Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Central Hata...

Hey Everyone,

So, you all know that I'm not a big fan of W101 Central (hence me moving my blog here). Well, I was checking out some blog posts there, when I saw someone's awesome ppost about whether they should leave or not. I calmly (lol, yes I have a short fuse. What can I say, I'm a Fire wizard!) posted a comment basically saying how she could find other sites than W101 Central to blog on, and if she wanted to blog, she could always blog somewhere else (Like Blogspot AKA Blogger :) ) I also hyperlinked my blog here.

Wait a bit...

About ten minutes later, I get a message from Milton TS saying that my comment was deleted due to posting my blog link through a hyperlink. So, I sent him this message:

I wasn't advertising, but if you want to call it that, fine. Anyways, just curious, why is there a hyperlink button if we're not allowed to use it? Is that like waving a piece of candy in front of a kid's face and smaking them when they try to reach for it? I didn't post the URL, which is what you said before (which I can quote you on), I simply linked it, which you never nor the rules has said anything about. And why can we link Friendly's blog, but not mine, or not the Chillanthropologist's or something? Just because Friendly is cool, doesn't mean he should get those privileges. Anyway, I know you guys will probably ban me for this message because you don't let the people that actually keep this place alive voice their opinion, but I honestly don't care. Thanks, I guess.

Now, before we move on, let me just say, I love Friendly. I have nothing against him. I was just trying to make a point. :) (btw, you should check his site out here)

Ok, so we wait over night...


*Wakes up, no emails, all is good*


*2nd Period at Library, check emails*

And I get this:

You're allowed to use the hyperlink button.

Drdemon411, you were basically telling InuYasha [the blog owner of the blog I commented on] and others to visit your site; that is flat-out advertising.

---Quote---I used to run a blog here on Central called The Pyromancer's Digest. I still run it, just on another site (which you can find here (http://thepyromancersdigest.blogspot.com/)).---End Quote---

Also, Friendly doesn't get exclusive rights; members will get into trouble if they just advertise his blogsite. There are times that posting an outside link is alright, like hosting parties, and there are times when posting them infringes the rules, like this situation.Thanks for understanding,-MiltonTS

How many times do I have to tell these Central guys? I WASN'T ADVERTISING! GRR! Anyways, phew. And if that quote on me is right, then the hyperlink must not have gone through, because I hyperlinked it; I didn't post the URL.

Anyway, yea, so basically the whole point of that was just to show you thatb I'm slowly but surely shying away from Central because of some of their ridiculous rules. I mean, feel free to disagree, but in my opinion, that's just utter ridiculousness!

So, sorry about that rant, lol. Let's move on to some news:

Oh, btw, before I move on, Sorry about that last post. My heart wasn't really in it that day. But Don't worry, I'm fine now :)

So let's start off with my Myth Wizard! He is now level 20! W00t! He only has one quest left in the Pyramid of the Sun (beat Veteran Sellswords), but, other than that, Noah is in the Krokosphinx! I promise to take some screen shots later today!

Ok, let's move on to some more news:

Speaking of Noah, he got one of those new Ice Salamander pets! :D I have decide to dedicate Noah to pet collecting! So now he has a lot of pets lol. Go check it out (they are sold where the Heck Hounds are sold *Next to the Housing Store on the Krokosphinx Island*)

Well, Friendly kinda beat me to it, but people have found a new pet! It's called a Crabling! These can be found in the Ancient Burial Grounds! It's dropped by the crazed Forest Spirit! So, I'll try to get one later today. Luke doesn't have acesess to that place, but maybe I can get my friend Wolf to help out.

Ok, here's some Central news:

They are having a Santa giveaway! What you do is nominate someone, and they have a chance to get prizes! Check it out!

Anyways, so yeah. I think that's pretty much it for today. Have a Wonderful and Magical Day!


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