Friday, July 9, 2010

Looking at Update Notes, Noticed Some Stuffs...

Hey Everyone,

So, I was looking at the update notes HERE, and I noticed something fairly odd...

KI said that the Pre-Celestial quests ARE NOT mandatory? o. O Wasn't that the whole point?

I think the main reason is for the mean old Spiral Geographic Warehouse. See, I still wanted to do the quest, it's just, I wanted them to make the last boss easier. Ah well ? . ?

Ok, I'm going onto the live realm to check the updates out, peace!


Hey Everyone,

So, as not to bombard you with posts every hour, I'm just going to edit this post, especially because it's not going to be that long:

DID ANYONE ELSE SEE THE NEW BLADE AND MOUNT IN THE CROWN SHOP?! Oh my gosh, Friendly is going to FREAK! As to the exact names, I don't know, but the mount is a unicorn, and there is also a new sword (I believe it is called a Celetial Sword?). I bought the sword, but I'm going to have to wait until next Friday (I'm getting a $50 order of crowns then) to get the mount, and possibly the GH house.

Oh, and I also hatched a pet with a dude's wraith, and I was very disappointed. I'm 99% sure I got another Helephant, but hey, whatcha gonna do? I almost have enough gold to do it again, and this time I want to try with a Colossus, so all you Ice peeps get your Ice Colossuses to adult (or higher :D ), and get around 40,000 gold. See ya later,


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