Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sythomps Of Wizard101 Addiction

Hey Everyone,

So, if you're on Twitter, you'd know I have announced that I'm taking a break from blogging and W101, however, I'm still logging in to check up on my plants. I figure, since I check up every once in a while on W101, why not do some house cleaning on my blog every few weeks. That way, everyone doesnt totally forget me when I come back in a few months. I'll probably be back before my Wizaversary (June 16th, I believe), so expect to see me back around April-May.

Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about why I'm taking a break from the game. I kinda caught a disease, you could say. I was addicted to W101. I remember, back when Noah or Mycin or even Patrick were even thoughts, and I was meekly going around Wizard City amazed at the Spiral before me. Back in my first month of playing, I had a one month membership that I wasn't allowed to renew. I enjoyed as much of it as I possibly could have. When it was up, I was level 31. I had to quit, because, well, there was nothing for me to do, and because I couldn't get another membership.

Then my friend who I know irl, Wolf IceHunter, suggested an idea. Crowns. What if we bought every area in the Spiral with crowns; that way, we wouldn't have to rush through anything, and we'd have them forever. I thought the idea was incredibly moronic, because, well, that's expensive. But we tried it. Around Thanksgiving, 2009, I started playing through content again, getting from MarleyBone to DragonSpyre by, well, this time of year last year. I remember jumping on the computer from 3 in the afternoon when I came home till 10:30 at night. I got in trouble from my mom a lot, but I became a GrandMaster. I was amazed at the fact that I had aqquired my first GrandMaster.

I then journeyed from there, straying from the Fire School to the Schools of Balance and Storm. Mycin StarGem and Patrick FrostHorn were created and played through. I remember both being insanely challanging, due to my lack of inexperience. It was also around the time of my becoming GrandMaster that I heard my first ever broadcast of Ravenwood Radio. It was the best time of my W101 life. I started reading The Friendly Necromancer. I started posting helping threads on Central, and eventually making a Central Blog with the help of MLHagan. Later on, around May-ish, I started my blog on Blogspot. I also got Patrick and Mycin to GrandMaster. Haha, I remember doing a victory dance when Patrick became GrandMaster. It was because of my horrible handing with my first characters. If you ask me, Valdus, Diana, Gilroy, and Noah were all more succesful than Luke, Mycin, and Patrick combined. They were easier to deal with; I actually knew where all the quests were, and I had a bit of experience under my belt. I also tried throwing a Wizaversary, but no one really knew who I was, so no one showed. I was kinda upset.

Around June, I planned a team with three of my friends, I would play Noah GoldHorn as a Myth wizard. I never planned to level a Myth character; I've never had much of an attraction to Myth. Wolf IceHunter planned to get his second GrandMaster on a Death Wizard known as Shelby DeathHammer. Wolf's brother, Blaine StormMender, was planning to roll a Life wizard named Edward LifeCaller (? I forget his last name xD). And lastly, a newer friend of mine who I met in DragonSpyre, a girl known as Paige Whisper, who is actually a Beta player, was also planning to roll a Death character named Kiley DuskCloud (? I also forget the last name of her too xD!). This was where it started to become a bit stressful. This took place all through July, and when people actually started to recognize me as an active role in the community.

After that group reach GrandMaster, dramatically reducing my "time" so to speak that it took me to get to GrandMaster, Paige and I decided to try the ultimate test. We wanted to see how fast it took us to get to GrandMaster, and try to become faster. So, I stepped into Diana GoldHorn's shoes, and she rolled a Storm Wizard know as Ryan RainCaller (and yes, this was a girl character). We were GrandMaster in two weeks. Now, keep in mind, we barley moved from our computers, woke up at 7 in the morning, and didnt got to bed until, like, 3 at night, haha. It was awesome. We had fun.

Then I kinda went solo again. I decided to level Gilroy SkullFlame. It was also around this time that I realized that I was on my last character, so I made a new account so I could make more Wizards. Valdus GoldHorn, my Ice Wizard, was thus born, and I leveled them together at a slower pace, since I was exhausted from speed-leveling. My goal was to get them to GrandMaster before Celestia came out, and so I did. Then Celestia came out, and I wanted to do it with my friend Paige, but she was taking a break, and she wanted me to wait to level up Luke, Patrick, Noah, and Diana, due to the fact that we had partnered up our characters. So I decided to go through with Noah, and eventually Noah and Valdus became a team, and all three reached Legendary. I started working on Luke to become Legendary, but it soon got tiring. I kinda took a break from Celestia, and decided to try gardening.

And now here we are. I am almost a Rank 9 Gardener, and there is almost nothing that intrests me in-game anymore, because, well, I've done most of it. I've gotten a pet to Epic. I'm a GrandMaster Crafter on Mycin. I have a house on each of my characters. All of my characters have at least they're Grand gear, with exception of Noah, Valdus, and Mycin having thier Legendary Gear. The game just doesn't seem as fun at the moment, since there isn't much to do other than complet the Celestian content 3 and 1/8ths over again (that fraction is an estimate ;) but point being, Luke is almost done).

So I want to warn you, so you wont wind up being in the same spot as me one day. Don't overwhelm yourself liek I did. Take your time. Enjoy the Spiral! A good example of this would be Ditto. He just takes his time getting through the game exploring the Spiral. This post wound up kinda being an "About Me" post, but it was neccessary to showe you how I've gone too fast. I would say more, but time is up for me. I'll see you in the Spiral soon!



  1. Same thing here man, I've quit because it simply got boring to me, less amusing. I've started to play other MMO's. I still do read Wizard101 blogs though, like this one!The main reason I did leave is because it started causing problems not only in game but you know outside of the game too.Don't know if I'll come back.

    -Gabriel FireBreeze

  2. Thanks for sharing your story with us, Luke. Good to know where you came from and the story behind your Wizard.

    I agree, rushing through something can be an exciting achievement, but it stinks when you're alone at the top of the hill, watching everyone else around you catch up. Sometimes we end up jumping back down to see if we can climb it again, and once we've made it for the 400th time, you're starting to think, "What's the point?"

    The way I try to stay interested in whatever games I play is that I give myself a unique challenge. For example, I am trying to expand my love for PVP to others, by writing and playing, to get a feel of what to write, and to get a closer perspective on the subject. Instead of teaching the basics right away (they can be found in many posts), I decided to approach it from a different angle, and show PVP from another light, or explain it further than "you need X this, Y that, and Z these in your deck." Another example, by another player, is Friendly. He has recently picked up on Angus Unicornpants to try to play the game without the benefits of gear..."going Commando...W101 style" I call it.

    Thus, just because you have a few Legendaries here and some Grandmasters waiting on your friend, it doesn't mean the road has narrowed to a close just yet! Let's see if you can solo the Coven. How about solo Briskbreeze? Maybe the Warehouse? Or, time your dungeon runs, for Sunken City through the Trial of Spheres, and keep each recording separate...or combine them as a whole.

    Perhaps these challenges can be turned into team competitions. With the twizard community, so much is possible!

  3. is it free to travel around the spiral?