Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Day Gone Good

Hey Everyone,

So, I actually though today was gonna be a bad day for me xD. Turns out things are taking a turn for the best :D. Last night, not only did I win Thomas DeathGem's Contest (I won a 7 day rental for a StarLight Pony! :D Thanks Thomas!), but Mycin StarGem, my funky Wizard, reached GrandMaster Crafter! He has also been "Pwnin ppls in that arena yo,"...... I still have no idea what in the world that means, but ... k xD. I checked the Massively Contest for the Epic Bundle Pack, and sadly, no luck! :( Oh well, maybe another time. /shrug.

So yeah, as for things happening today, I gave out presents to school friends, which is always fun :). Early this morning, Virtual Luke finished the Science Center and is going to take on the Crustacean Empire later today, so I'm really excited about that! Also, I've been playing with Puppymancer a lot :D. He's too funny; he found our Christmas presents for him on Sunday, and he has been bugging us for them ever since xD. But yeah, it's always good to have good days :D.

Also, I have an interview coming up with Dustin MoonCatcher for Storm. I WAS supposed to do it yesterday, but I had to go bake like 2 minutes into the interview -_-. So yeah, as I've said to Dustin a lot already, I'm REALLY sorry I had to go. I feel really bad because he set everything up, which was a pain for him to do. So thanks for that Dustin! Next week, I will probably get started with Ice, and I will interview an Ice Wizard named Wolf IceHunter, a fairly known wizard, otherwise known as Wolf Ice 999 on Central. I would ask to interview one of the really cool Ice Wizards (teehehehe, I just made a funny :D) like Kevin BattleBlood or Christina IceDreamer, but I feel Wolf is the right one since: A) He's my neighbor irl :D and B) He was the Wizard that introduced me to Wizard101. So yeah, look out for the Storm and Ice interviews soon.

Ok, that's pretty much all I have for today! I will see you in the Spiral,