Thursday, July 8, 2010

Farming- What's Your Style?

Hey Everyone,

So, I really wanna mix my Helephant, Hydra, or Stormzilla with someone, but I need gold. I have about 60,000 gold. So, how am I trying to raise my gold amount?

That's right, I'm farming! Now, for those of you that are sort of new to the game and think farming means you go to your house and make crops, don't feel bad, lol. When I played WoW, and I was new, and when someone was trying to sell a crafted item to me, they said I needed the "mats", and I thought they meant that I needed different types of rugs, lol. It actually meant MATerials for crafting xD

So, FARMING- When you repeatedly kill a boss over and over again for what gear he drops so you can sell them and make uber bucks.

Now, there are tons of people to farm- Newer people like to farm Lord NightShade, Meowiarty, and Katz, but higher level people usually like to go for people like Oyotomi(? Don't think I spelled that right, but he is in the Village of Sorrow; Balance people, make that a definite farming boss. He drops a killer Balance robe.), Malistare, Kraysys, Yeva, Jotun, The Ravens, Victor SnowCrusher, Avalanche, Humonuclus, And the Gurtoks at The Great Spyre, as well as anyone that I missed that drops good swords and/or GrandMaster gear. What have I been doing for farming?

Well, I have been farming Oyotomi, a bit of Kraysys (because Pat still needs his Balance GrandMaster Hat), and I have been finishing my quests in RavenScar so I can face the four birds. I hear you have to have around 100,000 gold to mix, so I better get working lol.

But before I go, I'd like to hear from you; Who do you think is the best person to farm?

Ok, I gots some work to do. I'll see you in the Spiral.



  1. You spelled Oyotomi right, no worries, although on the Poll on the right side of the screen you spelled it Oyomito, ouch, lol. And I'd recommend you wait till the new updates to hatch, it will be more than HALF as lower ( prices ). I did some Oyotomi farming earlier, didn't get that much gold from selling and I did an hour, I personally think farming him is a little overrated xD

  2. Yeah lol. I fixed the post, but forgot about the poll, lol. I'll get on it ;)