Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hey Everyone,

So, I think the title made it pretty obvious that I got a second GrandMaster! Noah GoldHorn became a GrandMaster Conjurer last evening! So far he has his Grandmaster Ring, Athame, Robe, and Boots, thanks to his good friend Kiley Dusk (AKA Paige Whisper). I've been farming Yeva SpiderKeeper for 6+ hours. Anyway, here is Noah:

You know, Myth was a very, very, very tough school for me, but in the end, it was kinda rewarding. Not only is the Orthrus pet cool (which was the whole reason why I chose Myth, lol), but the spell is very powerful too. I also like the style of the Grand gear; I actually think, for once, that the gear style is awesome.

Anyway, my Tempest Hound hatched, and it's a hit. People love it, and I do too. I tried mixing my Orthrus with a Satyr today, but I got another Orthrus :/ Ah well, a cool housing item.

Anyway, I also decided that Diana GoldHorn, Noah and Luke's sister, will be training at the same time as their cousin, Gilroy SkullFlame. She will be training with her BFFL, Ryan StormCatcher. As for Gilroy, he will be training with Fallon Dawn, and his Fire and Balance friend.

So that's pretty much it today. See you soon!


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