Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Check This Out (P.D. Style :D)

Hey Everyone,

Not much time, but I want to just say, check this link out:

**Edit: Ok, I found some time. So yeah, Cassandra LifeCaster, Ben FrogStone, Amber RosePetal, and I are all running a Production Blog. This blog will be used to update our fans/audiance/anyone interested in the film on how the film is going. Also, feel free to post any ideas on the site, also, if you are interested in being in the film (we are going to need some extras).

So yeah, we have a few events coming up for that. We have about half of the commercial as well as the opening scene to the movie, however, we still need to add voice-overs in (that's right, you heard me, voice overs :) ). Also, I want to give a big THANK YOU SO MUCH to Paige MoonShade for letting us use three of her houses for sets and an apology for keeping her up last night ;)

Some of our events will include:

  • A Balance Wizard Party: You must reserve a place for this party, as we oly have about 6 or 7 spots open, so if you want to come over, comment on the Prodcution Blog ASAP!
  • A Mega Fantasy Palace Party: In one of the scenes of the movie (SPOILER!) there is a party scene. So we are going to need to through a party for that. There will be no limit of people for this party :)
  • MOVIE PREMIRE!: Yes, you have read correctly, we are having a movie block buster premire! (probably at Ben FrogStone's MFP). Hopefully it will be amazing; there will be a red carpet event about 10 minutes after the party (we are going to try to get a ton of famous wizards for the event, including The Friendly Necromancer, The Ravenwood Radio Crew, and the Student Teachers, as well as the cast).

So yeah, be on the lookout for those. We were also thinking of starting up a podcast for the movie. Opinions? Ideas? Thanks a ton!

Oh, by the way, Student Body Elections are coming up, so make sure to vote me for your president! :D!**


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