Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Spells; What's The Deal?

Hey Everyone,

So, a lot of people have been curious as to new spells that will be coming out soon, and also the fact of new spells even being released. So I though I'd spin my own opinion off ya.

Even though no one really knows for sure besides KingsIsle, I DO think we will get new spells. Here is why:

1. Even though we're going to have Astral Magic, we're going to need stronger spells to fight off stronger monsters.

2. It seems like, ever since Level 18, we get spells every 10 levels. So, at 58, we'll probably get a School only quest. I do think though, instead of new pets, we should get school specific mounts.

Ok, yesterday, my good friends Wolf IceHunter and Blaine StormMender sat down with me and discussed some new spells we think will come with Celestia. So I'm going to post our list. The first spell will be trainable (meaning all schools can learn it as long as they have learned Helephant for Fire, Ice Colossus for Ice, Stormzilla for Storm, etc.). The second spell will be the class specific spell, and will have the mount in the description under Reward. So, let's start with my favorite class, FIRE!


1. Volcano: Costs 7 pips, accuracy 75%; a giant volcano springs up in the middle of the field and attacks all, does 550 damage to all enemies.

2. Fire Salamander (and no, not Mander lol): costs 7 pips, accuracy 75%; A burning fire is in the center of battle, and out of it comes a newt-looking Fire Salamander. It stands on two legs to make itself look really tall, and it shoots a fire blast doing 750 damage, and 100 damage over three rounds. Reward from this quest: A Fire Salamander Mount.


1. Abominable Snowman: Costs 7 pips, accuracy 85%; A snowy mountain appears and an Abominable Snowman snowboards down it. He then picks up a ball of snow, and hits 1 player for 700 damage.

2. The Ever-Winter: Costs 7 pips, accuracy 85%; a horrible snow storm appears, encasing everyone in a block of ice, and does 500 damage to each player, as well as doing 300 damage over three rounds. Reward for quest: A Snowboard Mount (A now board with ice designs on it, and ice always appearing under it. Also, colors are customizable. Ice School Only)


1. Voltage: costs 7 pips, accuracy 50%; An ocean appears in the center of the battlefield, and a lightning strike comes down, cause an electrical current in the waves, does 600 damage to all players and does 100 damage over three rounds.

2. Megabolt: costs 4 pips, accuracy -5%; A purplish tremendous lightning bolt comes down on the enemy causing 2,000 damage. Reward for completing quest line: Storm Cloud Mount (A dark cloud with thunder blots coming out from the bottom, Storm class only).


1. Chimera: 6 pips, accuracy 85%; A chimera jumps into battle. With it's goat head, it does 220 Life damage, with it's Lion head, 220 Myth damage, and with it's snake head, it does 220 Death damage.

2. Desert's Curse: costs 3 pips, accuracy 100%; A Global spell that improves Balance attacks by 25%. Reward from quest: A Chimera mount (A Lion with a second head of a goat and a tail that is the head of a snake, Balance class only).


1. (First, I'd like to note that this idea is not mine, but I like the spell, and the stats I am making up.) Poison Ivy: costs 4 pips, accuracy 90%; A green woman with red hair pops up onto the field. Her arms turn into leafy vines, and she hits 1 enemy with them, doing 300 damage. the enemy takes 180 damage over three rounds.

2. Stampede: costs 7 pips, accuracy 90%; A few trees appear on the battlefield, and a rumble is heard. Then, a stampede of all types of animals charges at all enemies, doing 600 damage to each. Reward for this quest: A Centaur mount (A Centaur carrying his bow, Life class only).


1. Nemian Lion: costs 7 pips, accuracy 80%; The legendary Nemian Lion pops up in the middle of the battlefield. He does a tremendous roar and scratches the opponent, doing 600 damage.

2. Medusa: costs 7 pips, accuracy 80%; A garden of statues appears and Medusa crawls out from a statue. Her snake hair bites everyone, doing 100 damage. Then, she turns everyone to stone, and the stone explodes and comes back to hit the players (Kinda like Centaur), doing 600 damage. Reward for completing this quest: A Nemion Lion Mount (A giant lion with brown curly, shiny fur, Myth class only).


1. The Black Plague: costs 7 pips, accuracy 85%; A few crates drop onto the field. The crates explode, and infected rats come out of the crates. They bite each player for 490 damage. Each player takes 200 damage over time.

2. Possession: costs 7 pips, accuracy 85%; An evil demon appears in the battlefield and posses the enemy, doing 500 damage and enemy is Beguiled for three of his/her moves. Reward for quest: A Vampire Bat Mount (A giant bat with huge fangs, Death Only).

Ok, that's my list! I hope you all like it! It took us a long time to think of all these, and some of the damages might still be off. I don't really want to see any spells with 8 pips, because I don't think it's exactly fair, especially if the spell is trainable. See ya all soon!


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