Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Thoughts Have Been Changed!!!

Hey All,

Ok, so, I was kinda late on the news. I had Drama practice until 5:30, and then I had to go to a Board of Education meeting until 9 protesting to support my Latin program (Yes, fight the powa, lol). So when I saw IT, I was so surprised!

Take a look at this y'all:

See that little crab dude on the left? He was recently added! And, look what he's wearing! I think this reveals a lot about the fashion of Celestia! To me, this pretty much has said that we will be wearing.... TOGAS!!! Omg, I'm going to be like the first to have a toga party!!! It's funny, because I've been wearing togas all week!

So, if I could chose my toga colors, I would wear a red with yellow toga with yellow laurels! It would be AWESOME!!!

Ok, well I gtg, I'll see you later,


Look at the small crab's belt. Do you see the green moon? It must practice Lunar Magic! :O

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