Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Writing/ Picture Contest!!!!

Hey Everyone,

So, to increase popularity, I've decided to host another contest! The contest rules are the following:

Welcome one and all to P.D's BRAIN POWER = CROWNS contest! This contest is focused around writers and drawers. What you must do is draw and/or write about the following topic:

Malistare and his Draconian Army have infiltrated Wizard City! What Will Happen?!?!

Okay, so, it's up to your creativity to finish the picture. Write about what you think would happen, or draw about what you think would happen. Here are the guidelines :


1. They may be comics.

2. They may be screenshots, although drawings are perfered.

3. Any other questions comment below.


1. They can only be 1250 to 2250 words. I WILL check them!

2. No bad language is allowed (the same goes for comics) these MUST be Rated PG

3. People MAY die, however, you MAY NOT describe their deaths.

4. Please comment below for any other questions!

Okay, now for the Prizes:

There will be 4 Winners (2 Drawings, 2 Stories) Each will receive either 1 Mega-Snack Pack OR 1 Green Cat-Thug Pet!!

I wish everyone the best of luck! You have until midnight of August 1st (Any submissions after August 1st 12:01 A.M. WILL BE DISQUALIFIED!)

Good Luck to Everyone,


***People MAY enter the Writing AND Drawing contests, HOWEVER you will not win both. It will just increase your chance of winning a prize (because you entered in two categorized, not because of extra effort). Therefore, it is suggested that if you would like to draw and have some writing in it, you may do a comic/ screenshot comic.***

So what do you think? Good idea, or bad idea? Let me know! Good luck to all entries!


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  1. nice contest but can we enter to both writing and drawing?