Thursday, July 8, 2010

Late Night Wizards... Small World

Hey Everyone,

So, with summer, I've been beginning to post randomly throughout the day, lol. Anyways, I want to talk to y'all about a few things I've been getting into:

1. Late Night Wizards: If anyone can make this story more clear, please post a comment. All I have heard is that, because they have their own site (like many other groups on Central, including Wizened Wizards) W101 Central has forced them to shut down their group there on Central. I REALLY know how this feels, especially because the SAME EXACT thing happened to me. So I am in full support of them, and you should really check out their site HERE (or

2. Wandcast: They have a show tonight (that I won't be able to make; first day of work :/). I really suggest you check it out at It is a really awesome podcast!

Ok, ttyl!



  1. This comment is regarding Late Night Wizards:
    First of all thank you for supporting us. I am the leader of LNW. Basically we were told that we either had to give up our new site or our group in w101central. A lot of work had already been done on the site, so it would've been a huge set back for us. We were only given about 6 hrs to decide, so we chose to keep the website.

    Thanks again for supporting us.
    Jennifer Pixieblood
    Leader of Late Night Wizards

  2. Hey just a note...we are NOW :)

  3. At least we can now chat without that annoying F5 Central has .... and it is open to all interested parties.