Saturday, July 17, 2010

Quick Update! YIKES!

Hey All,

So, I have about five minutes to write this little update about Noah; are you ready? Go:

Ok, so Noah has been questing in Mooshu lately, doing all of the side quests first and doing all of the story quests last; this is very handy for two reasons:

1. The early Exp.

2. I won't have to worry about side quests later

So, currently Noah is starting side quests in Village of Sorrow. I was very surprised that when I face Tomugawa, I got his blade (not even knowing that he dropped one, lol xD ). He is level 41, and after completing one more side quest he will be level 42 and receive Earthquake! Yay! I'm really wondering how it will effect my playing style...

Mycin has been farming and has leveled his Stormzilla to Adult (it now may cast a storm trap) and he is planning on mixing with his friend, Kiley Dusk's, wraith. They are aiming for a tempest, but a Grimzilla is cool too.

Ok, I really got to go. I'm so sorry about this, and I hope everyone is having a good weekend!


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