my good friends Wolf IceHunter and Blaine StormMender sat down with me and discussed some new spells we think will come with Celestia. So I'm going to post our list. The first spell will be trainable (meaning all schools can learn it as long as they have learned Helephant for Fire, Ice Colossus for Ice, Stormzilla for Storm, etc.). The second spell will be the class specific spell, and will have the mount in the description under Reward. So, let's start with my favorite class, FIRE!


1. Volcano: Costs 7 pips, accuracy 75%; a giant volcano springs up in the middle of the field and attacks all, does 550 damage to all enemies.

2. Fire Salamander (and no, not Mander lol): costs 7 pips, accuracy 75%; A burning fire is in the center of battle, and out of it comes a newt-looking Fire Salamander. It stands on two legs to make itself look really tall, and it shoots a fire blast doing 750 damage, and 100 damage over three rounds. Reward from this quest: A Fire Salamander Mount.


1. Abominable Snowman: Costs 7 pips, accuracy 85%; A snowy mountain appears and an Abominable Snowman snowboards down it. He then picks up a ball of snow, and hits 1 player for 700 damage.

2. The Ever-Winter: Costs 7 pips, accuracy 85%; a horrible snow storm appears, encasing everyone in a block of ice, and does 500 damage to each player, as well as doing 300 damage over three rounds. Reward for quest: A Snowboard Mount (A now board with ice designs on it, and ice always appearing under it. Also, colors are customizable. Ice School Only)


1. Voltage: costs 7 pips, accuracy 50%; An ocean appears in the center of the battlefield, and a lightning strike comes down, cause an electrical current in the waves, does 600 damage to all players and does 100 damage over three rounds.

2. Megabolt: costs 4 pips, accuracy -5%; A purplish tremendous lightning bolt comes down on the enemy causing 2,000 damage. Reward for completing quest line: Storm Cloud Mount (A dark cloud with thunder blots coming out from the bottom, Storm class only).


1. Chimera: 6 pips, accuracy 85%; A chimera jumps into battle. With it's goat head, it does 220 Life damage, with it's Lion head, 220 Myth damage, and with it's snake head, it does 220 Death damage.

2. Desert's Curse: costs 3 pips, accuracy 100%; A Global spell that improves Balance attacks by 25%. Reward from quest: A Chimera mount (A Lion with a second head of a goat and a tail that is the head of a snake, Balance class only).


1. (First, I'd like to note that this idea is not mine, but I like the spell, and the stats I am making up.) Poison Ivy: costs 4 pips, accuracy 90%; A green woman with red hair pops up onto the field. Her arms turn into leafy vines, and she hits 1 enemy with them, doing 300 damage. the enemy takes 180 damage over three rounds.

2. Stampede: costs 7 pips, accuracy 90%; A few trees appear on the battlefield, and a rumble is heard. Then, a stampede of all types of animals charges at all enemies, doing 600 damage to each. Reward for this quest: A Centaur mount (A Centaur carrying his bow, Life class only).


1. Nemian Lion: costs 7 pips, accuracy 80%; The legendary Nemian Lion pops up in the middle of the battlefield. He does a tremendous roar and scratches the opponent, doing 600 damage.

2. Medusa: costs 7 pips, accuracy 80%; A garden of statues appears and Medusa crawls out from a statue. Her snake hair bites everyone, doing 100 damage. Then, she turns everyone to stone, and the stone explodes and comes back to hit the players (Kinda like Centaur), doing 600 damage. Reward for completing this quest: A Nemion Lion Mount (A giant lion with brown curly, shiny fur, Myth class only).


1. The Black Plague: costs 7 pips, accuracy 85%; A few crates drop onto the field. The crates explode, and infected rats come out of the crates. They bite each player for 490 damage. Each player takes 200 damage over time.

2. Possession: costs 7 pips, accuracy 85%; An evil demon appears in the battlefield and posses the enemy, doing 500 damage and enemy is Beguiled for three of his/her moves. Reward for quest: A Vampire Bat Mount (A giant bat with huge fangs, Death Only).

Ok, that's my list! I hope you all like it! It took us a long time to think of all these, and some of the damages might still be off. I don't really want to see any spells with 8 pips, because I don't think it's exactly fair, especially if the spell is trainable. See ya all soon!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Back From the Land of Unavailable!

Hey Everyone,

So I'm back from the land of Unavailable! To those of you who have tried to reach me, I'm sorry I haven't been able to contact you.

So yeah, since I haven't really been able to do anything in the past couple of days, I don't really have anything to talk about...


O. O

Ok... well, I'll see you all tomorrow with some good news (hopefully). Till then,


Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hey Everyone,

So, I think the title made it pretty obvious that I got a second GrandMaster! Noah GoldHorn became a GrandMaster Conjurer last evening! So far he has his Grandmaster Ring, Athame, Robe, and Boots, thanks to his good friend Kiley Dusk (AKA Paige Whisper). I've been farming Yeva SpiderKeeper for 6+ hours. Anyway, here is Noah:

You know, Myth was a very, very, very tough school for me, but in the end, it was kinda rewarding. Not only is the Orthrus pet cool (which was the whole reason why I chose Myth, lol), but the spell is very powerful too. I also like the style of the Grand gear; I actually think, for once, that the gear style is awesome.

Anyway, my Tempest Hound hatched, and it's a hit. People love it, and I do too. I tried mixing my Orthrus with a Satyr today, but I got another Orthrus :/ Ah well, a cool housing item.

Anyway, I also decided that Diana GoldHorn, Noah and Luke's sister, will be training at the same time as their cousin, Gilroy SkullFlame. She will be training with her BFFL, Ryan StormCatcher. As for Gilroy, he will be training with Fallon Dawn, and his Fire and Balance friend.

So that's pretty much it today. See you soon!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SOME BIG NEWS (well, for me anyway)

Hey All,

So I'm really happy right now! I GOT ORTHRUS YESTERDAY! :D

My pet just hatched this morning (I call gim Sammy I: hehe).

An I mixed with my Stormzilla, and I got ...!!!!



I'm so excited! I have three mixes! I know, it might not sound like much to you, but its awesome for me! Also, Noah is now level 49 and is in the Crystal Grove.

Ok, I really got to go, I just wanted to update you guys. Oh, I've also chosen my next school!


DEATH! I was going to do Life, but Death looks so dang awesome! Ok, talk to you guys later!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm Back... Hoepfully

Hey Everyone,

So, I'm sorry I haven't been blogging. While I have been online, I have been worrying about the LNW podcast as well as Noah. I promise though, all the craziness should be done and over with by now, and you can expect to hear from me more often... hopefully.

So let me tell you about Noah. As of late last night (around 2:00 A.M EST), Noah dinged 47! OMG! So much closer to Orthrus! I have vowed that once my Orthrus hatches and as soon as I level him to adult, Noah has enough gold to mix, so I'm gonna mix my Stormzilla with him. I'm aiming to get the Tempest Hound:

Click the image to open in full size.
I know, isn't it epic?! Oh I have some other exciting news! Yesterday, Mycin mixed his Stormzilla with his friend, Paige Whisper's, Wraith, AND THEY BOTH GOT THE TEMPEST PET!:

Click the image to open in full size.

SQUEELS! What are the chance?!?!?!?!(I've actually counted that it was about 1/16th of a chance of us both getting THAT hybrid). I'm so excited to start showing it off and training it, and I've decided it will go on my Death, since it does give one Wraith card.

Ok, that's about all that's been happening. I'll see you guys in the Spiral!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Quick Update! YIKES!

Hey All,

So, I have about five minutes to write this little update about Noah; are you ready? Go:

Ok, so Noah has been questing in Mooshu lately, doing all of the side quests first and doing all of the story quests last; this is very handy for two reasons:

1. The early Exp.

2. I won't have to worry about side quests later

So, currently Noah is starting side quests in Village of Sorrow. I was very surprised that when I face Tomugawa, I got his blade (not even knowing that he dropped one, lol xD ). He is level 41, and after completing one more side quest he will be level 42 and receive Earthquake! Yay! I'm really wondering how it will effect my playing style...

Mycin has been farming and has leveled his Stormzilla to Adult (it now may cast a storm trap) and he is planning on mixing with his friend, Kiley Dusk's, wraith. They are aiming for a tempest, but a Grimzilla is cool too.

Ok, I really got to go. I'm so sorry about this, and I hope everyone is having a good weekend!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Myth School; The School of Brains

Hey Everyone,

So, like I said before, I'm sorry its taking me so long to post. I've been busy with the podcast and with training Noah (which is what I really want to talk about today).

Oh, just to let you all know, Late Night Radio will be going LIVE to practice new software, as well as test an in game meet up! The meet up is not an after party, it is during the show, because we want to test how it would work, since we are going to host a red carpet event for the Yearbook awards @ LNW. Here are the times for Friday, and for our first offical LIVE show (Saturday night, and for EST people, Sunday morning) :

Friday Night EST: 11:00 P.M. Sunday Morning EST: 12:00 A.M. (Midnight)

Friday Night CST (Central Standard Time): 10:00 P.M Saturday Night CST: 11:00 P.M.

Friday Night MST (Mountain Standard Time): 9:00 P.M. Saturday Night MST: 10:00 P.M.
Friday Night PST (Pacific Standard Time): 8:00 P.M. Saturday Night PST: 9:00 P.M.

There will be an after party for Saturday Night's show, and we will begin @ Golem Court, Unicorn, Area 1 (the meet up on Friday will be @the same place).

Ok, so, let's talk Myth! To me, Myth is one of the hardest schools I've ever done (and I'll probably post a poll soon asking you which school you think was the hardest). So far though, Balance is keeping the lead for hardest school. Life people, however, tell me that Life is brutal because you can't solo anything, but I mean, come on, who DOESN'T want to pair up with a Life wizard.

So, I've decided my next character will be a Life character. Her name is Diana GoldHorn (in fact, I don't think she has changed much since I took that banner shot up at the top). I named her after my mom (awww), and I've decided to name half of my characters with the last name GoldHorn for two reasons:

1. It's easier for people to find me.

2. One day, I'd like to have one GoldHorn from every school (on my "new" account, even though I haven't really done anything yet, my Ice's name is Valdus GoldHorn).

Now, before I get back into Myth, I'd just like to share something about what happened when I was playing W101 last nigh. I helped Fallon ShadowBlade's and Valdus SoulPyre's Fire alts beat Malistare! W00t! I'd just like to say awesome job for those two.

Anyway, so, sorry to dis all yous Myth Lovers, but Myth ain't got no style. Lol, sorry for the bad grammar, was just trying to make a point. Anyways, yeah, sorry myth, your style of clothing is horrendous! Especially in Mooshu! Noah literally looks like a hobo with an easter basket on his head! Rofl xD

Ok. so I have to get questing again. I'll talk to all of you soon!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Haven't Been Around, Might Be A Little Longer...

Hey Everyone,

So I know, I haven't been blogging, and I'm sorry. I'll let you know what I've been up to:

1. Late Night Radio: So, for Late Night Wizards, I helped them make a LIVE podcast! This is very exciting news for me, because I am very lucky to have the chance of co-host! So, I'll be LIVE on the podcast! To check it out, go to, or you can just clicky clicky HERE (I manage the blog site for the podcast).

2. Leveling Up Noah: So, I've been so busy trying to level up Noah! He is just about 35, and I really love his Minotaur. He has every MarleyBone quest completed and is currently in the first area of Mooshu. He's having a difficult time however due to the large number of myth enemies.

I've also mixed Madame Jack (my Helephant) with someone else's Defender Pig! W00t! I LOOOOVVVVEEE that pet! That Dryad is amazing! So yeah, if you haven't guessed, Diana GoldHorn will be the lucky winner of that pet. I'm going to try my hardest to at least have him at Ancient (he is at adult as of right now), and he already know Pip O' Plenty (which is currently at +2%) and Spell Prof (Which is currently at +3% to all attacks, and it is also an Epic talent! :D ).

Also, I'd like to say GET WELL SOON(!!!!!) to The Pet Master! He recently went to the hospital, and I would like you all to keep him in your thoughts and raise your wands to salute him.

Ok, so I don't know when the next time is that I will post, but I'll see you all soon!


***EDIT: The site for the LNW is, however the site will be changed too because they are buying a domain name. Yeah, Central gave them the boot :(***

Friday, July 9, 2010

Looking at Update Notes, Noticed Some Stuffs...

Hey Everyone,

So, I was looking at the update notes HERE, and I noticed something fairly odd...

KI said that the Pre-Celestial quests ARE NOT mandatory? o. O Wasn't that the whole point?

I think the main reason is for the mean old Spiral Geographic Warehouse. See, I still wanted to do the quest, it's just, I wanted them to make the last boss easier. Ah well ? . ?

Ok, I'm going onto the live realm to check the updates out, peace!


Hey Everyone,

So, as not to bombard you with posts every hour, I'm just going to edit this post, especially because it's not going to be that long:

DID ANYONE ELSE SEE THE NEW BLADE AND MOUNT IN THE CROWN SHOP?! Oh my gosh, Friendly is going to FREAK! As to the exact names, I don't know, but the mount is a unicorn, and there is also a new sword (I believe it is called a Celetial Sword?). I bought the sword, but I'm going to have to wait until next Friday (I'm getting a $50 order of crowns then) to get the mount, and possibly the GH house.

Oh, and I also hatched a pet with a dude's wraith, and I was very disappointed. I'm 99% sure I got another Helephant, but hey, whatcha gonna do? I almost have enough gold to do it again, and this time I want to try with a Colossus, so all you Ice peeps get your Ice Colossuses to adult (or higher :D ), and get around 40,000 gold. See ya later,


LNW Possible Podcasts

Hey Everyone,

Well, there's a half hour countdown as of now until the updates, so what am I going to do? I'll tell you what I'm going to do; I'm going to blog!

So LNW (Late Night Wizards) si starting to make a podcast. For those of you that checked out the site, I hope you found it. It isn't much now, because they're just getting started, but I'm trying to help them become a live podcast! I'll announce when it is live, but as for now, we don't know.

Ok, good luck in the updates!


P.S: I'm glad the LNWs are checking out my blog :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Live Updates Are Coming...TONIGHT!

Hey All,

So, I just launched the W101 launcher (because I just got back from work, it was awesome ;) ), and I saw that there is scheduled maintenance from 3:00-6:00 A.M. Central, and they DO say that updates will be made! W00t! I'll have enough gold to mix (because the prices are being cut IN HALF! O:)!

Not to mention those Pre-Celestial Quests...



I didn't really like those, in particular, the Gauntlet of MarleyBone (aka Spiral Geographic Society WareHouse). I really hope them make that a BIT easier. You see, as long as you know that right moves to make, it's easy up to the last 2 bosses; then I lose. xD

Ah well. Time to round up some awesome peeps. Anyone in tomorrow?


LNWS Project

Hey Everyone,

I think I've blogged the most I ever had, lol. Anyways, I'm starting a project, and I want anyone who's interested in on it!

Ok, so, I just told you guys about what happened with LNW (Late Night Wizards; if you haven't seen the post, look below). Well, I'm going to try to start a project called LNWS (Late Night Wizard Supporters)!!!

So, what exactly is LNWS??? Well, I'm going to try to get together a group of people to make an official badge that bloggers, fan site owners; anyone can use the badge to show that they support Late Night Wizards and what has happened to them.

So let me know if you'd like to join in. You can contact me @, or @! Thanks everyone!


Late Night Wizards... Small World

Hey Everyone,

So, with summer, I've been beginning to post randomly throughout the day, lol. Anyways, I want to talk to y'all about a few things I've been getting into:

1. Late Night Wizards: If anyone can make this story more clear, please post a comment. All I have heard is that, because they have their own site (like many other groups on Central, including Wizened Wizards) W101 Central has forced them to shut down their group there on Central. I REALLY know how this feels, especially because the SAME EXACT thing happened to me. So I am in full support of them, and you should really check out their site HERE (or

2. Wandcast: They have a show tonight (that I won't be able to make; first day of work :/). I really suggest you check it out at It is a really awesome podcast!

Ok, ttyl!


New Email

Hey Everyone,

So, I have a new email for a blog. It's (gmail was giving me a hard time). You can still email me at my other email,, but there's just another email. :)


Farming- What's Your Style?

Hey Everyone,

So, I really wanna mix my Helephant, Hydra, or Stormzilla with someone, but I need gold. I have about 60,000 gold. So, how am I trying to raise my gold amount?

That's right, I'm farming! Now, for those of you that are sort of new to the game and think farming means you go to your house and make crops, don't feel bad, lol. When I played WoW, and I was new, and when someone was trying to sell a crafted item to me, they said I needed the "mats", and I thought they meant that I needed different types of rugs, lol. It actually meant MATerials for crafting xD

So, FARMING- When you repeatedly kill a boss over and over again for what gear he drops so you can sell them and make uber bucks.

Now, there are tons of people to farm- Newer people like to farm Lord NightShade, Meowiarty, and Katz, but higher level people usually like to go for people like Oyotomi(? Don't think I spelled that right, but he is in the Village of Sorrow; Balance people, make that a definite farming boss. He drops a killer Balance robe.), Malistare, Kraysys, Yeva, Jotun, The Ravens, Victor SnowCrusher, Avalanche, Humonuclus, And the Gurtoks at The Great Spyre, as well as anyone that I missed that drops good swords and/or GrandMaster gear. What have I been doing for farming?

Well, I have been farming Oyotomi, a bit of Kraysys (because Pat still needs his Balance GrandMaster Hat), and I have been finishing my quests in RavenScar so I can face the four birds. I hear you have to have around 100,000 gold to mix, so I better get working lol.

But before I go, I'd like to hear from you; Who do you think is the best person to farm?

Ok, I gots some work to do. I'll see you in the Spiral.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Polls Are IN!!!!!

Hey Everyone,

So, the results of the poll are in if you haven't checked. I thought I'd take the time to go over everything with you! :D

Ok, so it looks like Fire won the favorite School of Magic poll! Whooo! I have to honestly say, however, that I truly think either Storm or Life deserved it. Fire isn't all the special, well, besides all the bosses we can use quench on :)

Ok, and the second poll was about blog info. You guys said that I should try to cover everything I can. This has really inspired me. I'm going to try my best :D

So that's it for now. I'll be sure to give you an awesome, fun packed post tomorrow!


Super Duper Muper Awesome Sauceum Blogpost! I'm Back!


Ok, so, I messed up (Well, not really). I wound up not having internet connection. Long story short, I was lied to, lol *growls at people with locked WiFi*

Ok, so, as the title says, I having a super AWESOME post to give you guys today!

So, let's start with my trip! I have some awesome things to talk about! South Carolina was... eh, but Myrtle Beach was AWESOME (I know, technically speaking, they're the same thing). We drove down there, so that was like, 12 hours in the car! xD On our way down there, we stopped at this tourist attraction called South of the Border. It was, honestly in my opinion disgusting, but somewhat fascinating; for example, this:

By the way, I want to apologize in advance: I took these pictures with my phone, and my phone has no flash and it also looks blurry. I just wanted fast uploading from the camera to the internet (from my phone I could send the picture without even being near the computer). Anyway, back on topic; they had a giant, random sombrero that you could ride up to the top and look around. ... I= hehe. Like I said, South Carolina, you're very... um... random.

Anyways, once we got down there, I got these awesome 70's glasses! I LOVE them!

Hehe, it's my new picture on FB. Anyways, yeah, so I had lots of beach, sun, water, sand, ice cream, arcade, nice dinners, etc. We didn't really get to do MANY attractions, which kinda disappointed me :/...

BUT I did get to do THE BEST attraction there! This is at a place called Broadway at the Beach. They had a bunch of awesome stuff (including an awesome ropes course that I did EVERY obsticle! :D I was so proud of myself, hehe)! But this, by far I think is the coolest thing eva!

You ready for this awesomeness?


I don't think you are




Ok, I'll stop stalling, hehe. I WENT ON MAGIQUEST! That's right, you heard me! Let me explain a bit more:

Magiquest is an attraction where you are given a wand and you go on quests and adventures! The adventures are more like quests, and the quests are more like gathering missions. When you do adventures, you get simple rewards such as jewels and gold. But when you do quests, you get these things called RUNES. These runes give you magical spells to help you on your journies. For example, Here are the runes I have collected: (Oh, before I go into this, let me briefly explain something: They had classes as well, like how we have Fire, Ice, Storm, etc. I was Majestic, which was like W101's Life. There was also the Shadow clan, aka Death, the Trixter clan, the Woodsy clan, which at first I could have sworn to be Life, and the Warrior Clan, aka Storm. Oh, and also, in this place, they call wizards Magi, which is pretty awesome. Ok, with that said, here are the runes I've earned: )

1. The Lightning Rune (A Warrior Rune; casts a lightning bolt)
2. The Healing Rune (A Majestic Rune; Heals a creature or another Magi)
3. The Dazzle Rune (Lights a way)
4. The Shield Rune (Shields from damage)
5. The Music Rune (A Trixter Rune; produces the sound of music to daze your opponet)
6. The Enchant Creature Rune (A Woodsy Rune; enchants/heals a wild creature)
7. The Distract Rune (A Shadow Rune; Distracts opponet)
8. The Rune of Protection (Protects against another spell)
9. The Reveal Rune (Unveils the invisible)
10. The Portal Rune (Allows the Magi to open portals)
11. The Rune of Freezing (Freezes an object)
12. The Ice Arrow Rune (Casts an Ice Arrow, used to beat last boss, Charlock- yes, a dragon)
13. The Master Magi Rune (Declares you as a Master Magi!)

Ok, before I begin to ramble, check out these pictures:

My Wand and "Ancient Book of Wisdom"

This was kinda like the W101 Commons; This area is called the Quest Stones. Guess Why?

THIS WAS ONE OF MY FAVORITE PLACES! You could battle a monster in there.

This was a really interesting part of the place; the castle, where the Princess was.

This is the Tree House where "The Pixie" resided.

Ok, I took a picture of the Map of the place so you weren't too lost, lol.

Ok, lol, so now that I just bombared you with all of these pictures of MagiQuest, I just want to get the last part of my trip. Its nothing really, just that I got this awesome picture of a Fire Work:

I just really liked ut, hehe. Anyways, so I really wish KI would take a few ideas from this MagiQuest (by the way thats Mahg-eye-quest).

So, first on the list, the whole animated world. I would kill, I repeat, KILL to go in a simulated W101 world! How awesome would it be to go to Mooshu, or DragonSpyre, or MarleyBone, or, for the matter, Celestia?!?! O: *mouth waters* just the whole idea that I could cast a spell irl is awesome!

The second thing I'd like KI to look at: a castle. I would REALLY love KI to make a castle in WizardCity where we can explore. Well, if we ever get guilds in KI, maybe we can have them there? The Crypt and the Treehouse is also cool too. In fact, it would be super cool to make a Transylvania type world; with vampires and werewolves and stuff.

Ok, I WAS going to talk about what's been happening lately, but I have a feeling this post would be too long (as it already is). If you'd like to check out MagiQuest, you can go to their website, or, if you happen to be in/ live in/or near Myrtle Beach, go to Broadway at the Beach. I highly suggest everyone who gets the chance to try it; kid or adult!

See ya around,


P.S: I promise, no more vacations, at least, for a while, lol.