Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Live Updates Are Coming...TONIGHT!

Hey All,

So, I just launched the W101 launcher (because I just got back from work, it was awesome ;) ), and I saw that there is scheduled maintenance from 3:00-6:00 A.M. Central, and they DO say that updates will be made! W00t! I'll have enough gold to mix (because the prices are being cut IN HALF! O:)!

Not to mention those Pre-Celestial Quests...



I didn't really like those, in particular, the Gauntlet of MarleyBone (aka Spiral Geographic Society WareHouse). I really hope them make that a BIT easier. You see, as long as you know that right moves to make, it's easy up to the last 2 bosses; then I lose. xD

Ah well. Time to round up some awesome peeps. Anyone in tomorrow?



  1. That's awesome! I can help but, we gotta meet in-game. Send me a email to: with friend codes!

  2. cool, I'll send you my Fire friend code