Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Super Duper Muper Awesome Sauceum Blogpost! I'm Back!


Ok, so, I messed up (Well, not really). I wound up not having internet connection. Long story short, I was lied to, lol *growls at people with locked WiFi*

Ok, so, as the title says, I having a super AWESOME post to give you guys today!

So, let's start with my trip! I have some awesome things to talk about! South Carolina was... eh, but Myrtle Beach was AWESOME (I know, technically speaking, they're the same thing). We drove down there, so that was like, 12 hours in the car! xD On our way down there, we stopped at this tourist attraction called South of the Border. It was, honestly in my opinion disgusting, but somewhat fascinating; for example, this:

By the way, I want to apologize in advance: I took these pictures with my phone, and my phone has no flash and it also looks blurry. I just wanted fast uploading from the camera to the internet (from my phone I could send the picture without even being near the computer). Anyway, back on topic; they had a giant, random sombrero that you could ride up to the top and look around. ... I= hehe. Like I said, South Carolina, you're very... um... random.

Anyways, once we got down there, I got these awesome 70's glasses! I LOVE them!

Hehe, it's my new picture on FB. Anyways, yeah, so I had lots of beach, sun, water, sand, ice cream, arcade, nice dinners, etc. We didn't really get to do MANY attractions, which kinda disappointed me :/...

BUT I did get to do THE BEST attraction there! This is at a place called Broadway at the Beach. They had a bunch of awesome stuff (including an awesome ropes course that I did EVERY obsticle! :D I was so proud of myself, hehe)! But this, by far I think is the coolest thing eva!

You ready for this awesomeness?


I don't think you are




Ok, I'll stop stalling, hehe. I WENT ON MAGIQUEST! That's right, you heard me! Let me explain a bit more:

Magiquest is an attraction where you are given a wand and you go on quests and adventures! The adventures are more like quests, and the quests are more like gathering missions. When you do adventures, you get simple rewards such as jewels and gold. But when you do quests, you get these things called RUNES. These runes give you magical spells to help you on your journies. For example, Here are the runes I have collected: (Oh, before I go into this, let me briefly explain something: They had classes as well, like how we have Fire, Ice, Storm, etc. I was Majestic, which was like W101's Life. There was also the Shadow clan, aka Death, the Trixter clan, the Woodsy clan, which at first I could have sworn to be Life, and the Warrior Clan, aka Storm. Oh, and also, in this place, they call wizards Magi, which is pretty awesome. Ok, with that said, here are the runes I've earned: )

1. The Lightning Rune (A Warrior Rune; casts a lightning bolt)
2. The Healing Rune (A Majestic Rune; Heals a creature or another Magi)
3. The Dazzle Rune (Lights a way)
4. The Shield Rune (Shields from damage)
5. The Music Rune (A Trixter Rune; produces the sound of music to daze your opponet)
6. The Enchant Creature Rune (A Woodsy Rune; enchants/heals a wild creature)
7. The Distract Rune (A Shadow Rune; Distracts opponet)
8. The Rune of Protection (Protects against another spell)
9. The Reveal Rune (Unveils the invisible)
10. The Portal Rune (Allows the Magi to open portals)
11. The Rune of Freezing (Freezes an object)
12. The Ice Arrow Rune (Casts an Ice Arrow, used to beat last boss, Charlock- yes, a dragon)
13. The Master Magi Rune (Declares you as a Master Magi!)

Ok, before I begin to ramble, check out these pictures:

My Wand and "Ancient Book of Wisdom"

This was kinda like the W101 Commons; This area is called the Quest Stones. Guess Why?

THIS WAS ONE OF MY FAVORITE PLACES! You could battle a monster in there.

This was a really interesting part of the place; the castle, where the Princess was.

This is the Tree House where "The Pixie" resided.

Ok, I took a picture of the Map of the place so you weren't too lost, lol.

Ok, lol, so now that I just bombared you with all of these pictures of MagiQuest, I just want to get the last part of my trip. Its nothing really, just that I got this awesome picture of a Fire Work:

I just really liked ut, hehe. Anyways, so I really wish KI would take a few ideas from this MagiQuest (by the way thats Mahg-eye-quest).

So, first on the list, the whole animated world. I would kill, I repeat, KILL to go in a simulated W101 world! How awesome would it be to go to Mooshu, or DragonSpyre, or MarleyBone, or, for the matter, Celestia?!?! O: *mouth waters* just the whole idea that I could cast a spell irl is awesome!

The second thing I'd like KI to look at: a castle. I would REALLY love KI to make a castle in WizardCity where we can explore. Well, if we ever get guilds in KI, maybe we can have them there? The Crypt and the Treehouse is also cool too. In fact, it would be super cool to make a Transylvania type world; with vampires and werewolves and stuff.

Ok, I WAS going to talk about what's been happening lately, but I have a feeling this post would be too long (as it already is). If you'd like to check out MagiQuest, you can go to their website, or, if you happen to be in/ live in/or near Myrtle Beach, go to Broadway at the Beach. I highly suggest everyone who gets the chance to try it; kid or adult!

See ya around,


P.S: I promise, no more vacations, at least, for a while, lol.

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