Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beggars Can't Be Choosers

Hey Everyone,

So I became very mad today. No, not for the reason you might think. Supposedly, there was an announcement made from Lydia GreyRose herself. It basically said that you will have to have a membership every month paid by a credit card in order to have open chat. Sadly, some of us don't have that, because some of us aren't 18 years old. Well, some of us who no longer have this privilege, decided to whine about it. Yes, this is what I'm mad about; how we have to act up because we're just mad we can't have the privilege that adults have.

Just a fair warning, this is going to be a rant. I'm not going to sit here and cuddle the people who feel like victims. So if you don't feel like being yelled at, then leave right now.

For those of you that are stubborn and chose to read on, because you want me to say it's not fair, it's children like you that caused this mess. There were too many kids getting open chat without their parent's permission. Then, on top of not discussing the issue with the parents, kids decided to abuse the privilege by cursing. THIS IS KID FRIENDLY GAME!!!!!!! If you feel the need to curse or say inappropriate things, please leave the game. I'll admit, I discuss things not appropriate for children in the game. But I only discuss the topic with people I know in real life and people I know truly don't mind.

This all happened because children decided to curse people out whenever they didn't get their way. So, tell me; what happens when you don't follow rules? Privileges get taken away. If you got that one, give yourself 100 points. So, KingsIsle did what any parent, school, boss, etc. would do. They modified the privilege, making it so that only paying members that pay with a credit card and buy a subscription may only have open chat.

So upon discovering this, kids decided to whine in hopes of getting their adult privilege back. Let me just start off with this; this is an adult privilege. You shouldn't have this in the first place anyway. Even if your parents decide it's ok to have, it's meant for adults 18 and over. And now you have the guts to whine for a privilege back that didn't originally belong to you. Some people are even deciding to quit because they lost this privilege, and just so you know, that's not admirable at all. In fact, it's just down-right childish and selfish.

Now, there may be more specifics as to how it works. That's what I heard. But this is the exact reason why I left the game; because of the family aspect. I get how some adults like it because it gives them a chance to do something with their kid, and gaming is a perfect way to do that. But MMO's aren't designed for kids. They're designed for adults who can handle the fact that they aren't going to win every raid or every battle. Now don't get me wrong; I love the idea of having a safe clean environment. But in an older environment, with older players, it honestly doesn't seem to be that big an issue.

I was actually thinking of taking a shorter break, you know. I was thinking that maybe a whole break thing was a bad idea. But now I see otherwise. I refuse to take part in a community where everyone is always fighting, people are always ignorant, and where begging is accepted. If the community decides to mature a bit and realize that you wont always get as you want, as I have learned from being an abandoned child, let me know, and MAYBE I wont see it in such a horrible light.

Goodbye and Farwell,



  1. It's a shame to see you go Luke.

    People are whining about a privilege that they never had made for them. I only use the one that is for my age, Text chat. The filters get annoying but it doesn't matter.

    People can be childish and immature. They need to stop whining and suck it up. The chat is foe +18, not +8. They added the age limit because they think that no one would abuse the privilege that much.

    It's a shame to see you go, but I'm thinking of taking a break from the drama just as well.

  2. Agreed with Brian (Overachieving Necromancer). This nonsense was all caused by kids who shouldn't had done this anyway. KingsIsle, has stepped up and I guess no more open chat. :(

    There will always be those who can be mature and respect others. Goodbye Luke and I'm sorry to hear that you were a abandoned child...

  3. Cassandra LifecasterJanuary 19, 2011 at 11:31 AM

    You see this is what i love about your blogposts. I like that you don't complain about every little issue the game makes. You simply just accept the issue and move on. Where as others feel the need to complain and simply rant on and on about how unfair it is and feel the need to cry about it. You are simply on the of the most mature wizards I have met Luke, and I think thats why I was really good friends with you because your the kind of person who acts grown up about situations like these. This is why I like reading your blogposts because yours is something different and I like the fact that your basically saying "Just deal with it or leave".

    I am sorry that your leaving Luke, but your leaving due to the community which is the same reason I quit. Because lets face it the community "Sucks Eggs" because we have to fight and complain about every little thing.

    Goodbye :)

  4. :( Sad to see you go man. I'd just quit Central -where most of the whining occured-. We can always offer you support from Twitter ;) hope you rethink quitting and the whiners rethink messing up everyone elses gaming. Life, sadly, in games as well, is very unfair. ~ Arlen

  5. You'r-r-re leaving? The community really won't be the same with out you. Please reconsider. There is an overwhelming amount of players, twizards, bloggers etc. Who are not jerks. Don't let something as little as this get in your way. If you do go, though, we will all miss you. Please don't leave.


  6. Whats sad about this whoe thing is that pretty much everyone that is wining is below 18. You are being mature and not wining. ALL THOES NOOBS THAT ARE COMPLAING SHOULD JUST GET OVER IT!!! Its called 18+ CHAT FOR A REASON. Ha and just plain old text chat helps you with spelling:) We will all miss you much so please dont leave:(

    -Elizabeth SeaCloud