Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Voki says it all

Hey Everyone,

So, the title says it all. Huh...that was awkward.

Anyway, yes, go over to the right and click on the Voki if you'd like to hear my last words -------->

I wish you all great adventures in the Spiral,

P.D. Signing off


  1. AH! A FEW YEARS?!? WE CAN'T LAST THAT LONG! Anyways, no offense, but if you can't last in this community, how will you succeed IRL well? IRL is even more unfair, just saying. But, we'll miss you D:

  2. @Arlen Dawneyes:

    I'm not quitting because things are unfair; in fact, that's exactly the opposite reason why I am quitting, if you follow me. I'm quitting because there are too many people complaining about how things aren't fair. They need to stop. I understand this is an E +10 game, which is why this problem exists. I'm quitting because I don't like complaining; I like sticking out my problems. I'm quitting because I want to show people that bad action bring around bad events. Not that my quiting will effect more than 10 people anyway. You guys have already shown that you'll forget all about me, which is why I'm happy about this. There may be a tiny scar in the community for a week at most, but it will eventually heal. And that's just how I want to go out; I want to be forgotten, knowing that maybe I made a difference in only a few people lives. Thanks for everyone's comments.


  3. You have made a big difference in my life, your blog helped me so much, you inspired me and I was always amazed at your posts. You are not like another bloggger that just posts game updates, your posts where real posts from you, your words, your guides. They helpful, useful and I enjoyed them. You are a awesome #Twizard and blogger, I WILL miss you. I am sorry you are disappointed in the community, I hope they will change. I too am disappointed and might take a break.

    Good luck IRL.

    Christo Skywalker

  4. Ahem, in my comment I had some typos (automatic spell check, ugh), sorry about that.