Sunday, May 30, 2010

More Interviews

Hey Everyone,

So, the Ravenwood Ball was good. I didn't stay for long. I kinda felt excluded, but I don't mind. Anyways, so there's some news!!

I asked both Leesha DarkHeart and Fallon ShadowBlade if they would like to be interviewed, and they both said yes! Leesha's interview will be typed, and I'm not sure about Fallon's (have yet to contact he lol).

Ok, come back to hear more later, see ya!



  1. Hey I tried talking to ya bro but you left me freezing next to Kelvin if you felt excluded its cause you made it that way and didn't I say hey Fallon you should let Luke interview you?

  2. sorry if I blew you off. What I meant was that I tried talking to some of the people, and they didn't even say anything. And about the interview, you might have mentioned something to her, but I text chated her.